ConfĂ­enos En

You're all a little group

Absorbed in your own world

Safety and protection in numbers

You'll never see your cousins cry

The way you once did

You threaten their enemies

The oldest is the leader

And you have to be the toughest

So you laugh when others get hurt

The way they did…when it was you

You can't hide yourself forever

People know you're not a gang

And they're not afraid of you anymore

So you shut out the rest of the world

To protect your wounded mind

You still see every Caucasian

You see us as an enemy to your friends

You won't give us the chance to hate you

You'll simply hate us first

So you'll come out on top

Perhaps you'll never be white

But the bravest thing you could do

Would be to step away from your comfort zone

And desegregate our camp

And get to know us

It would be braver than "tough"

Braver than any fight you'll start

We won't see you as the "Hispanic kids"

We want to see you as our friends

I want to know who you are

Plenty of our friends aren't white

Plenty of us are open-minded

If we all could keep open-minds

I believe we could get along just fine

Like we were meant to