His Essence

I am the tear that fell from his wandering eye.

I am the power in his hands

and the frailty in his humility.

"I wont go-

no matter how hard the plea

I will not leave you!"

I am the curses

and the vows

that drip from his lips.

I am his kisses

against that other girl.

I am his lack-their-of



my love.

I am his strength

empowering him to leave me alone again.

I am his hands

writing everything

only for he who is myself.

I am his get away plan.

His- "its to late now."

I am his forgiveness

flowering within

the depth of my fire.

I am the skin

that he hides himself in.

I am the girl

that he stands beside for warmth.

I am the one who came back

after so long

without you

and learned to live again.

I am the poet

within these words

who learns to breath again with every new sentence.

I am

I am.