The day was dark indeed, pelts of rain splashing the ill-kept lawns of Castle Grey. It wasn't really a castle but a large gray stone mansion decorated expensively. The front path was made of inlaid gold and silver stones, some chunks missing from the pathway to reveal clumps of dirt and thick moss. The handles on the arched mahogany twin doors had pearls woven into the molded silver. Windows sparkled when flashes of lightening flooded light through the stained glass, glimpsing moldy furniture and flickering shadows. The smooth glass windows were like eyes showing unimaginable depth into the rooms and corridors of one of the oldest estates around. Its gardens were wild and untamed, flowers flourishing in every nook and cranny of every color, vibrant and alive among the desolate landscape that reeked of death. Lightening flashed across the heavily clouded sky as rain filled the deep basins of old fountains, letting the muck collected at the bottom seep to the surface. Statues gray with darkened brows and sinister grins were sprinkled in drops of rain that caught the light and shimmered like a desert of diamonds. A young man, pale and lithe, stared outside a window on the uppermost floor. His eyes were doleful, a deep blue hue that matched the stormy heavens, and that seemed to flicker with light like the skies with the lightening every now and then. Feathery textured hair the color of stray littered his brow. The man was dressed in a deep blue tunic and dark leggings with gold buttons and lace hems. His wrinkled leather black boots barely touched the sagging floor. An inhuman glow shined off his form, and as he stepped back from the window...his solid form flickered transparent and his boots glided on the air. With no need for a door, the man walked through a wall of peeling plaster...the last remains of a family who had tried inhabiting the haunted building. The most delicate memory of his youth played in his mind, haunting him as he haunted the estate. He paced back through the wall and continued to the dense stone wall seperating him from the outdoors. With one step his form slithered through the stone and he walked up towards the night sky, lifting his feet and bending his knees. In that suspended form, he glided higher, eyes searching the landscape. The sheer joy of floating could not rip away his thoughts from the terror within his mind. It wasn't exactly a bad memory, it was the best he had. Sometimes he played with the idea of making it up, imagining it. Real or not, it was what he was what he loathed. It kept him whole, but at the same time tore him apart.

It went like this. Barely nineteen, he had returned to the King's Court from a pilgrimage to a monestary to further his learning. The young lord was welcomed with open arms and fine mead, the villagers rejoiced at his home coming. During a procession down the cobblestone streets; the banners waving his colors of navy and yellow, trumpeters playing and fully suited knights riding atop the best horses in the land; his eye caught something in the crowds. He was mounted atop a fine steed of pure white, the horse very well-tempered. It was a war horse with a white coat with powerful muscles rippling underneath. From that height, a copper haired maiden was spied. She wore a sky blue cloak that had long sleeves and a long train, the hems dirtied and dust collecting near her heels. A mane of glistening copper hair fell down her back. She was deeply immersed in a conversation with a shop keeper who had strayed his attention from her to glance at the lord. The shop keeper excitedly elbowed the maiden rudely who looked over to the lord impatiently, clearly not happy about this man interupting her. She had fierce green eyes of such a green the grass would envy them. Her skin was flawless, features angelic. The lord strained his neck to look behind him at her as he passed. Her eyes blinked lazily. She was well aware that the mounted lord was staring...gaping at her. It annoyed her, from the stern look that shadowed her eyes. This quirked a smile on the lord's lips. He could not allow this procession to continue so he dismounted in the middle of it and handed the reins to a confused squire who was attending the parade on foot.

"Take my horse", he muttered, disappearing into the crowd. The crowd of villagers practically hugged the lord and chattered eagerly to him as he passed. With some agression and pushing, he made his way in the direction of the copper-haired maiden. She was gone. Angry, he plowed through the sea of subjects and re-mounted his horse, snatching the reins from the dazed squire. That day, once the procession ended followed by a feast, the lord left the castle early and set out through the village in disguise. His richly spun clothes were traded for rough garb of netural hues. A brown tunic and dark mossy green cloak. But he could not part with his silk leggings which did not scratch up his legs unlike the cloth ones so he concealed them with his cloak. After a few words with the shop keeper, he headed to the castle's gardens. Just as the shop keeper said, the maiden worked as a servant. He spotted the copper haired girl as she pushed a wooden cart of vegatables down a dirt alley between the sowed soil. Sprigs of green dotted the moist soil, which clung to their feet and slapped their ankles. Her cloak was thrown open, a dress of matching cloth adorning her thin figure. The lord spied a stone closeby to his feet and after little thinking, chucked it at the girl. It smacked the middle of her foot and she yelped, accidently pushing her cart's wheel into a groove. All the contents spilled out and she started to trip over them. Just as her dress caught on the wheel's axis, the lord feel to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist, breaking her fall.

"You clod-head, what were you thinking? you weren't eh", she snapped coldly, slapping the lord. His face smarted but he just smiled timidly. She glanced at his face, her eyes locking onto his.

"Mi'lord, what in heaven's name were you thinking?", she spat, disentangling herself from him. He stood and brushed off his muck stained clothes.

"I wasn't ...remember", he said with a sardonic grin. The lady's eyes narrowed.

"Lord Grey-", she began.

"Please, call me Henry", he announced, bestowing an honor she flat out discarded.

"Clod-head then, continue staring at me and I'll give you a black eye"

"Ah yes, I love you too", he joked at her anger.

Instead of responding she turned on her heel and stomped away. He stared at her re-treating back before calling out.

"At least share with me your name!", he called, clearly upset. She turned, her eyes glaring.

"They call me Raidiance", she said quietly. Raidiance. The word echoed in his mind. For a young lord, it was not just a name. It was the name of the very woman he sought. He had met his only true love, as it is said everyone has only one true love destined for them.

Four months later of courting her secretly, he had slipped the question. It went a bit like this. She'd be mysteriously invited to a dance, or she'd be working hard in the fields and find a richly dressed farmer. They had shared some adventure, searching for an insane monk in the woods, attacked by cuthroats and bandits, dancing in the ballrooms of enemies. They plagued courts by setting pies on chairs to be sat on and throwing rotten eggs at nobles who passed them. Once, Raidiance had even cracked a whip on a noblewoman's horse and she had toppled off, her skirts falling over her head, giving everyone terror as she rolled down a hill and into a pig's pen. She was exquistely beautiful and cleverly cunnning. So during a night when neither could sleep, they had found each other in the gardens.

"Mi'lady Raidy!", he called. She turned, her many skirted maroon dress swishing. Raidiance frowned but her eyes were smiling.

"Mi'lord", she said, bowing stiffly. Henry, as he was called, strode over to her. His eyes were calm and calculating.

"Raidiance, I love you", he said quietly. True sadness echoed in her eyes. It was the first time he had ever seen her show misery of such greatness. Her eyes clouded over, her skin considerably paled. She reached out with a hand towards him, letting her hand hover and quiver with emotional force. Then she dropped it and her head slumped, chin to her chest. Tears slipped from her eyes and slid down the curves of her cheeks.

"Raidy...",Henry whispered, unsure of what went wrong. She looked up and watched him closely. Her lips quivered.

"I am dead", it sounded ridiculous coming from someone he knew as living.

"What are you talking about?", he said with a chuckle. Her gaze locked onto his his. Slowly a ripple of light washed over her form, making the image of her before him shimmer like a vision. Her colors became brighter as she became transparent slightly, ghostly. This time when she reached her hand forward and let it drop, it slipped through his arm. He felt nothing, only saw her hand go through him.

"I don't understand", he muttered miserably, "You were alive a brief minute ago", he mumbled.

She shook her head, transparent copper strands spilling over her shoulder.

"I work under a witch, I am her apprentice, she has taught me how to use magic so I can appear human, you see, my life was cut short and it was very unfair, I wanted to live", Raidiance explained. Henry gazed at her with a lost look in his eyes.

"This is unwanted, who killed you?", he asked angrily.

"I died ten years ago...the killer is unknown...I don't remember what happened at all...all I remember was being in a grand hall, there was a light to the farthest corner and my heart swelled with such unexplainable joy, but then the light flickered from view, the clock of time and earth signaled I died too soon, and a witch was to provide me with a form I could use to accomplish great deeds...but being dead I can never truly experience emotions, I only invision them like faded memories...", Raidy explained calmly.

"Then how does it stop you from marrying me? So what if you're dead...who needs a heir anyway", Henry became incoherent with his babbling. Henry looked as hurt as a boy barely a man could. Raidy wished she could make him understand, but more so she wished to take hold of him and never let go.

"I am only a memory, I am the witch's memory, that is how I remain and linger...that is what ghosts are...distant memories embodied with familiar faces", Raidy's voice stammered to a small whisper.

"Become whole again so I can hold you", Henry demanded, even though his brain was about to burst. Too much at once, he was overwhelmed by his emotions. Raidy's body became whole again...and this time he noticed that her breast never rose nor fall, and her nose nor lips breathed in air. Henry wound his arms around her thin waist and buried his head into her cloaked shoulder. Raidy softly patted his back, unsure of how to resovle the problem. Henry planned that night to kill himself so he could be with Raidy. Anything to stop the misery he was feeling.

"You have ruined me!", he yelled, muffled by her cloak. That was the last he ever saw Raidy. She never even confessed her love to him. Henry found himself cursed because whenever he tried to commit suicide, some invisible barrier would stop him. Eventually he began to forget about Raidy. When he was twenty-four, five years later, he could've sworn he dreamed her up. Henry Terence Grey the first went on to marry Elisabeth Lindel Cheshire, and they had four children, two girls and two boys. Elisabeth was a quiet and caring maid who he instantly fell in love with. She had fair hair and a shy smile. Henry died as King, with many healthy grandchildren, and many great heroic deeds under his crown. Deeds and adventures that Raidy would have rode beside him during, and sacrificed just as much. But Raidy was too splendid in his memories to be real, she was a beautiful dream that he was convinced he must've dreamnt up as a lonely boy with no maidens to court. His eldest daughter Raidance went on to become Queen, married and had many children. So did his sons Logan and Fedre, and his youngest daughter Patience. They were wonderful children whom he loved, but he felt so disconnected with their mother. There was always a swore part in his heart, and when he died his last words were "Raidiance, my only light". To everyone they believed he meant radiance, the glow not the maiden.

Henry floated over the dusty milky way and glittering stars, treading the midnight carpet like he had been sentanced to jail and thus stalked his small cell. But space was distant and bright, deep and mysterious, like his mind. His heart longed for love and his memories of being a person desired to be touched. Patches of lightening flashed in the gray looming clouds, creating misty lights that shined like stained glass. The heavens were a catherdral, so surreal. The rain slipped past Henry, he felt nothing. A breeze whipped past him and startled the mist, his face longed to feel the cool air and rushing of flying. Henry placed his grim face into his ghostly hands and let out a muffled scream that caused a slew of bats cowering in the branches of an oak to take flight. Madness was gentle...a touch like the rain...Henry grew more insane the longer he spent alone. He let his body drop from the skies and he landed in the overfilling fountain of the main courtyard. Through the murky waters, his face and body was strikingly visible and anyone who was to look over the brim of the stone fountain and into the waters, they would see him straight like a coffin, glowing, with his eyes wide open. He stayed there, under the water that felt no different from the air.

"Maje...where are you going?", a woman called shrilly to her daughter's retreating back.

"Away mother", the girl who was Maje called hotly. She could'nt believe her mother had the nerve to make her move when senior year was just about to begin. Move away from all her friends and transfer to another highschool to have the best highschool year with a bunch of complete strangers. Their spacy apartment had been sold and today was the day the Majestys were moving. A small family, two parents and one daughter. The father had a very top-notch job for a well-known newspaper and had to move when work required him to. Leaving her hometown filled Maje with dread. They were moving to the mucky, muddy countryside into an abandoned castle. The excitement her parents felt was nothing compared to the anger Maje felt. She hadn't even kissed a boy yet and was already seventeen, and this year her friends swore to her that there was a very popular senior who had plans to ask her out. But she had to move before she even got his name. Lal and Rena promised to call each day, which she doubted. As she darted between traffic across a major street, Maje skidded to a stop before a row of shabby townhouses. Before she got her fist to pound at the wooden door, it swung open and Lal hugged her tightly.

"Maje, I'll miss you", he muttered slightly gruffly, as if he choked back tears.

"Lal its no fair...I can't go, I love it here", Maje whispered. Lal released her and held her at arm's length. Her green eyes glowed brightly throw her tears, shining like the night's stars were held in them. Maje was short for Majesty, which was her last name but she inherited a cute nickname from it. Lal gave Maje one last glance over before patting her on the head and promising he'd call. Then Maje's parents came and practically dragged her kicking and screaming into the car. They began the drive, and to Maje's great relief...she would still be able to go to her old school. For the entire ride, Maje called each of her friends to tell them the great news. Now that she got what she wanted, her mind had room to un-tense and begin to feel some muddled excitement. The lawns that day were slicked and glossy from the rain last night. Tom Majesty smashed his on his brakes in their mercedes. Maje was jerked forward in her seat and woke up from her nap, peeking out the window.

" certainly is a fix-upper", Mrs. Majesty said quietly. They felt inclined to speak in hushed voices with the intimidating castle in view.

"My God, its like a real haunted mansion..err castle", Tom muttered. Maje heard a blood-curdling scream and saw a flash of a girl around her age with a dagger protruding from her stomach. It was only her mind playing tricks on her. But it felt like a flashback, and Maje thought she was drowning when her vision faded and her senses dulled. She didn't feel her body flop against the leather seat...or hear her mother's frantic and worried voice. The world had split into two, and magnified and swept from closeness at such dizzying speeds. When she awoke, she could'nt breathe. It was almost as if she had been thrown into a dark dimension and was floating gently about. Her lungs burned for air as her mind screamed for an explanation.It reminded her of swimming, maybe she was underwater. Then a hand plunged through the surface of ther water and wrapped tightly around her waist. Maje breathed sharply once her head was above the water. She clung to the shirt of the shadowed man who pulled her out of what seemed to be the fountain in the courtyard.

"What the hell", Maje muttered. When she looked to the man, to ask what the hell he was doing on their property (instead of thanking him) there was no one beside her. Mrs. Majesty ran over to her from the porch.

"Sweetie dear, you fainted in the backseat so we pulled you out and laid you on the fountain wall, how did you fall in? Are you alright?", she asked frantically, her eyes searching her daughter's face. Maje looked around, her wet hair whipping her face.

"I'm fine...someone pulled me dad outside?", Maje asked. Mrs. Majesty's brows wrinkled and she put a hand to her daughter's forhead to check her temperature.

"He ran to check if phone lines were installed and if he could call from then for help, and I went to get a cold press for you, no one was outside", she confirmed. Maje rolled her eyes. Her parents were true geniuses to leave the fainted person. What if she died. And who pulled her out? Maje shook her head slowly, figuring she probably pulled herself out and her brain was still muddled from it.

Henry had watched the car peel into the drive, past the rusted open spiky iron gates. He watched from the second story balcony that green leafy vines had completely blanketed the stone wall around it. He saw the father lift the girl from the car and place her on the nearest flat surface elevated from the ground, the fountain wall. Then he puzzled as the parents left the girl and scurried inside. A curious ghostly figure materialized beside the fountain and glanced around quickly before pushing the unconcious girl into the water. He didn't bother to get a better view of the ghost, instead he flew as fast as his ethereal being could and solidified like a human before grabbing the girl from the water. Being a ghost for as long as he had had taught him magic only witches knew in his day. If given a long time, you could figure out anything if you put your mind to it. After he saw the girl was breathing again, he fled with a snap of his fingers and vanished. The girl looked strikingly familiar, but he knew what the living did when they found a ghost, and he'd rather let the family live in his home instead scare them away. He was terribly lonely..and if this was as close to people he could get, then it would have to do. Her light brown hair was luminous and long, well past her shoulders. And her eyes held a sparkle in their green depths.

He was appalled that a stranger ghost was present on his land. Henry could sense the ghost just as he could sense the living. It had followed the car into the drive, invisible and waiting. It was a sinister type, he could feel the tension that the ghost created by hovering in the air. But unfortunately it kept invisible, as if it knew he would send it away with his magic. The poor girl must've been frightened by the near-death drowning expierience. Henry settled into the master bedroom on his moth eaten bed and closed his eyes. Later on, he mentally decided, he would destroy the evil lurking spirit...but for now...he would imagine dreaming for a bit...since ghosts don't sleep nor dream.

The Majestys had hired a delivery company to help them set up. Maje was sent away to explore instead of get in the way of the workers. She climbed the small, narrow staircases to the second floor and walked around. With the large windows installed long after the medieval times, only a few slit windows remained. Light shown brightly through the white spotted windows, making the dust sparkle and glow like gold. Maje smiled widely. The interior of the castle was beautiful, it had the touches and grace of royalty and splendor like it did when it was new, but it was still shabby and torn, a lovely contrast. One room had a worm-eaten cherry chest filled with old vicotarion dresses from previous estate owners, all in mint condition being pressed between parchment and kept safe in storage. They were grand dresses with pearls and jewels adorning them, and they were made of silk and velvet. Maje felt no reason to be scared of the old castle, only reason to be adventurous and explore like she did when she was little, by exploring the apartment gardens on the roof of their old building, that had been a jungle to her and her tabby cat the jungle's lion. She immediately forgot about the fainting spell when she came across another cherry chest, only smaller. It had once had inlaid gold on the surface, she could see nail marks...but someone had ripped the gold off. Once she opened it, a handful of necklaces and earings shown brightly yet spotted and dusty. Maje left the room with a smile on her lips, making a mental note to get the priceless artifacts later. Down the hall there was a room with two large doors. Silly faces had been carved into the wood, their eyes now holes that termites lived in. The faces were almost haunting. One door had rotted off its wooden hinges and stood crooked and thrown open. It was the master bedroom, Maje could tell by the large interior and large molded and shabby bed that remained. Henry had sensed her coming and made himself invisible, waiting and watching for what she would do. She began opening chests and drawers, wardrobes too. She found his long sword and she swung it around giddily, but even though it was heavy in her hand, she seemed acustomed to it...though clumsy as if she hadn't practiced in many, many years. Then she went through his clothes, which bothered him considerably, exspecially when she came across the yellowed swadling clothes that had been the underwear of his medieval days. If a ghost could grow pink at the cheeks and tips of the ears, he would have. But she seemed to not know what they were for and tossed them aside uninterested. She unraveled a black, crushed velvet cloak with gold tassles and a red inside. Maje tied it on and spun around, letting the material flutter and fold in the air. She smiled quite prettily, Henry noted. She acted young, but her shapely self with stick legs and a thin waist could'nt be any older than twenty. What a shock it would be to discover that the young beauty was only seventeen. Her long dark eyelashes kissed her soft cheeks as she blinked. She was wearing what Henry considered a much too tight pink shirt (but it was normal in her time to do so, and it had a band logo on the front that he could'nt recognize) and jeans. Maje stopped spinning and clumsily walked over to the chest next to the bed. She tripped on the cloak and collasped on the bed. Coincidently, right into Henry's invisibly lap. Maje swore she landed on something hard yet fleshy, and hands had grabbed her shoulders. Henry made himself vanish and reappear next to the bed, though he stayed invisible. It was more like a moving of his body. Henry had it right in mind to change to an invisible ghost form so she'd fall through him if it ever happened again, but then his thinking was kind of muddled from the contact with the girl. She was fleshy, and warm he imagined...since living people were usually warm. Maje let out a gasp and her eyes widened. She refused to scream but she got off the bed quickly. Her head hurt from spinning and she sat on the floor.

Her next idea was to get the hell out of that room, but the pain in her head and her curious self kept her there.

"What the hell?!?", she yelled, glad to hear her voice strong and in even tones. The truth was that she was really scared. Now with her thinking quiet and nothing to distract her, she could feel the creeping feeling of being watched. Her neck hairs prickled uncomfortably. Maybe what had grabbed her, was the man that had saved her from drowning. She took a deep breath and broke the silence.

"Y-you can come out n-now", she stammered shyly. Her face stared around the room in horror, unsure of what she was calling out and if it was potentially dangerous.

But it, or he, had saved her so he could'nt be dangerous. Henry stepped forward, becoming visible and as human-like as a dead man could be.

"Sorry miss, for frightening you", Henry said calmly. Maje stood quickly, her face contorting as if she was about to scream. Scream she did not but she could'nt stop herself from running. She couldn't hear him following her over her deep breathing. Once she glanced behind herself and let out a shrill scream. He was close on her tail, chosing to run after her than fear that he might scare her more. When she ran past the workers in the main foyer and her parents, she glanced quickly over her shoulder. Whatever was chasing her was invisible again. She bumped into a man carrying a vase, which fell from his hands and shattered in the hushed silence of her passin through. She skipped down the front steps and ran across the filled-in moat...running to the fountain edge where she sat to catch her breath, clutching her heart. The front doors to the castle slammed, but she could'nt see who closed them. The man became visible again and ran over, stopping and standing still only a few yards away. Maje was too tired to scream or run. Instead her eyes rolled back till the whites were visible and she fainted, falling backwards over the brim of the fountain. Instead of splashing through the water for the second time that day, Henry had bounded forward with inhuman speed and caught her. Maje was semi-aware of the arms that held her. Henry lifted her, an arm beneath her legs and one to cradle her back. He carried her towards the gardens, both of them fading from view to become invisible. Once away from the front of the castle, Henry took the cloak from the girl's shoulders and stretched it as a blanket over the dew sprinkled lawn before setting her onto it. Then he sat patiently in the wet grass, watching her. Maje came round a few minutes later and just blinked at him, now too tired to faint.

"'re a ghost aren't you, I don't believe in ghosts", Maje said weakly. She noticed his eyes were a blue, like a storm, and their stare was intimidating. She wished she could curl into a ball and disappear.

"Well you should believe, I am one", Henry said simply..with a light chuckle. Maje sat up, feeling slightly better now. Okay, so he was a ghost...who had saved her life twice now, no threat.

"How rude of me, let me introduce myself, I am Henry Terence Grey, this is...or was my home, Castle Grey, during the medieval times", Henry explained, absent-mindedly plucking at the grass.

"I'm Maje Majesty", Maje said quietly. Henry arched a brow, a bit confused at her odd name but nonetheless happy she had stopped running.

"It is so nice to talk to someone, I haven't in thirty years..almost thought I lost my voice when I saw you since I've been out of practice with speaking for so long, I do hope your folks stay, and maybe let me stay?", Henry said, somewhat saddened.

"Oh, oh no please, you can stay", Maje said sweetly. Henry liked her instantly. She was different than other girls.

"I saw you with my sword, with a bit of training and practice you could be damn good, you have the correct form for it", Henry said politely.

"Oh really? I love swords, and everything medieval, its my favorite time period, could you tell me...what it was like living then?", Maje asked excitedly. Henry found his past painful to talk about, but it was like a heavy burden lifting from him when he did.

"It was a golden time, I miss it dearly, people were different, everything was...", Henry then talked to her about everything from his childhood to being brought up in a castle in those times and education and such. He spoke of his marriage and children, that his marriage wasn't so wonderful...but his children were blessings.

"You weren't in love with Elisabeth?", Maje she had been interupting now and then to ask questions.

"No, I loved her, but it was different, I don't know how but it was, she wasn't my only one", Henry said with a sigh.

"Then why did you marry her if you weren't in love?", Maje asked puzzled.

"Well, I was in line to be King, I needed an heir, you must know we married off pretty young and even if we weren't in love in those days"

Maje nodded to show she understood.

"But twenty-four, thats pretty old for then, I'm seventeen", she added shyly. Henry looked taken-aback but he wiped his face blank before she could notice. She was young, and him...hundreds of years old. But somehow when he died, he was given his nineteen year old body for a ghost.

"You know whats curious? Marriage is life until death, mine expired...what an interesting way to view it, but really, I believe it expired way before either one of us died, the spark left, you know?", Henry said, trying to make conversation.

"Interesting, I am sorry for you"

"Don't be", Henry murmered. They sat in silence. Henry stopped plucking at the grass and ran a hand through his feathery blonde hair. Ghosts had brilliant color since they practically shimmered with light, but it didn't stop his paleness.

"Maje! Maje come here now!", Mrs. Majesty called from the front courtyard, a hand over her eyes to shiled the sun as she looked about for her daughter. Maje realized she had been with the ghost for well over an hour.

"Coming!", she yelled. Maje stood, the ghost standing with her. She took the cloak and brushed it off before holding it out to him.

"This is probably yours, sorry", she said, offering it back.

"Keep it, I'm too old to wear such frilly, mammy pammy clothing", he said with a wink and charming smile. Maje's heart skipped a beat, like the flutter of a butterfly's wing. That smile felt so familiar. Henry had the same feeling for whenever Maje smiled, as if he had seen her before but could not place where. It would have been impossible to have seen her before, unless she had visited the castle once. It would be maddening to think he had saw her in the medieval times. Perfectly impossible.

Maje clutched the cloak to her breast as if it was very dear to her and smiled shyly before running off to her mother. Henry watched her re-treating back. What kind of monster would want to hurt such a wonderful girl. His eyes flashed dangerously, that other ghost would definately not get the chance to harm her with him around.

Maje noticed the workers were still carrying furniture in and out. She asked her mom how long it would take.

"Oh sweetie for the first floor maybe days, its so big", Mrs. Majesty exclaimed. Maje nodded and looked longingly out one of the foyer's windows, hoping to glance Henry.

He was no where to be seen.

"Where did you find that gorgeous cape?", Mr. Majesty asked, spying his daughter carrying it.

"There's two rooms on the second floor with artifacts I really like, I found this among them, I can I keep them?", she asked, hoping he'd agree so none of Henry's things or the victorian stash could be removed. Mr. Majesty smiled at her.

"Of course, keep everything you want to, just nothing flea-bitten or dirty", her father said cheerily. He put an arm around his wife and spread his other arm in a gesture to the grand foyer that was slowly being restored and repaired.

"Isn't it wonderful", he stated, staring far up at the painted cieling of angels and clouds. Mrs. Majesty let her attention wander and then she grabbed Maje's shoulder so quickly that the girl was startled, still in awe from the vast painting that covered the cieling. It was an image of heaven's gates.

"Maje, you have four floors of tons of rooms to chose one for your bedroom, any ideas at which you'd like?", she asked. Maje's brow furrowed in thought.

"I'd love to have the tallest tower room"

"You could have two rooms, how about the tower room as a study, it'd be much more convient to chose a room on the second or third floor"

"Then...hmm...what room will you two take?", Maje asked, slightly worried they had their eyes on the grand bedroom Henry inhabited.

"We'll take the lord's room of course, unless there is something bigger", her mother said kindly, somewhat curious at the question her daughter had asked.

"I suppose I shall take a look at the second story rooms in a moment"

"Not now dear, lets have some lunch in the front courtyard before parting ways, you do realize school starts in a month or so, and you have a twenty minute ride to get there", her mother chatted away while flipping out a cell phone to order food. Maje was lost in her thoughts as she stared around. It was nice to be able to go to the same school, and her home was awesome. Everything seemed to be going nicely.

"Oh mum, sorry about the vase accident", Maje said, frowning, "I was...worried I dropped an earring outside"

"Thats alright, the company will re-order one, why don't you explore? The sub place said it might take a bit to get here with our food", Mrs. Majesty said, her moods turning sour. Maje nodded and said goodbye to her parents as she ran from the hall and outside again. Once she reached the center fountain she slowed to a walk. A curious feeling brushed against her leg and she jumped. A black cat, small and agile, stared up coolly from the ground. Under its midnight coat, its mucles rippled lean and controlled. Two almond shaped green eyes focused on her, glowing errily.

"Well hello kitty, where'd you come from?", Maje whispered, stroking the cat's thick fur.

It purred and nudged its triangle shaped head against her hand before running off into the maze of gardens. Maje watched it flee for a second before following it. Behind the crumbling garden walls, overgrown plants were sinister and choked out most daylight. All she concentrated on was the small moving shadow of a skinny tail before her. It was as silent as a grave, and the gravel crunched softly beneath her feet and echoed. Statues emerged from the shadows with hollow eyes, bending and poised gracefully. Some of their noses and arms had crumbled away, it was like a graveyard of statues. Ivy grew around their ankles and torsos, looking as if the ivy was pulling the statues into the muck, sinking them. Maje gasped, and froze stock still. The kitty ran back and rubbed between her legs, almost tripping her. Maje felt her heart beat increase and her breathing sounds become deafening in the silence. The cat's eyes glowed and shimmered, and the kitty nudged its head against her leg. Then the kitty turned and trotted off. Maje walked hesitantly after it and then broke into a run. The garden walls were now crumbled, and the kitty and Maje jumped them into the open green fields surrounding the castle. Maje was thankful for the bright light that incinerated the darkness and she ran even faster to put a good distance between her and the haunting, desolate gardens. A man stood in the center of the great sloping lawns, he watched the kitty who ran up and rubbed against his ankles.

"There there Celestine, you did very good leading our guest out here", Henry murmered, stroking the cat absent-mindedly. Maje let out a sigh of relief when she saw Henry.

"Those gardens are horrible, I thought I'd catch my death in them", Maje excalimed, eternally grateful for the ghost.

"Miss Majesty, there is something you should be aware of, there is spirit here, who wants you dead", he said simply, though their was a tone of concern in his voice.

"You do?", she asked, taking a wary step back. Henry chuckled softly and stepped forward towards her, so he could speak lightly above a whisper.

"No, not me, there has never been another ghost here until now, it is very unwelcomed, earlier I saw it as it pushed you into the fountain, and be warned, it would have held you under if it had not noticed me and ran", Henry said, his eyes lost as if they stared through her, searching and aware.

"Then why did I just go through that horrid garden unprotected, I could feel someone was watching me", she muttered, now thoroughly unhappy. Henry briefly shook his head.

"Celestine is a ghost cat, a ghost of a witches' cat, she has powers the underworld could only dream of, though seemingly innocent, she kept you protected, and you're safe now, so no worries", he said calmly. Maje stared straight into his eyes, debating whether he was telling the truth or not. She took a step back and then to her horror, he advanced a step forward.

"What if, you are that ghost that wants me dead, say you pushed me into the fountain and saw my parents coming who would, no doubtedly, rescue me, instead of alerting them of your prescence you lifted me out, then now you are trying to gain a false trust so you can lead me into the fields, and murder me, it could be possible", Maje said quietly. Henry gentlemanly re-treated a few steps so he would'nt scare her away.

"You are clever, but mistaken, there is another ghost here, I could call it forward to prove it to you, and besides I don't have a motive to kill you, you're the only company I can get besides Celestine...who smells like fish", there was a loud hiss after he said this and the kitty looked unpleased. Maje laughed and scratched the cat behind its ears.

"If I wanted to kill you, I would've killed you the second you reached this field, there is no reason for hesitation", Henry explained. Maje noticed this made sense.

"Okay, I trust you, but why would a ghost be after me?", she asked.

"That is what I am not sure of, it knew you were coming, it followed you here", he said, the mood turning gloomy.

" there anything I can do stop it?", Maje asked abruptly, "You know, kill it or something?"

"Well its already dead but there is a way to destroy a ghost...or send it away for eternity, a ghost is a memory, we live as long as our memory exists, we don't know why we are made ghosts instead of going to heaven or hell, we know only that there is something unfinished in our lives, we have magic and laws that help us finish our unfinished something so that we can move on, but if our memory dies, then we die too, but we can never be whole in mind again because we have something undone, our magic is a body much like our own, one that needs no sleep or food, one that is bright and posesses inhuman speeds, the glow is our halo of power, as we are a supernatural being, please sit down this will take a while to explain", Henry said, gesturing to the ground. They both sat and Maje urged him to continue.

"Our magic is being invisible, visible, being a state where we can move matter, floating, flying, transparency,the ability to see through and matter and for our vision to travel, the ability to go through solid objects, and the ability to obtain an seemingly human form as the one I am in now...", he explained, touching her hand softly to prove that he was solid.

"We do not feel anything physical, but we can remember emotional feelings, my feeling of lonliness is a memory of being lonely, I feel no cold or warm or pain, but there are some things ghosts can feel that the human brain keeps alive, feelings that were so strong when we were living, they never die"

"So you could be in pain your entire life and when you died, continuing feeling that pain?", Maje asked. Henry nodded solemnly.

"What laws do you have?", Maje pondered aloud.

"Well we can't let ourselves be seen by the living, there is only one living person in our ghostlihood that can truly see, feel, and communicate with us, they are usually attached to the unfinished something that must be done, for example, you are a key to my freedom, the unfinished somethings are always extraordinary puzzles that can take up to many lifetimes to unravel"

"I am the only living person who can see you?", she asked unsure.

"Not really, if I don't become invisible, people can see a shimmer of engery which is always taken for ghosts among the living, you're the only one who can see me as I was when I was alive"

"Oh...continue", Maje said politely.

"The other laws are as follows, we generally cannot harm the living or cause great mistfortune to them, and we cannot kill without reason, thats about it"

"'re laws are coldblooded, what do you mean by generally cannot harm or cause misfortune?", Maje asked quietly. Henry twitched slightly and stared up at the sky, plucking at the grass nervously.

"Well...if the person is a part of unfinished something, we can kill or cause misfortune, and if a living person bothers us or violates, or does something terrible that effects us, we can strike back, but that isn't the most important law", he said, trying to change the subject. Maje became very curious, for all of those seemed important.

"What is...the most important law?"

There was a strained pause between them.

"A ghost cannot fall in love with living, or love them, we can hate them all we want because hate is less powerful through the supernatural, but it is dangerous to tamper with supernatural love, it can alternate the living or ghost's lives immensely, and the outcomes are unknown, we cannot tamper with such a mysterious emotion, since there is magic involved"

"These laws...they all seem faulty, you cannot be seen but still you can, and if you have reason its okay, why anyone who has a half brain can work around the laws, do you even get punished if you don't follow them?", Maje asked curiously. The sun was beating down on them, she had forgotten about lunch.

"Yes...the punishment is the most severe, your soul is locked away in a cold, desolate chamber on the moon's surface for one hundred years, but the punishment can alternate if you've done something terribly evil", Henry said, his voice flat and dead. It was an unhappy subject to be chatting about.

"What shall I do about this ghost that's after me? I definately don't want to die" The way she said die, she uttered it distastefully as if it was the most unpleasent thing that could befall her. Henry looked sincerely hurt at this. He viewed nothing wrong with dying if it was your time.

"I'm sorry, I mean..I just...I'm scared", she stammered, not really feeling that she had apologized rightly. Henry placed a hand over her's.

"You have every right to be afraid, besides you have a life ahead of you, and if you were to die, you'd have many things unfinished"

"Then what do I do?", she practically whined. She was against all who whined but now she just felt miserable and didn't care if she whined anymore.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you", Henry issued, quite confidently. He sat back and stared at the skies, thinking. Then he sat up quickly and almost comically, startling Celestine who mewed loudly and crankily.

"You're most vulnerable when?", he asked. Maje thought about this. She was unconcious when she was pushed into the fountain.

"I suppose when I'm unconcious"

"How about in sleep?"

"Then too", she said, giving a violent shudder though there was no cold. It always frightened her, the idea that a ghost or monster would kill her in her sleep. Well, at least it frightened her when she was younger, and going back to that knowing the threat was real would be horrible. Henry's eyes actually concentrated on her for the first time, completely stopping his eagle-eye search of the lawns, looking for danger. He was gazing into her eyes, lost in thought...a kind of trance.

Maje stared back, a silly notion surfacing in her mind. The way he gazed, it was like he was about to kiss her. But then he lifted his stare to the skies.

"I suppose...I shall stand watch with you then...when you're asleep"

Maje breathed out a sigh of relief. For one, he didn't kiss her (but she could'nt understand a slight disappoint she felt) and for two, she would be safe. One word exploded in her mind like an alarm. Lunch.

"Oh no! how long have I been here??", Maje said, jumping to her feet. She checked her silver watch and screamed, causing Henry to look muddled and shocked at the same time (quite comical). He too stood.

"What is the matter?", he asked.

"Its been three hours since my mum ordered food...she WILL kill me!"

"Good gracious, pray tell why would she do that?", Henry asked, confused.

"Its an expression, it means she will be really, really, angry at me", Maje explained, starting to run off towards the gardens. They seemed the only way she knew back, for they covered so much ground and seemed impenetrable.

"Wait, do you really want to go through the gardens again?", Henry called out. She stopped and turned on her heel, her silken hair whipping out.

"There's another way?", she asked breathless. It felt like it happened in slow motion. Henry walked up the hill to her and in one sweeping motion moved an arm around her waist and held her hand tightly. Then he sprang forward, like an owl leaving a branch, and he floated a few feet up. Maje gasped, but found she wasn't falling, and the connection with Henry kept her floating like him.

"One thing, don't let go", Henry instructed. Then he rushed forward, lightly releasing her waist and only holding her hand. She gave a startled yelp and grabbed his side, surprised to find herself not falling but flying. Shyly, she released his side and clutched his hand with great force.

Henry squeezed her lightly in effort to calm her. They flew over the gardens and touched down into the courtyard. Maje fell to her knees the minute her feet gracefully scraped the ground.

"You have to get used to your land legs again", Henry explained. Maje stood up quickly.

"I suppose I should go inside now", she said, not really wanting to break eye contact with the ghost.

"Yes, I'll wait for you", Henry said reassuringly. Maje nodded slowly, unsure why this was reassuringly, but feeling it was. Awkwardly, Henry realized he was still holding her hand and he released it quickly.

An awkward pause followed.

"See you later Henry", Maje said, holding out her hand. Henry hesitated before shaking hands with her. Then she smiled brightly and ran off to the steps and dahsed into the castle, not looking back once. Mrs. Majesty didn't mind when her daughter told her she had been exploring the gardens. They picked up lunch just then, and nothing could seem to go wrong.

It was pitful to think Maje wasn't aware of the great danger she and Henry were in.