Concrete Walls

I have sucked the venom out of my own wound
For the last time tonight
The acid and blood tastes like the pain
All over again
Because it was you
Who put it there

It is not my fault that I have hanged myself
Like a picture in a picture frame
On your wall,
You told me I was just pretty to look at
Well look at me now
What beauty is there in my tattered body
Cut by your sadistic knives
Burned by your torturing flames
If I had no substance
Like you originally thought
Would I have lasted this long in your clutches?

I am in this cage of yours
The concrete bars are so thin
I should have told my cursed thoughts
To the dietey above me
Before they consumed everything I was,
Should have found my way out
Of these mocking concrete walls
Burst through them like paper
And clawed for freedom
Gasped for air
But I hit the wall again.

In death I have begun one more
I have gained my sense of sight,
I retook my sense of hearing,
It is not my blood I taste
But merely yours
While you scream for mercy
By my vengeance
But hush
The stars might be listening
Could they hear your cries from underneath your pillow
The stars might be listening
Well good because I speak for them.