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Chapter 3: Body will Remember

The next few days passed uneventfully as usual. Susan told Sister May about the prank a boy called Sho had tried to play on me and she had promised me that Sho would not be allowed to enter our gates.

"If he tries to hurt you one more time," She said in a warning tone of voice " I will personally make sure that his school gets a letter of complain!"

"Thanks Sister May." I said, smiling. Sister May is the closest substitute I have to a mother. Ever since I entered the home, all I could remember was her undivided attention on me. If she hadn't been around, I would probably have remained a mute the rest of my life.

" Now go off to school dear." She said, smiling her benevolent smile. I nod.

Susan, who was by my side, said, " Bye Aunt May." Sister May is also Susan's real aunt. Susan's parents died in a plane crash when they were supposed to be flying to Hawaii on a second honeymoon. Susan never talks about her parents or the incident.

We left together. Ever since that stupid prank Susan had been sticking by my side the whole time, entertaining boring old me with jokes and gossips to take my mind off confusion.

What was it the doctor had said? Oh yes. " She require an environment of minimum shock if she ever is to regain her memories again. Keep her entertained and distracted so that she will be more ready to accept her past."

Strange that I should remember those words though. I had been lying in my cot then, pretending to sleep but in truth, anxiously eavesdropping on the doctor's verdict of my illness.

Perhaps it was only due to trauma, or maybe I was really born stupid. Whatever it is, I have terrible memory. Susan could remember everything that was taught in lectures simply by listening and scribbling down notes. I, on the other hand, require a recorder to play back later on. I simply cannot seem to keep things in my head.

I was thinking of all this when Susan suddenly stopped.

"Goss! I forgot to bring that MP3 player! If I don't return her by today, Millie is going to have my ass!" She said.

"I'll go with you and get it." I said, helpfully.

"No no, we are going to be late. It's ok, the prefect knows me well, he'll let me go. You go for lessons first!" She turned and ran, calling over her shoulder, " Save a seat for me!"

It happened so suddenly I did not even have time to cry out. Someone's elbow was suddenly around my neck and my arm was twisted painfully behind the small of my back. I tried to scream but my attacker was swift and skilled. I felt a sharp chop to my neck.

Then everything went black.

"Rena?" Someone seemed to be calling me from a far away distance.

"Wake up!" That stupid voice, why is it so persistent?

OH my God! Something STINKS!

I sat up quickly, causing the blood to rush up to my head, making me momentarily dazed. I shook my head and tried to focus. Sho's concerned face swam in and out in front of me.

"Rena, are you ok?" He asked.

Rage rose up in my chest. "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled, swing my fist back to punch.

He grabbed my wrist with a grip that was surprisingly strong. I felt a bit afraid. What is this mad man going to do with me?

Looking around I blinked. We were on a deserted beach, next to the sea.

"I have been trailing you Rena. I'm sorry, but once you said you did not remember me, I knew something has gone seriously wrong and I needed to get to you no matter what. I tried the orphanage but the Sisters threw me out......" He babbled quickly.

I wasn't listening. Looking wildly around, I demanded, "TAKE ME BACK! Now! I have LESSONS! You freak!"

He grabbed my face with both his hands and turned me to look at him. I felt a jolt in my stomach. He was so close I could afford to count the number of lashes framing his warm brown eyes.....

"Rena, I do not ask you to trust me. All I ask for, is ten minutes of your time. If you do not listen to this, you will probably never know the truth!"

I stared into those eyes and somehow, some instinct told me to listen. "Fine," I snapped, pushing him away before I start getting fluttery feelings. "But you only have ten minutes."

I looked down at my watch. "Start." I commanded.

Sho took a deep breath and begun to talk, rapidly. I wondered if the guy thought I was actually going to be able to remember anything.

"Hold on------- where's my bag?" I asked.

"Here." He tossed it over to me. His bag was lying in the sand behind him as well.

I took out the recorder and pressed "Record". "OK, now start."

Sho smiled. Then the smile quickly faded into a serious expression. "Rena, from as far as I can recall, we lived together at Green Hill district. Our houses were side by side, with a hole in the fence in between. As kids, we used to do night visits by crawling through the hole. I would throw stones at your window to wake you up and you would lower that ladder of yours for me to climb up. Everything was happy and well, and we grew up together like this. Your mother, Isabella Chan, always babysat me when my parents were on tour. She taught me piano. You and your brother were both amazing geniuses, you jumped three grades from three to six in elementary school. You taught me basketball..."

"Wait, wait! A brother? Me a genius? Good at basketball?" I asked, forcing myself not to laugh hilariously. This poor guy has no idea what he was talking about-----

I blinked, laughter died away at my throat. Sho had shoved a photo in my face.

"This! This is what I really needed to show you!" He said, triumphantly.

I stared. It was a photo of a happy group of people posing together at the beach. There was a kindly looking woman who looked young and beautiful as she smiled towards the camera. The wind had swept her hair a bit across her face, and she wore a white dress with a jacket over it that had faint yellow flower prints.

My mind screamed at me to look away. But I could not. Tears started to well out in my eyes for no apparent reason. My heart started to pound a mile a minute....

There was Sho. The ten year old Sho in my dream, looking ridiculously cute with his float around his tummy. There was me.... making bunny ears at Sho....

And there was me again. The same face. Only it was a boy.

"You have a twin Rena. A twin called Ken." Sho explained.

It was as if someone had hit my head with a hedge hammer. SOMETHING in my mind just snapped. I cried out in agony and clenched my head. It felt as if my skull was cracking from the inside.

"RENA!" Sho yelled, he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. This time I could not resist.

The photo fluttered away in the wind. I pushed him away and tried to take deep breathes.

" The photo." I gasped, amazed at my own ability to remember the necessity of the photo.

Sho bounded up and ran after it. It fluttered into the waves. He charged after it.

"Don't hyperventilate! Think!" I commanded myself. But something was blocking, something enormously big. In my mind I was crying and tearing at the barrier, ignoring the pain that was inferior. I desperately wanted to FEEL the familiarity of that picture again. I wanted to feel the way a child should feel upon seeing the familiar dress of a loving mother.

I realized that all this while, although I had thought I could find myself a new home in the orphanage, I was in truth still lost. Lost like a child in a crowded city.

Have you ever been completely utterly lost? And then out of the corner of your eye, you catch the flutter of a corner of a familiar dress? Right now, all I wanted to do was grab on to that flapping material and pull my mother from the crowd.

I looked up. Sho was fumbling in the water like a clumsy duck, already shoulders-deep in water.

HE CANNOT SWIM. The realization hit me. Was this a lost memory?

"Sho! Get out of there!" I yelled, seeing a wave coming up behind him.

"I'm reaching it!" He yelled back, but the crashing of the wave over his body drowned his last words. He lost his footing and fell into the water. The wave washed him further from the shore.

Too far...

"Rena!" He cried, before his head went under the water again. He struggled, but it was useless, he could not stay afloat.

I checked the surroundings. Sho was in deep water and wading in would waste time. But near to his right there was a small cliff. If I climbed up there and jumped into the water, I would have a greater chance of reaching him quickly.

I went to action without another thought, kicking off my shoes and socks as I ran and ignoring the stabbing pain of the sand and rocks on my feet as I climbed up the cliff, scraping my knees and elbows.

I ran to the cliff and dived. Sho went under again, but this time he did not emerge back up.

Time slowed down. As I sailed through the air, I suddenly remembered a very bad thing.

I CANNOT SWIM! I had failed every single swimming lesson in the beginners class in the children pool!

Like I said, I have bad memory.

Too late. I took a deep gulp of air as I purged beneath the surface. Cool calm washed over me. I kicked without thinking and dived down deeper. I opened my eyes a crack to see, and spotted Sho in the murky water slowly drifting downwards. He was going to crash onto the sharp rocks of the sea bed.

I dived down and kicked strongly. One stroke. Two. I reached him and put one arm around him. My lungs dying for air, I turned upwards and kicked for the surface.

Our heads broke above the surface and I gasped. Swimming on my back I pulled Sho with me back to the shore.

Once safe, I was spent. I lied on the sand letting the waves wash over my back. Beside me, Sho choked and spluttered.

"You ok?" I gasped.

He nodded. " Sorry, the photo slipped from my fingers when the wave hit me."

"It's alright," I said. "I can remember the faces."

He smiled. "Do you believe me now?" He asked.

I wanted to smile but something held me back.

"Thank you for telling me this Sho. I have to return to my lessons now." I said formally.

"But- you." Sho sat up, about to protest. I put a finger to my lips.

"I need to think some things over Sho. I need some time alone. I'm sorry. Can you bring me back now?" I asked.

It turned out that Sho had his own car. A gray Mercedes. The rich bastard.

But my thoughts were elsewhere. Sho seemed to understand and he drove without saying a word.

I have a brother. Or rather, I had a brother.

His name was Ken. And he was not just a brother, but a TWIN. Another half of me.

He died.

I had a mother. A loving, pretty lady who liked white dresses and adored her children.

Sho says she is still alive.

I can swim. I thought I could not.

I can play basketball. For two years in the orphanage the closest contact I came to with a basketball was when it bounced off my head.

When we stopped outside my school, I said good bye and promised Sho I would contact him. Then I turned direction and started to sprint away from school.

I headed into the shadows of the trees and climbed over the wire fence behind the orphanage building. Ignoring the hurts on my body, I decided that if I was found I would say that I got attacked by gangsters and dumped in a fish pond. It would be reasonable for me to be back at the orphanage to get a new set of uniform.

I could just save myself the trouble and walk through the front gate, tell Sister May my excuse and get new clothes. But what I really had in mind were my records. And those were in Sister May's office.

I have been there many times for counseling and advice, but I had never tried to go in through the window before.

Today had been a day filled with instinct. Maybe my mind can no longer recall my past, but what about my body? What if my body still remembers the old habits, the old reflexes and tricks I had up my sleeve?

I had a hunch and I decided to pursue it. Heaving a deep breath I allowed my mind to go blank just as it had when I was running to save Sho. I climbed up the wall.

My hands knew how to test the walls for cracks. My brain instinctively remembered the toe holds and my feet stepped up on them. The ivy on the wall helped immensely, I was soon peeking through the white curtains of Sister May's office. No one was inside.

The lock was secure on the window grid.

"Right then Rena, what did you used to do with locks?" I asked myself. I reached for my skirt and unhooked the pin that replaced the button that had fallen off. I closed my eyes and focused----

For a long time, no answer came. I moved my hand a bit, it went up and fitted the long sharp end of the pin into the lock.

Pick it. I breathed evenly and tried not to lose that thread; that incredible thread of allowing my body to be in control of my mind.

I twisted it around, careful not to leave scratches. After a while, I felt something give way and a click. The click of success! I grinned despite myself.

Quietly, I slide the grid back and then locked it again. Slipping the pin into my pocket, I went directly to the file cabinet that said " Records of Orphans".

Strange, it was locked. I picked it open again, by now feeling the suspense mounting. Trying not to feel like a thieve, I opened the drawer and leafed though the folders which were in alphabetically order.

Under "R", I found a folder that said "Rena Chan". Eagerly, I opened it.

It only had one pathetic page.

Name: Rena Chan

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Birth Mother: Isabella Chan

Birth Father: Unknown.

Other family relatives: none

Comment: Only survivor of car crash.

Somehow I felt disappointed. You would think that Sister May would care more about me than give so little details. But then again maybe she just did not know.

Something was fishy about this folder. Something I could not quite put a finger on. On a whim, I grabbed another folder labeled "Rainey Marker".

Her folder was thick and overflowing with information and photos. There was a separate page for each of her relatives and two pages on her. Blood type. Hobbies. Identification number. Causes of death etc etc.

I frowned. The fishy feeling I had of my folder came from its LACK OF INFORMATION. Why won't there photos? Or even my blood type for pete's sake? It was a car accident, not a damn fire that burned my house down. Why couldn't they find any information or materials from the house?

Footsteps! Someone was coming!

I pushed my folder and Rainey's back inside and closed the cabinet quickly. I sprinted for the chair and slammed my butt in it.

By the time Sister May opened the door, I was sitting with a sad and hurt expression on my face, pathetically dripping salt water on her carpet.

She was shocked, as I had expected. I explained how a group of bullies threw me into a pond and I got so depressed I ran away from school and came here, needing to lament.

She accepted the excuse and fussed over me. But...

Was it just my imagination? Or did her glance flutter towards the cabinet nervously when she first saw me unannounced in her office?

She glanced down at the carpet.

'Oh dear, Rena, look at the spoilage!" She cried.

I shrugged sadly. "Sorry." Then a jolt of fear hit me. My wet FOOTPRINTS.

Sister May looked up suddenly, her face suddenly lost all its original concern.

"Strange Rena. There were no foot prints in the corridor. Did you mop them all up?"

Sister May looked at me with eyes that lost all the familiar motherly warmth in them. Suddenly she was a stranger to me.

I swallowed and went completely cold.