Hello everyone, this is the first serious story line I am pursuing so far. Why do story ideas only appear in my head A FEW WEEKS BEFORE EXAMS!!!!!!! Anyway, this is one storyline too good for me to miss.... o well its just a couple of hours from maths... HACK* ( Stressball pops out of mouth.) =)

Chapter One: Same Old Dream

That stupid boy is at it again.

Once again I see him balancing himself gracefully on the ledge in front of the balcony railing. He is poised with his arms spread wide to embrace the sky, as if he was going to take off and soar away into the pinkish clouds that embraced the red sky.

I stand below him, looking up. He must be standing on the sixth or seventh floor of the building because I had to crane my neck just to see him.

The wind caused his hair to flap around his face. Hair that was raven black; a sharp contrast to the fire of the setting sun behind me.

He leans forward in one smooth graceful motion as if he was simply stooping down to hug someone. To hug the earth?

Once again, I stretch out my arms and reach out to catch him. Once again, time seemed to slow down for me just as it sped up for him. Me arms felt sluggish and weak. Even the very effort of holding them out as I try to run forward drained me and tightened my throat with the exertion.

He did not cry out. As always I reach him just on time----------------

But it was too late. His body was too heavy for me to hold and suddenly, sharp jagged rocks protrude out from the sandy earth. I fall flat on my belly and feel all the air knocked out of my lungs. None of the rocks stabbed at me, but when I tilt my chin up to see----------

Sharp jagged rocks speared right through him, glittering like rubies under the Sun. The metallic smell of blood fill the air and my vision becomes hazy.

I struggle up and pull his head onto my lap as I weep silent tears. His head lolls to the side like a broken puppet.

And then I brush away the hair from his face. Hair thick with sickly red liquid that clung to my hand and refused to be wiped off.

It was always that point when I gaze at his face and the jolt of panic would hit me like a punch to my chest.

My heart stops beating for a second.

He has no face.

I scream.

Only then am I allowed to wake up.

I sit up quickly and push back my covers, trying to catch my breath and willing my heart to slow down its rapid pounding. The last thing I needed was to hyperventilate in the unholy hours and wake up all the Sisters.

I lie down again and wiped my clammy forehead with the back of my hand, irritated by the prickly feeling of cold sweat tickling down my back. Our Home could never afford enough and so we had learned to sleep under mosquito nets without any fans or air-conditioning, only ventilation from the open windows. It was damn hot and stuffy in summer.

On the cot beside me, Susan stirred. " Damn" I thought, " If I had promised myself a million times, I swear I will still wake her up every single night by my horrid rasping!"

In the darkness, I heard Susan sit up and yawn. " The dream again?" She asked sleepily.

Susan is my absolute best friend in the whole wide world. She had been the only person with enough patience to actually speak to me above the length of a minute. I don't exactly remember much now, but apparently when I first came in here two years ago I refused to speak or even to make a peep for three months.

Susan had to talk to me I suppose. It would be damn irritating to have a desk mate that wouldn't react to any of your questions.

" I'm alright. Go back to sleep." I whispered.

" Nah, can't." Susan said.

" Damn it, every time I wake you up with my nightmares I end up ruining your chances of overcoming your insomnia problem." I said, feeling guilt seep into my gut.

Susan grinned in the darkness and somehow, I felt her grin even though I could not see it.

" Come on over then you dot. Talking to you always makes me sleep again." She said.

I got down from the bed obediently and jokingly replied, " Yeah, cause I am such an interesting orator aren't I?"

I crawl under the netting and lie down on my stomach beside her, feeling her tangled hair that grew so long it always spreads all over her pillow when she sleeps. In the day her hair would be reflecting gold under the sun. Susan had always been the prettiest girl in the home.

" Anything new in the dream?" She asked. I knew she was actually asking me if that 'face' finally has features I could recognize.

"Nope." I said sadly. No matter how many times it was, it was still damn disappointing when, after catching the boy and weeping and all that, he shows up with a blank face in the dream.

"Who the heck is he anyway?" I asked feeling frustrated. " I mean this dream has been with me for, like, a whole YEAR and every time the face is not revealed! Grrrrr..."

" Maybe you should have dreamt on. If you had dreamt on you could have seen other things... Clues, you know, that you could use to guess the boy's identity.." Susan said. I've heard her say the same suggestion many times before.

" I can't Susan. I've tried real hard and you would think it should be easy by now after all those identical dreams. But every time I am about to look at his face, I feel this jolt of sickening fear and I just let up." I sighed.

" Maybe he isn't important at all. Don't worry about him girl, just carry on with your life." Susan suggested. I knew she was just trying to sound helpful. We have discussed the same dream so many times that Susan had given up trying to think of new viewpoints to comfort me with.

" It isn't so easy not to care when you don't have any memories of the days before fifteen Susan." I said sadly.

Beside me, Susan had fallen asleep again. Soon, she was snoring softly.

I sigh and rested my head on the back of my hands, trying not to feel so alone in the darkness enveloping around me.

I hate it when darkness envelope you like that. It makes me feel unsafe and vulnerable, as if anything could creep up on me and stab me in the back.

I stayed awake for as long as I could and finally drifted into restless sleep.

Whether I dreamt the dream again or not, I did not know it in the morning.