Upside Down Heart

Every time I want to give up
Instead I give in to your love for me
Each time I feel confused and lost
I realize I am actually lost in your eyes

When unreality pulls me to it
I know in truth it is your magnetism
Why do I feel like I have to run away?
Because it is towards you that I am racing

You make it so hard
Because I am not used to having it this easy
You make it difficult
To care about the risks of love anymore

I am afraid of only one thing
I fear harming you
I could only let you down if
Downside is up in my world turned upside down

What am I going to do with you?
Easier to ask what I am NOT going to do to you
I hate to get dizzy from the roller coasters
But this ride of yours is worth the loss of consciousness

Just to know you are there is enough
Onomatopoeia of my upside down heart
Sonnet so romantic it can only be written with our bodies
I.e.: What secrets Francis Bacon buried with him

I don't need a wardrobe to see another world
I can do that just by looking deep in your eyes
I don't need volumes of tomes don't you see
When all I want to read is your heart reading mine

Tis true the truth is hard to pin down
But I see no lies lying behind your eyes
So it is true I do not want lies with us
Unless it is for us to lie together