Th' Tolimnes walked into the dining room on deck three of Velocity Star. Before taking another step, he noticed Isabelle Adams standing, looking out a port window, her back to him. He began to walk slowly toward the synthesizer. Isabelle heard him as soon as he reached it.
Isabelle was startled. Putting her hand on her chest, she moved towards a table with a glass of coffee on it.
"I...didn't wish to bother you. I apologize," said Th' Tolimnes.
Isabelle took a drink of her still steaming coffee. "It's." she smiled as if humored. "It's okay," her smile faded. "I was just..." she sighed and placed the glass back on the table.
Th' Tolimnes sensed her sadness. He took his food from the synthesizer and walked closer to her. "Is...there something wrong," he looked at her, searching for something in her expression.
Isabelle smiled again ", nothing at all." She took a seat at the chair she'd been standing by, her coffee in front of her, her hand still holding it.
Th' Tolimnes sighed. He walked over and sat on the opposite end of Isabelle. "Isabelle," he began "you're a strong creature. Probably the strongest I know. However, I am still psychic, and I know something's wrong. Please, enlighten me."
Isabelle looked away and sighed at the same time. She turned back to Th' Tolimnes after a brief few seconds and smiled "I was thinking about my family," she explained. "My dad to be specific," she let out a small laugh "There was something he said to me the day we left Earth to go to Selintex. He'd always been skeptical about all of the alien races we'd suddenly come into contact with. Especially after becoming a part of the Alliances.
"He always loved meteorology, specifically tropical weather. When he heard about Selintex being nicknamed the 'tropical planet' he had to come."
Th' Tolimnes smiled slightly "So, what did he say?"
Isabelle smiled, her hand covering her mouth "He said 'Sweetheart, God knows if those aliens are peaceful, but as long as I can study their planet they're okay with me'." She looked at Th' Tolimnes, noticing he obviously didn't get it. "I guess it's the way he said it."
Th' Tolimnes sensed more "You miss him," it was not a question.
Isabelle looked at the table as if she were looking at something else. She nodded her head slightly "Yeah. You guys all left Selintex without worry or care, you left your families long ago because of your custom, but me." she shook her head.
"Humans stay with their young, I heard about that. Intriguing really. To see something your entire world lives by done the exact opposite way, and to see how it works...very enlightening."
Isabelle laughed "Ditto,"
Th' Tolimnes didn't register Isabelle's reply. "Ditto?"
Isabelle laughed more "Yes, it means that I'm feeling the same thing you are."
"Oh," replied Th' Tolimnes, nodding his head, smiling. "I'd normally say something to you to help comfort you, tell you I understand, but I don't." Th' Tolimnes looked into Isabelle's eyes "You're having second thoughts about coming out here with us?"
Isabelle laughed "I've had them ever since we left Selintex two years ago. Just seems like my mind can't be made up. Guess it's something I'll have to work out on my own."
Th' Tolimnes smiled and nodded, getting up from where he sat. "I prefer to dine in my cabin," he moved by the door. "You're welcome to join me."
Isabelle smiled and shook her head "I'd rather be alone."
"I understand."
Th' Tolimnes was just about to exit when the door flew open and Nolon walked in. "Hey you two," he was obviously in a good mood "Did you see that pulsar off the starboard bow a couple light years, pretty big, eh?"
Th' Tolimnes looked at Isabelle, he sensed her annoyance. He turned to Nolon standing in front of him "I'm going to my cabin, and I believe Isabelle wanted to be alone."
"Nonsense," replied an energetic Nolon. He grabbed the food out of Th' Tolimnes hands and set it on the table in front of Isabelle. "Sit, sit," he forced Th' Tolimnes into a seat and sat at the one next to him.
Th' Tolimnes looked up at Isabelle in annoyance.
"So," began Nolon "You won't believe the info I got about Ghyvein."
Th' Tolimnes looked to Nolon, just realizing what was causing his rush of energy "Nolon, you just got done drinking a glass of larnikan, didn't you?"
Larnikan was a Lynolian drink, extremely popular with the Lynolian race, similar to the popularity of chocolate on Earth. Only larnikan sent an electric pulse to the pleasure center of the Lynolian brain, giving them a sudden rush of energy and excitement.
Nolon, smiling madly, replied "Only seven glasses."
Th' Tolimnes sighed deeply and rested his head in his hands.
Nolon got up and walked to the synthesizer. Th' Tolimnes looked up to Isabelle "I'll get rid of him," he whispered.
Th' Tolimnes stood up from his seat and walked to Nolon "Uh, hey, Nolon. I was running a systems check this morning and I think I saw an exhaust leak on engine two."
Nolon grew a worried look "What? One of my children leaking exhaust?" Nolon dropped what he was doing and ran out of the room.
Th' Tolimnes looked back to Isabelle, both smiling.
"I owe you," said Isabelle.
"You don't owe me a thing, Isabelle," he said softly.
Th' Tolimnes walked out of the room, leaving Isabelle alone, her mind racing.

The doorbell to Th' Tolimnes' cabin chimed and Th' Tolimnes let who ever it was know it was open and they could come in.
It was Ghyvein, the male Vatrilicon. He looked distressed and Th' Tolimnes could sense his annoyance, though it wasn't really that obvious on the outside. "Th' Tolimnes, I need you to talk to Nolon."
Th' Tolimnes, who had been sitting in his large, comfortable chair for nearly an hour now just relaxing and thinking, looked towards Ghyvein "What for?"
Th' Tolimnes had felt like the ship's councilor ever since they left. Whenever someone had a problem, either with something or someone, they went to Th' Tolimnes. Th' Tolimnes always guessed it was because his race, the Selintex, were known for their counseling techniques. Still, Th' Tolimnes found it both annoying and interesting at times.
"Well," Ghyvein began "I was in an air vent earlier, trying to repair one of the system consoles in the hallway just outside the vent. I left a note on the console that stated if anyone was to activate it, it would send a surge of electricity through the matrix frying me to a pile of ashes if I had my hands in any part of the circuitry I was trying to fix. "So, I'm sitting there, minding my own business. And for your information I was almost finished fixing that console. I had just re-inserted the isolinear chip into the casing right next to the silicon chip. I had to do it last because the energy transfer inverter was cutting the power out from the lights in the ceiling, and obviously that is just plain." Th' Tolimnes finally interrupted Ghyvein.
"Ghyvein!" Th' Tolimnes yelled in annoyance "Get to the point!"
", yes. Well, you see, Nolon came by, and I know he saw my note because I heard him mumbling it. I also heard a small snicker, too. So, he just out-right inserts the plasma battery. I've been spending the last three hours in the medical bay letting that God-awful robot fix what little the infernal thing could. I've still got a killer headache, and Nolon didn't do a thing to assist me.
"I wish for you to talk to Nolon for me. Let him know that he was wrong to do what he did. And that what he did caused me extreme pain."
Th' Tolimnes stood up, annoyed at Ghyvein's childishness. "Why can't you tell him yourself?"
"Because, I can never get that big bully to listen to me. He says every time I speak all he hears is me calling myself a numskull, and I know very well he doesn't really hear that."
Th' Tolimnes sighed deeply "Fine, but Ghyvein, you've really got to learn to take responsibility for your..." Oria interrupted them over the intercom.
"There's an alien ship that's matched our speed and heading in Interspace. They're right off our starboard."
Th' Tolimnes heard Oria "Does the ship match any of the alien designs in the databanks?"
Th' Tolimnes walked to a console beside his chair "Transfer an image of the ship to my cabin console."
The alien ship appeared on the screen, the intermix of fluctuating energy from two different parallel universes in the back ground as both ships traveled just over five thousand times the speed of light in what was known as Interspace.
Th' Tolimnes stared at the image, confirming that it definitely wasn't one of any known alien origin.
"The ship has sent a transmission, audio only, channel five," explained Oria.
"Let's hear it," said Th' Tolimnes.
"You won't understand any of it," said Oria.
"Why not, isn't the translator working?"
"Yes, but their language is too elaborate to translate, I've been trying for a while now, I can't get one word."
Th' Tolimnes sighed. "Well, they should be able to translate a message from us. Oria, start recording now."
"Extraterrestrial vessel, we have received your message but are unable to translate your language, so we were unable to understand what you sent. I apologize. Just to let you know we are peaceful and mean no harm, we are simply explorers. End transmission."
"Recording sent," announced Oria.
Th' Tolimnes and Ghyvein waited a few moments. Finally, Th' Tolimnes asked, "Anything?"
"No, sir," replied Oria.
Th' Tolimnes frowned at the "sir", Oria was his friend, she didn't have to say "sir", even if she is linked to some computer.
"Wait," said Oria "They've pulled us from Interspace."
Th' Tolimnes' eyes narrowed "What, how?"
"I've really no idea. It looked as if they just punched a hole in Interspace in our direct path and we flew out."
Th' Tolimnes frowned "Obviously they're a lot more technologically advanced," he said to Ghyvein. "Oria, tell Nolon, Isabelle, and Mavolony to meet Ghyvein and I on the central command deck."

"Oria briefed us on the way," informed Nolon as he, Isabelle, and Mavolony entered the control room, Th' Tolimnes at the station at the very front, Ghyvein running from station to station at the consoles on the left wall.
Nolon took control at a station on the second level in the center of the room; Isabelle took one next to Nolon, Mavolony at a station at the right, front corner.
"They've locked some sort of beam on us," announced Ghyvein "It's disabled our sensors, thrusters, weapons, even our barrier's energy."
Th' Tolimnes looked through the viewing window in front of him, the ship could be seen at the right corner, a golden beam protruding from it and holding the ship.
Th' Tolimnes noticed a bar that ran in a circle around the center of the ship that had captured them. The reason it had caught his eye was the colorful energy that appeared to be stored in it. Suddenly that colorful energy began to protrude from the bar and shot out into space, and space disappeared. Replacing it with a blinding, white light that immediately made everyone in the control room cover their eyes with their hands.
Nolon's and Mavolony's internal vocal added onto the suffering of Th' Tolimnes, Isabelle, and Ghyvein, as they released an ear drum shattering, low sound, equivalent to that of a scream.
Th' Tolimnes could feel energy being depleted from him. He fell to the ground as if the gravity itself had just risen. Suddenly, he blacked out.
Everyone was unconscious except for Isabelle. Somehow her Human genetics could withstand what they were being beaten with a tad easily than the others. Either way, she was in pain, lying on the floor, her arm over her eyes.
Suddenly, the light was gone, her ears still ringing, Isabelle struggled to pull herself up. She was on the bottom level now. She was weak, tired, but still struggled to get up. When she did, she saw the most amazing thing she'd ever seen.
Right outside the viewing window was platforms as big as planets sitting in space. Towers upon towers on the top and bottom of the platforms. There had to be at least fifty platforms. The only way she could think to describe it as would be a city, "space" city, or cities. A few of the platforms had large, round tubes that protruded from them off into space as far as the eye could see.
From what Isabelle could see, there were stationary rings set up at certain intervals from each other, projecting a blue shielding from ring to ring, creating these tubes.
Then Isobel felt a tug at her heart. She winced, and blacked out.

A light flashed on in the incredibly dark room. Even with the light, it was still to dim to read a book, but no one would be reading a book in this room. The room sat atop the tallest tower at the center of the space cities. The room was round, about one hundred feet in width, and a length that went up twenty floors.
A podium stood in the center, raised halfway to the ceiling. The walls and the podiums were made of some kind of shiny metallic, silver alloy. Atop the podium was a large oval in which stood the president of the space cities. His face was hidden by the dark.
The round wall had numerous bubbles set in a pattern. The council members normally occupied these bubbles.
The president stood still, as if he were a statue, his arms crossed behind his back. At that moment, twenty of the center bubbles lit up and slid outside of their pockets in the wall about five feet, sticking out from the unoccupied bubbles.
Inside each of the lit bubbles was a member of the council. The president was unaware of why he had been called there. The council members were about as much clueless as he was.
The president stood in silence; the council members sat in silence, patiently waiting in their bubbles for the one who had called them there to appear.
It was then that a door at the bottom slid open, and a man in a blue uniform slipped in. He was relatively far below everyone else. In order to change that, the man walked to a circle cut in the floor. A bright light flashed between the cracks, and a similar circle appeared in mid air between the top of the center podium and the wall with occupied bubbles. Then appeared a holographic projection of the man atop the circle floating in front of the center podium.
The holographic projection of the man was staring at the president.
"My Honorable council committee, I am Narlar Islaso M'P' Tek, Shipmaster of the Second Fleet vessel Ironon. Today my vessel and my crew discovered an extraterrestrial vessel flying through primitive means of Interspace into our territory.
"I have captured the vessel, and pulled it into Velencia space dock, port nine, nine. There were five occupants, each of which were unconscious when we recovered them, and we have put them under medical watch. Their vessel is primitive in means of space travel. However, they have a shielding unlike any I've ever seen.
"I have seven of this colony's best scientists analyzing this 'barrier'," the man paused for the first time in his speech, and the president sensed reluctance in him. "With your permission council," for the first time he looked around at the others "and mostly yours, your Honor," he gestured toward the president "I would like to keep the extraterrestrials in the colony after they awaken. So as that I can learn from them how this 'barrier' works."
The president spoke up, his face still masked from the dark "Of course, you have our highest gratitude for capturing these extraterrestrials that intrude in our space. Council members, if any of you oppose granting his request, please, speak up now."
One bubble slid out about a foot more from its pocket. "I oppose."
The president responded "The council recognizes member Heargh Narlette B' Trett, speaker for the Fifth Colony Division. State your purpose for being opposed to this."
"We can not allow an outside extraterrestrial to recognize the location of our colony. These extraterrestrials could pose a threat. They would memorize our location and no doubt sell it to an enemy."
"You have no proof of that," objected Narlar.
The president said, "The council did not recognize the non-council civilian. Speak only when asked, is that clear?"
"Yes, your Honor. I apologize for my insubordination."
"However," said the president "I agree with the statement of the, Narlar Islaso M'P' Tek."
"Permission to speak freely," asked Heargh.
"Permission granted."
"It is my belief that no good can come of this," began Heargh "We have no idea of the intentions of these extraterrestrials. I suggest immediate disposal of them."
The president responded "I do not agree. My decision is to allow the request of the, Narlar Islaso M'P' Tek. I ask for the acceptance of my fellow council members."
The lights inside each occupied bubble turned green, except for Heargh's. The green light meant that they agreed with the request. Heargh looked around at his fellow council members, a frown on his face. Finally, he, reluctantly, turned the light overhead in his bubble green.
"Then the request is granted," announced the president "The, Narlar Islaso M'P' Tek, you may proceed with your request."
Narlar nodded his head in acceptance.
"This meeting is adjourned," said the president, immediately followed by a high-pitched, buzzing sound.
The lights in the bubbles turned off and they retracted back into their pockets. The small light source in the room turned off, and the center podium retracted to its pocket in the floor. Narlar vacated the room through the same door in which he entered.
When the center podium was in its pocket, the president stepped out and vacated through a door opposite of the one used by Narlar. The meeting was over.

Then light. Bright, stinging light. Image blurry. Focussing. Clear. Isobel opened her eyes, finding herself tied down to a cold, metal table in a dark room.
The room was empty, dark, cold, and humid. One light source, just over the door. Isobel could see little of the door. She was curious as to why the door had no visible knob, or any form of opening it from the inside at that. Then her attention turned to her current setting. Where am I? She asked herself.
She noticed her clothing had been replaced with some form of thick, rubbery material that covered her up to the neck, it even covered her hands and feet.
She was hungry; thirsty.
She wondered how long she'd been in there.
Suddenly the door opened and the light flew in, stinging her eyes.
In entered three men, all obviously of different race. One was wearing a suit of the same material as Isobel, only gray. Another was wearing navy blue, and the third black as Isabelle's.
The one in gray was the one she kept her eyes on. She didn't know why. He walked to the side of the table and looked at Isobel, smiling. "Welcome to Mak' Luak, Fourth Colony of the B-Division. You are on Colony Plate Twelve. Mainly used as medical and recovery."
Isobel stared into his black eyes, no visible pupils, confused. "Why did you bring us here," she asked, in a low, distorted voice.
The man opened his mouth to speak, paused for a moment, and then finally said "You were in our space, we had to take you out."
"We had no idea of your intentions, and you were on a direct course to our colony. Although, it would have taken you another nine years before you finally reached our colony, we had to take precaution."
Isobel was more confused than ever. "Nine years?"
The man in the navy blue stepped forward at the end of the table, it was Narlar "We have a more advanced means of space travel. We can travel a given distance in thirty seconds that would take you about twenty years."
Isabelle's eyes narrowed at Narlar, trying to register what she was hearing. Then she remembered the others "What about the others?"
The man in the gray replied "Your friends are in medical chambers, like this one. They have not awoken yet."
Isobel looked at the metal straps around her.
The man in gray noticed and said "Oh, sorry. Let me get you out of these." He typed in a code on a keypad on the side of the table, and the metal straps suddenly retracted instantly, startling Isobel to where she slightly jumped.
Isobel pulled herself up, her hand to her stomach. She noticed the feeling of the rubbery suit. It was very thick. She noted it felt like what she had always imagined a killer whale's skin felt like.
The man in the gray said, "Your original clothing is in a locker in the main room. We had to take you out of them to examine you and run a few DNA and neural scans. We hope it wasn't much of an intrusion."
Isobel answered "No," shaking her head. Though, she was lying. Of course she saw it quite an intrusion, but she wasn't going to bring it up.
Isobel brought her legs over the side of the table, and to the floor, now standing off the table.
Narlar stepped forward to her another step. "We, if it is alright with you, would like to know the workings of your shielding."
Isobel looked at Narlar with her head turned Narlar at her left side. At first she didn't know what he was talking about then she realized it "You mean our barrier."
"Uh, what ever term you use."
"I don't know how it works. You'll have to ask Nolon when he wakes up."
"One of your friends?"
"Yes," answered Isobel "He's the light, purple-skinned one. He's a Lynolian. He does the work of an engineer for our ship."
"Ah," said Narlar.
The man in the gray said "Oh, my apologies, I am Ralto Telsek M'N' Eath, I'm a Goviian. I'm the head of the medical department of this colony. There are other doctors, but if you have a problem, I suggest coming to me since I know something about your anatomy."
"I'm Isobel Adams, I'm a Human."
"Hu-man," replied Ralto smiling.
"We're also called Terrans by others, if you prefer that," said Isobel.
"We're very diverse in our linguistics. Wait a minute, how come you understand me and I understand you?"
"All of the people allied in our Federation have microscopic translators implanted on our brains through a form of nanotechnology on the lobe that receives sound messaging. It instantly translates any language for us. We implanted one in you while you were unconscious."
Isabelle's mouth was open as she brought her hand up to her head, as if she were trying to feel around for it.
"Don't worry," said Ralto "it's quite harmless."
Isobel felt more violated, as if the brain scans hadn't been enough. She hid her anger, though. When she thought about it, however, it really did have its advantages. "Is it permanent," she couldn't help but ask.
"Very," answered Ralto. "It may seem intrusive now, but, trust me, you'll be happy you have it in the future."
Narlar spoke "I'm Narlar Islaso M'P' Tek, I'm the Shipmaster of the vessel that captured you. I'm an Exhyviian."
Isobel nodded her head at him. Then looked at the one to her right in the black suit like hers.
"I am Veilan Hyltothe, I am Velotte. I am the Doctor's assistant."
Isobel nodded her head at him.
"We'd be happy to give you a tour of the colony," said Ralto.
Isobel smiled "The whole colony? Wouldn't that take a while?"
Ralto cocked his head "Not really. How did you know the colony's so big?"
"I caught a glimpse of it before I was knocked unconscious. By the way, I'd really like to know about this advanced space drive you have."
"Oh, of course," said Ralto. "Follow me."
With that, they all left the medical chamber.

Isobel sat at a table in the cafeteria on Restaurant Plate-B, three plates over from where she'd awoken in the space city six days ago. To her knowledge, the others still hadn't awakened. On a deep, inner-conscious level she was worried about them, but all she could feel was excitement.
Isobel had loved her past six days in the "space" city. She'd been taken on a tour through all of the colony plates that civilians were allowed on. She couldn't get enough of what was around her. It was all extreme luxury to her. The room she'd been staying in was absolutely beautiful. She didn't even have to pay for it. Even if she had been one of the normal civilians she wouldn't have had to, because the Galactic Federation didn't use currency.
The Galactic Federation was the name of the government controlling the colonies. Isobel loved it so much there, she was seriously thinking about not leaving. Every time she thought about being cooped up on Velocity Star out in the middle of no where with only four, conscious, people, she got shivers of disgust.
Isobel knew she wanted to stay here, and she was going to discuss it with the others as soon as they awoke.
Meanwhile, she sat in the cafeteria at a table, surrounded by other tables with people sitting at them, carrying on conversations and eating. Isobel imagined it like eating at a cafeteria back on Earth. Isobel felt like she was finally home.
Isobel was eating a dal' jou, a Goviian meal. She'd taken great pleasure in trying out the foods of the colonies. She'd recently discovered she loved the dal' jou along with a few other foods.
As she was just finishing off her dal' jou, she heard a familiar voice call her name. It was Th' Tolimnes. He'd finally awoken.
Isobel noticed him and motioned for him to come and sit at her table.

He did, and told the guy guiding him to go ahead and go.
"Isobel, I'm so glad you're all right," Th' Tolimnes said as he sat in seat in front of Isobel.
Isobel was smiling a mile a minute. "Are you kidding? I absolutely love this. Th' Tolimnes you won't believe the things I've seen, heard, felt. It's all just so overwhelming."
Th' Tolimnes eyes were wide open, staring at her in bewilderment as she went on.
"They use some sort of Transdimensional drive on their starships to travel through open space. But the drives are so big, and the energy sources so low, that they can only fit them on a handful of ships. Most of the ships travel through those tubes that lead out from the colony. Th' Tolimnes, did you see those tubes?"
Th' Tolimnes replied "No. Transdimensional?"
"Oh, yes," Isobel went on "They, I think they called them Transdimensional Shifts, and using them, they can travel incredible distances, exceeding time's limits, to where they can get from star system to star system in mere seconds.
"And the tubes. It's an advanced form of Interspace travel. Apparently they found some way to trap Interspace fluids inside these energy shields that run through space as tubes, and they can control their speed when going through them, and starships just drive through them like normal. Can you believe that?"
Th' Tolimnes squinted his eyes at her "Uh, yes, it's quite remarkable. But, um, Isobel, why are you so excited?"
"Why am I excited," she repeated as if Th' Tolimnes had just asked the dumbest question she'd ever heard. "Are you kidding me? Look around you, Th' Tolimnes. This is absolutely the most luxurious place I've ever seen. Have you ever seen a more luxurious place?"
Th' Tolimnes made anger apparent in his voice "Yes, the Novae Command Alliance Halls in Laliquade."
"Th' Tolimnes, you are so close-minded sometimes. Novae Command was never anywhere close to this kind of luxury. Did you know they don't use currency?"
"Good for them," Th' Tolimnes said sarcastically.
"Th' Tolimnes, what's the matter with you? I love this place nearly to death. You should see my room in the apartments on Veldalic Plate-C. I can't believe I don't have to pay for any of this. Oh, you absolutely have to see a colony plate's core. It's absolutely beautiful. In the center of every colony plate there's a core that powers all of the electrical systems and plasma systems, even the tubes' shielding.
"They hang right in the center of every colony plate, right above the center dining cafeteria. I mean you just couldn't imagine. You look above you while you're eating, and there's like a beautiful intermix of dancing colorful energy inside a huge cone that hangs like seventy feet above you. I would have eaten at the cafeteria at the center of this colony, but they don't serve dal' jou. Oh, you absolutely have to try the dal' jou."
Th' Tolimnes stared at Isobel in sheer astonishment. He never expected anything like this from her. "Isobel, we have to go to Velocity Star. We need to make sure Oria's okay, apparently they didn't discover her, but Creator knows what these aliens did to Velocity Star."
"Oh," Isobel began "forget about Velocity Star and just enjoy yourself."
Th' Tolimnes was angrier "Isobel, did they drug you," he of course didn't mean it seriously.
"Th' Tolimnes, don't be immature. Such intelligent people like this don't have drugs. Every one of them is an intellectual genius. They're all at least twenty times smarter than anyone in the Novae Command Alliances."
"Isobel, my people happen to be the creators of those Alliances, and I'm quite proud of it!"
"Fine, no need to yell. You don't want to stand out in the crowd do you?"
"Well," said Th' Tolimnes, defensively "excuse me for defending my people! Isobel, what's gotten into you? You're putting down every thing you've ever known for these...aliens you know nothing about."
"Th' Tolimnes," Isobel said in a softer tone "you have no idea what all of this means to me. The night that your people first made contact with mine, that night that Humans all over earth discovered they weren't alone in the Universe, I lied in my bed that night about as excited as I am now. I kept imagining what it would be like to be a part of the Alliances, and then it turned out to be nothing like what I imagined.
"Sure, the Alliances are very nice, but they weren't what I imagined. They weren't what I longed for ever since I first learned of your people. But this," she gestured to all of the things around them "it's like I dreamed it into existence. It's as if that night I stayed up late, imagining what the Alliances would be like, I somehow created all of this as I imagined it. The similarities are absolutely amazing.
"Th' Tolimnes, that's why I'm so excited. I'm finally where I've longed to be for so long. I feel...I feel like I'm home."
Th' Tolimnes registered every thing Isobel had said, and his anger subsided. He sighed, and then went on "I'm sorry, Isobel. I understand, but you can't just sit here and put down everything you and me both have known all our lives. I'm proud of my heritage. No matter how I look at this place that you love, it's still nothing like home. Not to me."
"Th' Tolimnes," began Isobel "I want to stay; all of us. The Federation's agreed to take Velocity Star and make it a part of their armada. They'll install a Transdimensional drive on it. Install all possible weapons of theirs. Th' Tolimnes, they'll turn Velocity Star into a beautiful, strong galactic battleship that we've always known she can be. We'll be able to stay aboard it as the command crew. They'll assign a crew of theirs to it, and they say they might even make it their flagship."
Th' Tolimnes looked at her, stupefied at her request "Isobel, you know we can't do that. We stole Velocity Star from the Alliances to get away from the Alliances, not just to go somewhere else and become a part of some other Alliance."
"But, Th' Tolimnes, these Alliances are nothing like the Novae Command's. The Galactic Federation is everything the five of us have always wanted the Novae Alliances to be. We can be happy here."
"Isobel, we came into outer space on Velocity Star to explore and see things no one of our people have ever seen before. Not to turn Velocity Star into some sort of battleship for covert operations. We're explorers, not warriors."
"Th' Tolimnes, just give it a chance. I've gotten permission from them for us to go aboard one of their deep-space explorations vessels fitted with a Transdimensional drive, and see what it's like. If you don't like it, and the others don't, then fine, we'll leave, and that will be the end of it. So come on, how about it?"
"That's another thing, Isobel," said Th' Tolimnes "how can we go with them as they enter these 'Transdimensional Shifts' and have what happened when they captured us and pulled us through one of these 'Shifts' without having the same thing happen again?"
"Oh, Th' Tolimnes, you think on such three-dimensional terms. That's only because Velocity Star wasn't using a certain type of...I think they called it 'Remodulation' shielding that could penetrate the phases of the Transdimensional Shifts."
Th' Tolimnes sighed heavily. He shook his head slowly "Fine, fine. When the others wake up we'll all go on one of this Federation's ships."
"Oh, thank you, Th' Tolimnes! You have no idea what this means to me."
Th' Tolimnes sighed again "It better mean as much as you say it does."
"Hey," said Isobel, slyly "Come with me, there's something you absolutely have to see."
"It seems like there's a lot I 'absolutely have to see'"
Isobel smiled and pulled Th' Tolimnes up "Come on"
"But what about your plate you were eating from?"
"Oh, don't worry," said Isobel "the waiter will get it."
They began walking away from the crowd of tables and out of the cafeteria, their arms interlocked.

The President appeared on a holographic projection in the main command center of the cities. He was responding to an alarm that had sounded to him.
"What's the problem?"
The Commander on duty at the moment answered him from the station- circle at the center of the very large command center. "An armada of legalic vessels is en route to the cities," he said it calmly.
"How many," asked the President.
The Commander looked over some graphs real quick. "Approximately...two thousand."
The President hesitated "More than usual, they must be planning something. Disperse all defense fleets from plates J, K, and L-1."
"I comply," replied the Commander, and he went to work as the holographic projection of the President disappeared.
The Commander, informing all of the pilots of the defense fleets to take off, and that they did, sounded an alarm. Hundreds of starships, small and big, were launched from plates J, K, and L-1. They took off at sub-light speed, and then disappeared in a transdimensional shift.

Th' Tolimnes found himself being pulled into a dark room with no light at all, and the door shut. "Isobel, why have you pulled me into a dark room?"
Th' Tolimnes couldn't even see Isobel in there, he couldn't see his hand in front of his face. "Just give it a second," replied Isobel.
Th' Tolimnes sighed, and at that moment Th' Tolimnes was suddenly in space...or, what looked like space.
Stars had appeared all around him, and he appeared to be inside a star system - the largest planet was no larger than a basketball. The sun was relatively large, with a diameter of about ten meters.
Th' Tolimnes was mind-boggled. Isobel was smiling wildly. Th' Tolimnes knew he was walking on something, but on what, he couldn't see, all he could see below him were stars. Th' Tolimnes just stood there, looking around him "What...what is this?"
"It's a holographic projection," she replied. Th' Tolimnes had turned to her. "Looks real doesn't it?"
Th' Tolimnes didn't answer. Isobel walked over to a planet, mostly white and blue. "Come here."
Th' Tolimnes walked over to Isobel and looked at the planet she pointed to. "It's their homeworld," she said "It's mostly covered with snow. They're used to a cold climate," Isabelle looked at Th' Tolimnes, and took a step closer to him "Th' Tolimnes, they can recreate anything with this holographic technology. You can go anywhere, be anywhere...see anyone. The Alliances didn't have technology that even came close to such capacity."
Th' Tolimnes looked at Isobel, he was angry "Is that why you brought me here? To show me how much more advanced in technology they are than us? Isobel, do you have any idea how full of it you are right now?"
Isobel didn't answer. Th' Tolimnes turned to walk out, and found himself clueless. He sighed. "How do I get out of here?"
Isobel wanted to retaliate, but couldn't find the words, so she just gave up-for the time being. "Off!"
The projection disappeared, and the dark filled the room again just before someone outside opened the door. Th' Tolimnes walked out. Isobel just stood there.
"Ma'am, do you wish to leave," asked the man who opened the door.
Isobel sighed, then walked out, thanking the man who opened the door. He shut it behind her.

With a flash, fleets of hundreds of starships appeared in deep space. It was the defense fleets dispersed from the cities. They were now flying at sub-light speed. Relatively far ahead of them there was another flash and fleets of thousands of ships appeared. It was the very enemy the defense fleets had been sent to attack.
Just before they reached weapons range, both fleets stopped. The battleship that led the defense fleets, the Seleta, hailed the commanding vessel of the legalic armada. The Shipmaster on board the Seleta sat at the center of the command center. "Is the Commander of the legalic armada on audio?"
"Yes, Sir, he has complied."
The Ship Master began speaking through the audio to the Commander of the Legalic armada "I am Ship Master Galantra Tr'Lev' Miar, I command these fleets. Is there anyway this battle can be avoided?"
The Shipmaster waited a few seconds without a reply. He looked to the officer at the communication station. The officer saw the Ship Master "No reply, Sir."
"Sir!" called another officer "the legalic armada is advancing toward the fleets."
"We've lost audio, Sir," announced the officer at the communication station.
"This isn't right," said the Ship Master "This is not the way the battles normally commence," he looked to an officer at the front of the command center "Order all fleets to attack! Everyone at ready! Engage!"
The fleets shot off toward the legalic armada, and the battle commenced. Unfortunately for the defense fleets for the cities, the battle would not end in their favor.

Th' Tolimnes was running from station to station in the empty, quiet command center on the Velocity Star, checking each system, making sure nothing was done to them by these extraterrestrials that had captured them.

He just finished setting a system-check to the navigation systems. It would be a good two hours before the sweep would finish checking for viruses and so on. Th' Tolimnes took a seat at his normal station at the front of the command center.
He scanned his surroundings "They better not have done anything to you," he said, mainly to the ship, but he knew she couldn't hear him. Oria had to be unconscious in order for the system-sweeps to be taken care of.
Th' Tolimnes relaxed himself. He heard the door to the command center open. Only one set of footsteps. They were Isabelle's.
Isobel sat down at a seat next to Th' Tolimnes'. She looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "Th' Tolimnes, I'm sorry I...,"
Th' Tolimnes didn't let her finish "No, I'd rather not talk about it right now. I just want to be alone for a while."
Isobel nodded with a half smile "I understand," she stood, and began to walk out when an alarm was heard.
"What's that," asked Th' Tolimnes.
"I don't know, it sounds like it's coming from outside the ship."
They both exited the ship. They were in a hangar on plate G. The alarm was indeed coming from outside the ship. When the alarm stopped a voice was heard on the speakers. It was the President "My people, a legalic armada was discovered en route to the cities earlier today. Defense fleets were dispersed to engage them, but they had ill effect. The armada will reach the cities in less than five minutes. Please, all citizens must go to the shelters at the lower floors of each plate, and you must go now."
Isobel and Th' Tolimnes looked at each other. Everyone in the hangar was running to certain areas. Two officers came up to Isobel and Th' Tolimnes "You two must go to the shelters, they're on levels fifty-two and below, go now."
"Wait a minute," said Th' Tolimnes "You are going to send other defending ships out to fight this alien armada aren't you?"
"Yes," replied the officer "but that is irrelevant, you must go now."
"No," answered Th' Tolimnes "We can take our ship and help defend the cities."
"No, you must be protected, go."
"No," yelled back Th' Tolimnes "Let us help."
The officer sighed. He looked beyond Th' Tolimnes and Isobel at their ship, then back at them "Is everything on it operable?"
"Yes," replied Th' Tolimnes.
"Very well, get in your ship. Wait for clearance."
Th' Tolimnes nodded acknowledgement and grabbed Isobel, and they entered their ship.
Th' Tolimnes ran to his seat at the front of the Command Center as soon as they entered, Isabelle to a station at the center.
"Disengage the system-sweeps," ordered Th' Tolimnes to Isobel.
"Done," replied Isobel without looking up from he station.
"Thrusters on-line," announced Th' Tolimnes.
"Weapons ready. Barrier uploaded. We're receiving communication from the hangar control center. We're cleared for launch," said Isobel.
"Engaging thrusters."
The Velocity Star shot out of the hangar.
"Oria, can you hear me," asked Th' Tolimnes.
"I'm here," came a reply over the speakers.
"Good, set a course for the cities' defense fleets."
The Velocity Star flew into a group of more than two thousand ships. Some full starships, others one-manned attack ships. All of them had settled into a fixed position.
"We're receiving a transmission from one of the ships," announced Isobel "They're requesting we put them on audio."
"Do it."
An unfamiliar voice came on the speakers "I am Fleet Master Vorlas T'Trem' Leeare, Commander of these fleets and Shipmaster of the Helia. I have identified your ship as the Velocity Star. Do you have clearance to join these fleets?"
Isobel looked up at Th' Tolimnes, he was turned, facing Isobel. He turned back around in his seat and spoke into a speaker. "I am Th' Tolimnes Davin. Yes, I have clearance to join the fleets. We're here to help."
There was silence for a few seconds, then there came a reply. "Accepted. I'm sending you coordinates for a certain position in the fleet formation. Take that position and wait for my orders to attack."
"The audio's been cut," said Isobel.
"I've got the coordinates and I'm engaging," said Th' Tolimnes. "But these coordinates he's sent us place us at the end of the formation. Why can't we be at the front?"
"Who cares, just get us to the coordinates, Th' Tolimnes."
Th' Tolimnes sighed, and set course.
The Velocity Star settled into a position behind two attack ships.
Th' Tolimnes looked over some sensor read-outs. His eyes narrowed. "I don't understand. Sensors aren't picking up any ships within five light years."
Ahead of the defense fleets there was a flash of light and the legalic armada appeared. They were going at their fastest speed, just below light speed. Fleet Master Vorlas noticed they weren't stopping. He knew something wasn't right. They weren't going to stop. He gave the order for all the defense ships to attack.
"I just got them," announced Th' Tolimnes, baffled.
"And the Fleet Master just gave the order to attack," replied Isobel.
"Creators, there's thousands of them. I didn't know these aliens were in the middle of a war."
"I didn't either," said Isobel. "The fleets have engaged the armada."
"Then perhaps we should too," said Th' Tolimnes, and he gave full force to the throttle and Velocity Star shot off into the unimaginably large swarm of ships. "Lock weapons," ordered Th' Tolimnes.
"Th' Tolimnes, I can't run from a communications station to a weapons station this whole time."
"Well then stay at the weapons station the whole time, what do you expect us to chit-chat with them as we try to eliminate them?"
Isobel sighed and ran to the weapons station on the left wall. "Why are we even doing this, Th' Tolimnes? This isn't our war."
"This armada is here to attack the space cities-to kill who ever is on them. We were on them so they meant to kill us-that's when it became our war."
Isobel sighed as she stared at a graph that represented the battlefield around them within a three-mile radius, and she locked weapons on a small starship straight ahead of them. "Weapons locked-first starship straight ahead."
"I see them," Th' Tolimnes looked up from his console and out the viewing window. He saw the ship. Its side was turned to the Velocity Star. The ship was moving slowly, firing at a defense ship. "Fire a few crystalline torpedoes."
Three long, torpedoes shot from Velocity Star's lower hull. The torpedoes looked like three long, bright white lights flying through space, trailing tails of sparkling dust behind them like comets.
It appeared the legalic ships had no shielding because the torpedoes struck the ship's hull ripping it in half. "Well," said Isobel "that was easy enough."
Th' Tolimnes didn't think it was going to be that easy, and knew it wasn't. He stared up at the enemy ship just blown in half. At that moment, a side arm of the enemy ship that appeared undamaged broke off from the rest of the ship and shot off toward Velocity Star.
The long arm came to a sharp point at the front, and that point was facing the Velocity Star as it shot at them like a speeding bullet.
"What is that," asked Th' Tolimnes as he began a scan of it.
Isobel just stared at it through the viewing window as she stood by the weapons station as Th' Tolimnes read a read-out of the scans.
"Well," asked Isobel.
"It has some sort of Neutron-electric shock dispenser at its point, I think its designed to go straight through a barrier."
"Neutron-electric," repeated Isobel "A Neutron-electric shock will completely disable our barrier," she stepped down beside Th' Tolimnes and watched him "Th' Tolimnes, we can't be hit by that thing."
"Don't you think I know that?"
"Th' Tolimnes, pull us out of the way," she yelled as she watched the arm of the ship-just seconds away from hitting them.
Th' Tolimnes watched it on a diagram on the console in front of him. He knew it was moving too fast, and they'd already wasted too much time scanning it. They wouldn't have time to move the ship, but he forced himself to try anyway.
Th' Tolimnes grabbed the throttles and felt the ship vibrate as he forced it into a sharp turn almost too sharp for its structural integrity. But it wasn't enough. Before the ship had enough time to move completely out of the way the arm of the other ship struck the back end of Velocity Star, tearing away one of the pylons holding up the Interspace Drive, completely destroying one of the thruster engines.
Explosions rang out through the decks resulting in major hull breaches all around the secondary hull and minor breaches along the back end of the main hull. A few consoles blew in the command center and fires sprung up along side them-Fire Containment quickly exterminated the fires.

Th' Tolimnes and Isobel had been thrown to the floor, Th' Tolimnes' seat had been ripped from its stand, and now lay on the floor. "Are you alright," asked Th' Tolimnes as he pulled himself up, and Isobel pulled herself up.
Isobel put her hand to her head, "I'm fine," she ran to her console.

Th' Tolimnes looked at his. "What's your damage, Oria," he asked.
"Comm. systems are down, Th' Tolimnes," said Isobel.
Th' Tolimnes sighed "Alright, you give me the news, Isobel."
Isobel watched her console, punching in multiple system checks. "All weapons are gone; thruster two's been completely destroyed. The Interspace Drive is inoperable, one of the pylons have been blown away. There are major hull breaches along every deck of the secondary hull; mid-range sensors are off line; the main computer core is destroyed, they're running on their own computer cores. The barrier's gone."
"What about back-up thrusters," asked Th' Tolimnes.
"No, it wouldn't work, you'd have to activate them manually, but I wouldn't recommend it with all of those breaches along the engineering decks."
Th' Tolimnes was frustrated. He sighed heavily "So what's our options?"
"First we have to get out of this battle field," said Isobel.
"And how do we do that without thrusters?"
Isobel didn't answer.
One of Th' Tolimnes' consoles sounded an alarm. He checked it. "We've got to get out of here, two Legalic ships just released some sort of mines that are heading straight for us."
"We can't withstand an attack, the ship's structural integrity won't hold, I'm surprised we're still here right now," said Isobel.
"I know that," replied Th' Tolimnes. Th' Tolimnes knew there was nothing they could do, and he and Isobel watched through the viewing window as the mines head straight for them.
Just before they hit, Fleet Master Vorlas' ship, Helia, flew straight over Velocity Star, and launched a couple of tow cables that attached to the top of the secondary hull, and pulled the Velocity Star from the mines' paths, seconds before they would have hit-saving the Velocity Star.
"What was that," asked Isobel.
"I don't know, sensors are off-line. Something's pulling us from the battle field."
"A defense ship must be towing us. Wait," said Isobel "We're receiving a transmission from the Helia. I can't get an audio," Isobel read the transmission from a screen on her console. "They say they've attached some tractor cables to us. They're pulling us from the battle field."
The Helia pulled the Velocity Star from the swarm of ships, and settled about a hundred miles from the battle, detached the tow cables, and flew off back to the battle-after sending another transmission.
"They've sent another message," said Isobel "They say they've put us approximately one hundred miles from the battle field. They're going to enter the battle...they also say our left wing broke off the secondary hull as they were towing us-the thrust was too much for it."
Th' Tolimnes sat back in his seat. He put his hand up to his head and sighed heavily. "What now," he asked quietly.
"I guess...we wait."
Th' Tolimnes looked around at the damaged consoles. "While we wait, is there anything we can repair ourselves?"
Isobel looked up from her station. She grew a slight smile "We can begin on forward sensors."

The battle raged for over four hours. Ship after ship, Legalic ship after defense ship. The Legalic armada overpowered the defense ships. When most of the defense fleets had been eliminated, the legalic armada began attacking the cities. The President had ordered all defense ships to disengage the legalic armada, and set course for the nearest Federation "space" city.
Reluctantly, they did just that. There was only a handful of defense ships left. The Helia had survived, and towed the Velocity Star with them as they traveled to the nearest "space" city.
The nearest "space" city was in a double-star system called Elex Vehala. There was a planet in that system suitable for sentient life, but the Federation did not colonize it. They had some rule about not colonizing other habitable planets; they felt that it would disturb the ecosystem and change the balance of life on that world. The Federation felt they had no right to do that.
Over half the remaining defense ships' Transdimensional Drives had been damaged and were inoperable-so they all used their Interspace drives. It would be a little more than two weeks before they reached the Elex Vehala system. A couple of the dangerously damaged ships had lost their artificial gravity within the first day, and their crew was forced to stay on another ship until they reached Elex Vehala and have the other ships tow theirs.
Th' Tolimnes and Isobel had put up the best fight they could via transmission, trying to stop the defense ships from leaving without getting Nolon, Ghyvein, and Mavolony back from the space cities. Nolon, Ghyvein, and Mavolony still hadn't awakened yet, and Th' Tolimnes and Isobel had been worried about them. Now, they may never see them again.
After a while, Th' Tolimnes and Isobel eventually went back to repairing as much as they could on Velocity Star. All they'd been able to do was repair sensors and the FBW (Fusion Bi-pulse Wave) weapon. However, they were able to get the back-up thrusters online when Isobel restored computer control to the back-up systems, but it would do them no good since they had to be towed through Interspace with their Interspace drive still badly in need of repair.
Th' Tolimnes sat in his seat at his station, after he'd had the chance to get it back into its stand, finally relaxed since he'd had the chance to check on Oria on the deck below them-making sure her containment field held up and she was safe. Isobel sat at what would be the Shipmaster's chair at the center of the command center had Velocity Star not been stolen by the five of them, and used for it's built purpose-an exploration craft.
Th' Tolimnes felt he was to blame for Velocity Star's condition. He often felt like this ship was his responsibility-like any Shipmaster would feel. Th' Tolimnes stared at the console in front of him. He ran his hand along the glossy, silver-alloy frame, and brought his hand up to him and looked at it. Three years, and not a single speck of dust, he proudly thought to himself. He'd done his best to keep it clean. Unlike most Selintex, Th' Tolimnes was very meticulous. Many 'o times Isobel would step in the command center only to find Th' Tolimnes mopping the glossy, silver-blue floor.
Isabelle's mind was on Nolon, Ghyvein, and Mavolony, as she spun side to side in the comfortable, velvet chair. "Th' Tolimnes, do you think we'll see them again?"
Th' Tolimnes immediately knew who she was talking about. He swung around in his chair to face Isobel, only he looked at the floor-as if in a trance. "Fleet Master Vorlas says that the legalic armada won't destroy the cities, they'll try to capture them. He says the cities are very heavily guarded by guards, and that the Legalics won't stand a chance of taking over," he said it as if he didn't believe it.
"But, that's not what you believe?"
Th' Tolimnes sighed and stood up from his chair, his hand to his head "I don't know what I believe. There's something about this Federation. There's something not right about the people that's in it."
"What do you mean," she asked curiously.
"I don't know," he replied as if she was supposed to already know "I just know there's something about them. I can sense these things. I's like-I don't know-it's as if there's two people in each on of them. Like there's something inside all of them."
Isobel laughed quietly, trying unsuccessfully to keep Th' Tolimnes from hearing "Th' Tolimnes, that's ridiculous."
Th' Tolimnes walked over to Isobel and bent down on his knees to her, holding her hand "Isobel, I could sense strong evil in them, something terrifying, something very, very bad. I could see smiles on their faces and could easily tell they were happy, but the person inside them was filled with hatred.
"Isobel," he said, "there's a species of alien my people came across long ago, before we started watching your people. This species..." Before he had a chance to finish, an alarm went off at Isabelle's console, confirming an incoming transmission.
Both Th' Tolimnes and Isobel looked at her console. Isobel turned back and looked at Th' Tolimnes then she took her hand from him, stood up, and walked to her console. Th' Tolimnes stood back up and followed her.
"Can you put it on audio now," asked Th' Tolimnes.
"Yeah, surprisingly I had enough time to repair that, but I can't get a visual."
"That's fine. Put it on audio."
Isobel did, and they heard Fleet Master Vorlon's voice "This is the Helia to the Velocity Star. Our vessel's sensors have picked up a small legalic science vessel in the Zelole Gatole triple-star system straight ahead of us. I've ordered all defense vessels to attack and destroy it. We will all enter the system together, but our vessel and yours will stay at a safe distance from where the defense vessels will attack the science vessel-in order to keep your vessel from obtaining damage."
"What," said Isobel "We're going to engage a battle! Why?"
"Because their vessel has invaded our star system."
"You have an outpost there," asked Th' Tolimnes.
"No," replied Fleet Master Vorlas.
"Well then why attack the science ship," asked Th' Tolimnes "It's just a science ship, what harm could it do?"
"We are engaging the target whether you like it or not."
"But-it-poses-no-threat," replied Th' Tolimnes, defensively. "That ship is irrelevant."
"We are engaging the vessel, and that is the end of it! Ending transmission."
"No! Wait," called Th' Tolimnes, but he was too late.
"They've already ended transmission," announced Isobel, gravely.
Th' Tolimnes sighed heavily. "There's something not right about this!"

Three Legalic officers walked down a long corridor on one of the space cities' plates. The lights had been out since the Legalics had docked, and they had to wear these visors that allowed them to see in the dark. They were carrying large, fat circular guns, and walking very quietly and slowly- as if afraid of something.
In the distance, in an intersection, a dark figure crouched on the ground watching them-waiting for them. The figure slowly moved lower to the ground, and made a strange creamy sound as it did.
The Legalics walked farther down the corridor. They heard a noise, like something slithering, and stopped suddenly. One of them turned his head and looked back at his followers, and when he looked ahead of him again something suddenly lunged at him-making a horrible roaring sound as it did. The other two saw and began shooting towards the other Legalic, regardless of their colleague's safety.
But before they could harm the creature that lunged at the other Legalic, something two of the same kind of creatures lunged at them- bringing them to the ground. They screamed, but it did no good. The creatures' roaring was easily louder than their screaming. And then, the Legalics' screaming suddenly ceased-along with their lives.

Mavolony lay on a cold metal table, above her stood Ralto Telsek M'N' Eath. To Mavolony's knowledge, he was of a species she didn't recognize. She pulled herself upward. "Where am I," she asked.
"Easy," replied Ralto "It's alright, don't get agitated. You're okay, you're on a space colony."
"Space colony?"
"Yes, we're the people that brought you here, took you from Interspace about nine days ago."
"Nine days," replied Mavolony, aghast "I've never slept that long before in my life."
"You were unconscious, technically it's not sleeping."
"What about the others?"
"Your friends are fine, two of them are still asleep. The other two are...temporarily detained. We had a bit of a...situation, but it has been taken care of. I am Ralto Telsek M'N' Eath, I am head of the medical department on this colony. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Until then," he motioned to two other men standing behind him. "These two will show you around, and show you where you will be spending the nights you are here."
Mavolony saw them. She still had many questions, but she was still a bit nebulous from just waking up, and decided to ask them later. She went with the two men.
"So, what's your species called," she asked as the three of them left the room together.

"Engage!" ordered Fleet Master Vorlas to all of the defense ships that had been chosen to attack the legalic science ship. Some other ships had to stay behind either because they were towing other ships or because they're weapons weren't operable.
About twenty defense ships, mostly one-man attackers flew off out of the formation from the ships staying behind, and flew straight at the science ship. Fleet Master Vorlas sat in his command seat and smirked as he watched the defense ships begin attacking the science ship.
The Helia and the other ships that had to stay behind were sitting above a very large, habitable world, with a mostly oxygen atmosphere. The planet was beautiful. It mostly had forests, so most of the landmasses were covered in green. The oceans were very large, and probably covered at least eighty-two percent of the world. The planet was most likely very young, with a very abundant plant life and very little animal life. Definitely no sentient life forms.
"Sir," called one of Fleet Master Vorlas' sensor officers. "Scans are showing a fleet of over a hundred legalic battleships materializing from around the other side of the planet below."
Fleet Master Volas' smirk quickly faded, and he became frustrated. He stood from his seat. "It's a trap! Send a transmission to all attacking vessels to disengage the science vessel, and follow the Helia!"
"Transmission sent, Sir. The attacking vessels are disengaging, but we won't have time to outrun the legalic battleships, they've locked weapons and have engaged!"
The Helia shook violently, consoles blew on the command center, and Fleet Master Vorlas was thrown to the floor. As he picked himself up he ordered "Order all vessels to enter a Transdimensional Shift if their Drive is working, all others tell to go to Interspace immediately! I suggest you do the same, Officer!"

"The Helia's tow cables have released us," yelled Isobel. "They're taking extreme damage!"
"I'm engaging the back-up thrusters! Is there a place on that planet below us to land?"
Isobel scanned the surface "There's a shore on the western coast of the land mass directly below us, it should be big enough for us to land, but I'm not so sure we can land."
"Why not," asked Th' Tolimnes, even as he thrust the ship towards the planet.
"The ship's landing pads won't engage, they were either destroyed or they're stuck."
Th' Tolimnes looked up at the planet through the viewing window in front of him. "Then I guess we're going to have to have a rough landing!"
"Th' Tolimnes, no! I can't engage the heat shield either, the ship will break up going through that atmosphere!"
"I realize that! But our chances of making it with the planet are a lot better than our chances with those Legalics!"
"Th' Tolimnes, our chances of making it through that atmosphere..." Th' Tolimnes didn't let her finish.
"I know the chances, Isobel! You don't have to do the math for me," he said agitated.
Th' Tolimnes thrust the ship at full possible speed until they hit the planet's atmosphere, knocking him and Isobel out at impact. The Velocity Star's main hull was thrust upwards by the impact, too quick for the artificial gravity to set in. The ship was turned at an angle with its rear end pointing toward the surface. As the ship accelerated, chunks of the back end began to fly off and disintegrate.
When the ship finally made it through the atmosphere the whole back end had been blown off, and all that was left was most of the main hull and part of the underbelly of the secondary hull, and one small portion of the right wing.
The ship hurtled to the ground until it struck a dense forest with its underbelly, and began sliding nose first forward. When it finally came to a stop the whole underbelly had been ripped away. What was left of the right wing had broken off about a mile back, and the rear of the main hull sat wide open. The remains had come to a stop just as it hit a beach, slid into the water a few meters, and stopped.
Silence quickly broke the explosions from the impact, and time took its hold upon the wreckage.

Mavolony and Nolon walked into an empty cafeteria on one of the space city's plates. All of the citizens of the cities had been ordered to stay in their rooms. There was only about five people from repair crews in the cafeteria.
Mavolony had explained everything to Nolon that Ralto and the President had told her. Nolon, of course, was agitated by it, and felt no compassion toward the people of the cities at all.
They could hear echoes of the repair crews talking to each other as they worked, as Mavolony and Nolon sat down at a table on the left side of the cafeteria. Mavolony sighed "They say they're going to send a message to the ships that escaped before the Legalics invaded that they can return. The president tells me that the Velocity Star was one that escaped."
"I don't trust them," said Nolon, anger was obvious in his tone.
"Well, I'm not sure I do either, but I see no reason why we shouldn't."
"Well, for one, they put these translator things in our head!"
"To tell you the truth, Nolon," said Mavolony "I'm rather gratified that they did. At least now we won't have to worry about translating every word an alien says to us in the future."
Nolon growled to himself as he looked around slowly at the repair crews.
"Besides, they say that Th' Tolimnes and Isobel should be back in about a week, and by then Ghyvein should awaken."
"And if he doesn't," asked Nolon.
"He will. It's not like there's anything wrong with him. He's just temporarily unconscious. He couldn't possibly stay asleep for more than two weeks," she chuckled to herself "Then again, with as little as we know about his people, for all we know he's hibernating or something."
"Ah, I bet the little numskull's faking it," said Nolon.
"You know, you should try being a little nicer to Ghyvein," said Mavolony, defensively. "I admire him. His race is so peaceful and intelligent. They're like little kids-that's probably why they're so peaceful. But, they're awfully smart little kids if you ask me."
"Oh, please," one of Nolon's "tentacles" that ran down the back of his head twitched in a show of disbelief.
"You thirsty," asked Mavolony.
"I could sure go for some larnikan right about now," said Nolon, wishfully.
Mavolony laughed "Yeah, that would help take our minds off of worrying about Th' Tolimnes and Isobel."
"Ha! Who said anything about worrying about them? I'm just thirsty."
Mavolony continued to laugh "Well, I doubt they have any larnikan in these space cities, but I'm sure they have something that will suffice. Come on," she got up, and Nolon got up and followed her "We can go to plate- F 12, that cafeteria's open. I'm sure we can get something there."
Nolon growled again to himself "How do we know they won't poison what ever we get?"
"Oh, Nolon! You have to learn to trust people every now and then."
"I don't think so," replied Nolon as he and Isobel stepped in an elevator that would take them to a transfer deck where they could transfer to plate-F 12.

"President, we're receiving a brief transmission from...what appears to be the Helia," exclaimed one of the officers at the main control center of the colony as a holographic projection of the President appeared before him.
"Let me hear it."
"On speakers now, Sir," he replied, and was immediately followed by Fleet Master Vorlas' voice over a distorted message.
"This is the Helia! A legalic fleet has ambushed us! .No chance of survival. All vessels we..." There was much distortion "...destroyed. We're in the Zelole Getole.... We.... May...avenge us!" the message cut out.
"That's it, Sir," said the officer.
The President sighed "That must mean the Velocity Star didn't make it. There's no way I can find a good way to explain this to their friends."
"Sir, without their ship, I see their presence here as irrelevant. Permission to terminate them?"
The President hesitated "I see no reason not too. Proceed."
"I comply, Sir. Cutting out."
The holographic projection of the President disappeared, and the fate of Nolon, Mavolony, and Ghyvein was left in the hands of a race of monsters.

Smoke filled Th' Tolimnes' lungs, burning them. He opened his eyes to a dark, debris-filled room. The only light was shining in from the viewing window, from two of the planet's suns; the third hadn't yet risen.
Th' Tolimnes found himself lying on the ground. His chair was over his legs, but all in all he was all right-nothing broken. He made sure to check that before he got up. As he did, he looked around for Isobel.
His eyes finally laid gaze upon her, and he ran to her. She was lying on the ground. Her console had been torn from the floor and thrown over her legs. Her legs were broken, that he could tell.
He tapped against her face trying to wake her. When she did she was dazed. "What," she said faintly "What happened?"
"Isobel, we're on the planet. We made it," a small smile grew on his face.
"Something tells me there's still bad news."
Th' Tolimnes hesitated "I...believe your legs are broken."
"Can you get me to the medical bay?"
"Good question. Sensors are obviously down. I'll have to go take a look-see how much of the ship's left."
"Please," she said, faintly "Don't leave me alone too long."
Th' Tolimnes was in pain-pain that he felt for Isabelle's pain. "I won't."
Th' Tolimnes got up and walked to the door, but he couldn't get it open. It must have been blocked. He looked around for another way out. He saw a crack in the viewing window. He sighed, and decided it probably wouldn't matter. He picked up his chair and threw it through the window, breaking a hole big enough for him to crawl out.
Th' Tolimnes crawled out and began walking along the hull. Unfortunately, he ended up sliding down the nose, and found himself in the water. He stood and walked out of the water onto the shore. When he looked around the main hull he felt his heart sink.
All he could see of the main hull was the front of it, the other part was in a debris scattered about three miles back. He could see a trail through the forests where the ship had obviously slid along the ground, and he could see part of one of the wings about a mile back.
He fell to the ground, and put his forehead in his hand. He realized Velocity Star was gone, and most likely so was there hope of getting off this world.