Writen by Felicia Spencer
AN: Thanks to everyone who reviewed "In memory." The nice reviews really
made me feel better. It seems as if nothing right happens to me, but the
continual support from you wonderful guys/ gals are really appreciated. It
makes me forget all about the crap that happens in my life, so yeah it's
AN2: This is a poem that I wanted to try out. This about giving everything
you can to the person you love. So don't forget to R&R. TTFN.

I'll give you the world
If it was in my power to give
I'd give you my heart
If you needed it to live

I'd give you a smile
If it will brighten your day
I'd tell you sweet nothings
When you have nothing to say

I'd give you my body and soul
If it makes you feel complete
I'd give you all of my strenght
For whenever you feel weak

I'd give you my trust
Whenver you don't believe
I'll give you whatever you want
In your time of need

But most of all my love
I finally give you this
I give you all my love
Complete with a sultry kiss