Golden Shadows

Wow, an actual fictional story by me... It's very, uh, different... Tell me what ya think..


Insults were thrown at me, and I countered them thoughtfully.

Finally, he lost his patience and made his way toward me.

Step. Step. Step.


Face to floor.

The crowd laughs, mocking him.

He stands, confused. Wondering.

But I know.

His golden opportunity lost, he slips away in shame, the crowd dissolving with his every step.


That night, in my room, lit only by my bedside lamp.

I watch my shadow creep along the wall.

"You didn't have to do that," I tell it softly.

Words felt instead of spoken. /I didn't want things to get worse./

"...Thank you." I know not why I thank it. Why I sat there, talking to my shadow.

/I must protect you./ More a statement than a reply.

"...Why? You have never told me - why?"

/...You... are important. Special./

"Me, special?"

/You are the light. Without you, I would not exist. And if you were to leave.../

"You would vanish."

/I would be lost, stranded in a meaningless place. No reason or purpose./

Thoughts. Where were shadows born? What is this 'meaningless place?'

/Do you understand?/

"I... think so."

/Now you see. You see why I cannot leave you, why I am always here - guiding you, protecting you. You ARE me./


/You sleep - now. You need your rest. I am not banished by the light or absorbed by the dark - merely hidden. As long as you are here, I am here. And as long as I am here, you are safe./


What did you think?