Mannequins & Masquerades

Faces hidden by masks,

Smothered by webs and dust,


Just to watch as mannequins as life passes by,

Never showing a true face,

Spirits melting,

Words they needed to say dying on their lips,

All of it ending bleakly in a uninspiring midnight sky,

The moon will not show her face and inspire drama, nor poetry,

Overshadowing romance, killing the happiness of others,

Desires silhouetted in their faces,

But running back into invisibility,

Out of grasp,

In heavy loss causing suicide.

And they scream out that the fates are cruel,

But it is just that they are not destined for such a life...

Or is that really so?

Maybe it was just drugs,

Hateful words,

The selfishness of others,

Or laziness.

We can cause our own hell,

It can be caused by others...

And then there are those who find joy in it.

Watch as Lucifer whispers in the madman's ear,

He is the one that causes such boiling insanity.

He enjoys others suffering,

And he steals their souls...

In the disguise of a archangel,

His former guise before he fell,

For he was precious in God's eyes even before he fell...

And we all are.

Or will be.

Who knows who next will fall with Lucifer and his servants.

More mannequins and sculptures are made,

Who of them will speak?

Their lives take shapes of masquerades and dark rooms,

Disappointment reverberates in ecstasy,

And they hide behind trends and labels,

Following other ugly creations,

Maybe they even will turn into one.

I hide my face in this masquerade,

Impersonating inner feelings of my own.

I watch the deadened spirits and others' happiness float to the heavens before their time.

We are all stars in the sky,

And sooner or later we will all fall...

Let's hope later.

Now the tree overshadows me and I am in joy,

The night in its beauty burns like a candle.

And we all take off our masks.