I wish the world was like the perfect desert island. If it was like my desert island, then it would be absolutely wonderful. What does my island look like? This is what it looks like…

            Step foot onto my island. Mine, my own. It is a paradise, so to speak. An escape for all who wish to get away…away from the real world. It is for those who wish to be in a fantasy for a few hours, who do not want to work. It is for the Romeos and the Juliets in the world, who are forbidden to seek true joy and happiness. It is for those who no longer wish to live, where they can revitalize their hope and love for life.

            But mostly, it is for myself…myself who does not know what to think…

            Step onto the sand. Is it not soft between your toes? The perfect yellow sand massages them. There is not a rock in sight to stub a toe on, or a shell to stab the bottom of your foot. Only the soft sand that grinds underneath your body is present. Even if you dig your hands into it, you shall not find a rock or stone.

You do not need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

            Look out to the ocean. There is nothing but the greenish blue tint on the water. It moves lazily along the beach, frothy white caps appearing as they come closer to shore. You will only find the friendliest fish in my ocean. No shark will attack you. Are you afraid of seaweed? It is gone. You will not find a single piece of seaweed in my tropical water. You will find nothing dangerous in my cool waters.

            You do not need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

            Have you seen the sky? The beautiful, glorious sky? Light blue stretches for miles around, until you can see no more. Only a few fluffy clouds are scattered throughout the entire area, and nothing can block the radiant sun. The sun…oh, how you must love the sun. Its rays splash across my island, touching everything within its grasp. My sun leaves a golden glow to the sand and reflects off the ocean like a mirror would reflect light. I bet you worry about over exposure. Do not worry my friend. The sun here only leaves you a bronze tan. There will be no burns and no skin cancer. 

            You do no need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

            Oh, that breeze! Soft yet refreshing it is.  The palm trees move like a simple dance, swaying together as one unit. They sway as if they all know each other, creaking merrily in perfect conversation. It blows your hair to the side and hits your neck, sending a sudden shiver down your spine. It slightly moves the water as it splashes onto the shore. As soon as it comes, it also leaves. My breeze will not leave its soft state. You will not experience any sort of storms while on my island.

            You do not need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

Are you comfortable? Are you calm? Have your worries melted away like ice? Fantasy is somewhat cruel sometimes. It gives you what you want, what you crave from life. It gives you hope, justice, love, and anything else you could ever hope. In the fantasy world, you get that promotion you wanted, or the love you have been waiting for your whole life. In this world, you win that last game to get you the state title, or end the losing streak that has so graciously cursed your team. Here, everything wanted comes true. Here, nothing can hurt you.

            You do not need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

            Perfect, is it not? There is no pain to feel. But I…I can sense your self doubt. I can sense that you worry. Your heart is slowly speeding up. It beats like a drum, and as you discover my island it continues to speed up. You do not know what to expect. It is perfect, all too wonderful to even fathom in the real world. Something cannot be right with this paradise. Something like my island does not exist. It could never exist in our world, can it? This is fantasy, it is not real.

            But you know it seems like reality. I can still feel the doubt. You are starting to believe, are you not? The light sky, yellow sand, lazy seas, and calm winds are all in your reality. You can feel it all against your skin. Your five senses are tingling with delight. It must be real! It must! Nothing to fear here, in this paradise. Absolutely nothing at all…

            Suddenly, it is slipping away! The winds scream around you, swirling, bringing the waters forth. The trees groan in pain as the wind stabs them, taking some leaves with the wind currents. The sea crashes over the sand, mangling the paradise. They churn and crash in a mixture of deadly blue and white. You want to run, but you cannot. Your feet are paralyzed, stuck to the ground as if they are glued. The sky is a haunting mix of black and gray, and you know it only means trouble. Your heart is beating rapidly now, faster than a galloping horse. You open your mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. Only silence penetrates the area. Your eyes grow wide as they tear. The breath used for silent screams become caught in your coarse throat. The racing heart inside you starts to skip beats, playing on its own. You are frightened, maybe even petrified. You know it is the end. Small streams wet your cheeks as the petrification takes over your body and soul.

            The waters come crawling closer, like a venomous snake hunting its prey in the Amazon. You want to bolt away to safety. You feel like your life is going to end. It feels like…

            You do not need to fear pain here, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those who wish to be here.

            It stops. Everything freezes. I told you not to worry. Self-doubt will kill us all…

            The sand fades into burning black tar. The water evaporates into the air as buildings grow from the ground. The air is no longer pure, but filled with filthy smoke. The sun is no longer comforting, but blazing hot against your sweaty neck. All the palm trees are gone, and replaced with cement.

            You are back to your reality, outside of my paradise. My paradise is reserved for myself. It is reserved for those who are free of self doubt. It is reserved for those who are strong enough to look life in the face and jump in.

            But remember, there is nothing to fear, in my paradise. Nothing can harm those…