The Lighting Room

There is a fiery forecast for this night

and I feel the static

the spark

as this room surrenders its peace to me

I feel it deep in my bones

and I am guarded.

No other love will enter my heart tonight

only yours

and my need for you

only this fire

and forecast

meant to defy



this lighting room.

There will be no morning better then tomorrows will be

as I lift and bend myself

against this fascination

and defy

these sparks

once more.

Until I feel

this power

in my body once more.




my sight of you.

And these old walls crack

and shatter into the core of brick.

The lighting room will prove nothing more tonight

then the power that prays against us

for more

and the sanity

of junction

and capability.

With only minutes from the lit candles

and the doors


and shattering

within us

do we enter

this room.