Who's Going to Stop You

I once knew a black girl

Who didn't listen to rap

And wasn't in yo face

            Actually…she was rather shy

On the inside at least

And I know a Hispanic girl

Who has friends of all races

Including her own

            Actually…she liked everyone

And hated stereotypes

I know a lesbian

Who goes shoe shopping every week

And loves to look nice

            Actually…she acts "straight"

But is still gay

I knew a gay boy

Who didn't talk with a lisp

And acted like a "guy"

            Actually…he had lots of guy friends

And no one believed he was gay

My black friend can't hang out with other blacks

They say she acts too white

Because she's an individual

            She just laughed at them

But it hurts her inside

My Hispanic friend mingles with everyone

But people think of her differently

Then she really is

            Her mother had a talk with our principal

But nothing's going to change

My lesbian friend's parents don't believe her

They say that it's a phase

Because she doesn't act the part

            What happens when they find out?

That she's all that she says she is

The gay boy had trouble finding others

Because he wasn't "flamboyant" enough

To call attention to himself

            Without leaving the closet

But he still lives a happy life

You can be an African who dislikes rap

Or a peaceful Hispanic

Or a lesbian who isn't "butch"

            Or a gay boy who's masculine

Who's going to stop you?