First of all

Do you think I wanted to be this way?

Did I wake up one morning

And decide to question myself

Just to be "different" or "weird"?

Do you think I enjoy being called a freak?

For whatever reason you've devised?

I want your answer now

Second of all

If you couldn't know a part of yourself

Would you want people laughing

And making it into a joke?

Would you want supportive people

Who liked you despite your "shortcoming"?

Instead of liking you for who you were

Be creative now


Just pretend that you're not perfect either

Maybe my actions are against Leviticus

But you eat shrimp

And you don't go to church with rashes

And why would God have created me to be hated

Give me your best shot

Another thing

Why do you complain about how you're treated

For things that you can't always help?

Then turn around and do that to me

Thinking that I don't give a damn either way

Thinking I'll brush it off and forget

Well I don't

Think again

Every time you call me a freak, or the "weird" one

Or joke about me not being straight

You're belittling me

So you can come out on top

I don't want to let you

But I can't stop you