In memory
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: This is a poem dedicated to a good friend of mine. I went to middle
school with him, and he was a pretty good friend. A few nights ago, I heard
that he will killed in a mob attack, and that just literally tore me up. We
were only friends, but I wanted to write a poem expressive how senseless
this loss really is. I wish to convey my condolances and prayers to his
family. I decided to omit his name for the sake of his family and friends,
during their time of mourning. You'll be in my prayers and heart.

I was watching the 10 o'clock news late last night
When I heard your name, no that can't be right
They reported that you were dead and gone
No quit playing, that has to be wrong
But then they showed your picture and I knew it was true
The person that was taken away was undoubtly you
A group of thugs had to leave their mark
In the process of breaking so many hearts
For in that night, they took away you
For in that night they night they took a piece of me too
We may have only been just friends
I just hate the way your life had to end
Why did you have to put up such a fight
To take away your life, who gave them the right
I hope they do the right thing, admit to their sin
Do the right thing, and turn yourselves in
A child has to live without it's dad
I just can't believe this, it's really too sad
I'll pray for your family in their time of mourning
I'll pray for their strenght to keep on going
We'll miss you so much, and I won't dwell in the past
You were in our lives briefly, and those memories will last
A true warrior you were to the very end
I'm so glad that you were my friend
We'll keep you in our heart, forever if we can
We'll always remember you as such a great man