(Good Riddance You Bastards)

I finally had enough
And gave my boss
My two weeks notice
'Cause she don't know this-
That I hate waking up everyday,
And I'm sick and tired
Of feeling this way.

I've had enough!
Of being miserable
I've had enough!
Of dealing with bitchy people.

And I know
I should've quit
Such a long time ago,
But I just couldn't before
I had too many things
I had to pay for.

I don't need this job any longer
'Cause I'm sure
I saved enough money
To go to Warped Tour.

These two weeks
Need to go by fast
Then no more stupid supervisors
Busting my ass

This job killed the summer
Well, I guess it's just the way it goes
I'm sure as hell not working here again
This job fucking blows!