A Roommate's Story

Summary: Two girls with very different views (one a quiet and conserved Christian, and the other an outgoing and open lesbian) find each other as college roommates. Testing of faith and patience ensues.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: May become controversial at times.

Megan walked into her new dorm room. Empty, but she would fix that. She just had to wait until her roommate arrived. That was going to be the biggest challenge of college, living with someone else.

"Are you sure you don't need anything else, sweetie?" her mother asked her, bringing in the last load from the car and setting it down in a pile.

"No, Mom, I'm fine," Megan assured her. "I'm just going to put my clothes away and I'll start decorating the room when my roommate gets here."

"Okay. You be careful, alright?" Megan nodded, and her mother turned to leave, but not before adding on, "And... try to make some friends okay?"

"Okay." Megan sighed and gently touched the small gold cross around her neck; her mother just had to add that on. It wasn't that Megan didn't like people. She just... didn't know how to interact with them. As far as in trends went, she was completely clueless. And she was afraid that if she jumped into a conversation, people wouldn't like her. So she just kept quiet and neutral on everything. Effective for avoiding enemies, but then again, it also unintentionally emanated a "too-good-for-this" kind of attitude on just about everything. But maybe... maybe things would be different this year. At least, Megan prayed that they would.

It took only about five minutes after her mother had left that Megan heard a knock on the door. She looked up to see a girl with dark eyebrows and jet black hair cut shortly just above her shoulders standing in the doorway holding a box in her hands. Her stance was confident.

"Are you my new roomy?" she asked.

"I think so," Megan said, glancing at the door. "Room number 224?"

"Yeah, that's me," the girl replied. Megan smiled. This person seemed nice enough. When it came to friendship, she usually relied on others to make the first move.

"Nice to meet you," she said timidly. "My name's Megan."

"Nic," the girl replied, setting the box down. Megan raised an eyebrow.

"Nic as in Nicole?" she asked. Her roommate looked a bit insulted.

"Nic as in that's my name."

But then, as if to promptly contradict her, a melodic voice called out from just down the hallway, "Nick-ii!" Nicole, or whatever she happened to go by, peeked out the door and waved.

"In here, Erika!" she called. Another girl entered the room, this one sporting a pair of short jeans and a tank top that looked just one size too small for her. Megan wondered if that was by accident or on purpose.

"Megan, this is Erika. Erika, Megan," Nicole introduced the two of them. Erika had a casual stance, balancing most of her weight on one leg and rest her hand on her hip.

"Hey there," she said, somewhat ignoring Megan and turning to Nicole. "Well, let's get you moved in," she said, and the three girls set to work.

At first, they planned to bunk the beds, but Megan wasn't too fond of heights, and apparently Nic tended to roll around in her sleep, so instead they set the beds up on opposite ends of the room, accompanying the left side with each girl's desk and the right with a chest of drawers. Finally satisfied, they turned to making the beds. Megan stood on one side of the room, while Erika was on the other, chatting away with Nic and pointing out where she thought everything should go. Megan felt awkward standing there in complete silence, but there wasn't much else for her to do.

"So... Erika, do you go to school here too?" she finally asked. It seemed like a good a time to strike up a conversation as any. Erika laughed.

"No, I go to a different college down the road from here. I wanted to stay here, but they didn't have my major." She gave a childish pout as she leaned forward and kissed Nic on the cheek. Actually, it was closer to her lips. Megan's eyes did a double take. Did she just see that? I'm overreacting, she told herself. There was probably a perfectly good explanation for what she just saw. People in Europe kissed each other on the cheek all the time, right?

"Well, shall we spruce this place up?" Nic asked, interrupting Megan's thoughts as she held up the last remaining box that apparently had her room decorations.

"Sure," Megan replied, reaching for her own.

"Okay, you take this side and we'll take this side, how's that?" Nic indicated to the side of the room that Megan's desk was on and then to her own. Megan nodded in agreement and the two girls set to work. First, Megan put up her "Footprints in the Sand" poster and then her Bible verse calendar, one of those neat block calendars that you could tear off a page for each day and it said something different. On her desk she placed her sculpture of the lion laying down with the lamb, along with a picture of Jesus and the little children. Perfect, she thought. She turned around to see what Nic had done with her side of the room but her smile fell all too quickly. Nic had furnished her wall with a large rainbow-striped poster, each band with a written description of what that color represented. To either side was a smaller poster, one of two female symbols interlocking, the other on an upside-down black triangle. And on her desk was poised a framed photo of herself and Erika. Megan felt ill. And apparently Nic wasn't terribly pleased either when she turned around and saw Megan's side.

"Oh," she said, trying to hide her obvious disappointment. "You're pretty religious?"

"Yeah, and you're… um…" Megan wasn't quite sure how to phase what she was going to say. Erika glared at her, but did not speak. Instead, she moved herself closer to Nic, taking her arm in her hand. "So the two of you are…?"

"Well..." Nic began.

"Well, I wasn't kissing her because I'm French," Erika said bluntly. Megan rubbed her forehead.

"I can't believe this," she muttered.

"Get used to it," Erika replied, pulling on Nic's arm. "Come on, Nicky, I want you to walk me to the bus stop." Nic shrugged and reached for her jacket. As she bent down, her eyes came up to meet Megan's. The tension that passed between their glances was unnerving. Megan wished she could say something else, but no words came to her.

"Hey, I'm sorry if that threw you off, but I don't believe in hiding anything," Nic began.

"Like I told her, get used to it," Erika called. "Come on, we'll miss the bus." At last Nic relented and allowed Erika to lead her out the door. As soon as they were gone, Megan sat down on the bed with all sorts of thoughts running through her mind. Why her? Only God knew how much terrible she was with people. And out of all the roommates on campus, she had to get put with an open lesbian.