I'm the perfect killer. I'm paid to kill killers. Ironic isn't it? This is a little story I have to tell, and it probably will be the last I ever tell. A story of the beginning of the end of my wicked life. As I lay on the pavement in front of a California house with my mouth open gasping for air I look at the stars and I wonder, what would it be like to live on and on like that, and what would it feel like to be that everlasting...that powerful? Then I thought to myself, why I am a star, I will live on and on, I'm everlasting...and I am powerful.

New York City 2:30 AM

I walked down the icy sidewalks, almost slipping a couple times. It was late and I was drunk, I knew it was time to go home. I walked over to my car and leaned against it. I reached in my long leather black trench coat pocket and pulled out a smashed pack of cigarettes and a old silver square lighter. As I fingered around in the box for a good cigarette, I noticed someone approaching me. By the sound of the footsteps it was a male who was about in his mid fifties, and he also had a limp that finalized my prediction that he had once had a badly broken leg that never fully healed. As I looked through my memory, it finally dawned on me, that was Oliver Strife, also known as Oli Limp. Oli Limp is known for paying bounty hunters large sums of money to kill some of the biggest fish in the sea. This was my time to shine, this was my big chance to get with the big guys, he had to be coming for me, he had to be looking for me, this couldn't be just a coincidence. I looked along the ground and waited as the sound became louder and louder. Finally two pairs of black shoes came into view. I looked up slowly to a balding slightly grey haired man with a black long coat on.

"Good, evening ain't it?" I said feverishly, trying to make conversation.

Oli Limp, gave me a dirty look.

"No, more like a shitty night," he quickly pulled back his sleeve and checked his watch "To be exact, more like a shitty morning" he said with a slight tone of annoyance.

I nodded to him and lit my cigarette and got off my car and slipped my lighter back in my pocket.

"So...what are you doing out on such a shitty morning like this," I said as I puffed at my cigarette.

He looked at me and then reached in his pocket for what looked like a small silver cigarette case. He opened it and pulled out a cigarette out.

"Got a light?" Oli Limp said slowly.

I nodded to him and reached in my pocket and got my lighter.

"Your telling, me u have that silver cigarette case and u don't have a lighter?" I said to him as I handed the lighter to him.

When I handed the lighter out, Oli Limp didn't reach for the lighter, he reached for my wrist and pushed my sleeve up. He witnessed a scar that has forever been on my wrist. It came from a failed attempt to kill myself when I was fourteen. I can kill top executive presidents of trillion dollar companies, big time drug smugglers and anyone else, but I couldn't kill myself. Ironic isn't it? I quickly pulled back my hand from him and eyed him suspiciously.

"What the hell do you want?" I said angrily.

He looked at me, smiled then chuckled deeply as he reached in his pocket for what looked to be a lighter. His covered his cigarette with his left hand and lit it with is right. He continued to chuckle and paced next to me as he puffed at his cigarette.

"Don't you know who I am?" Oli Limp with a deep voiced that rumbled like thunder.

I nodded to him and leaned against my car for support.

"Do you know why I'm here?"

I shook my head.

"Do you...want to know why im here?

I nodded to him. He began to chuckle again, took another puff at his cigarette and looked down at the ground.

"I have a little...well a big assignment for you," Oli Limp said slowly

"This would probably be the biggest assignment of your life, that is if you accept it,"

"How much?" I said cooly.

"How much do you want?"

I was completely taken aback by what he said, How much do you want, never heard a person who was hiring a bounty say that before.

"Uhhh....umm," That all I could say. Probably noticing my struggling he decided to give me a price.

"Fifty million...each," he said puffing his cigarette. I looked at him and he looked at me. I just couldn't believe this was happening to me, I was going to be rich. But something bothered me, how many was I to kill, he did say each.

"Sir, how many do I have to kill?

He turned around and took one last puff at his cigarette and threw it in the street.

"There's three of them, each in a different location," he said with a serious tone.

"All three of then used to work for me, but then they turned on me, just like a pack of pit bulls...,"

"...America's top bounty huntin' trio..." he said with almost a sadness lingering in his voice. He turned around to me and looked me in the eyes.

"Well do you accept?"

I stood there bewildered by the offer. What did I have to lose, I mean I've killed many important people, why couldn't I kill some assassins? I took last puff at my cigarette and flicked it out onto the cold ground.

"I do," I replied.

He then began to reach in his pocket for something. He pulled out his silver cigarette case and handed it to me. I accepted it and observed it.

"What is this for?" I questioned him as I looked at the silver cigarette case.

"It's going to be your guide, kinda like a PDA, but much more sophisticated," he replied, walking away slowly.

"We will have a meeting first thing tomorrow morning, date, time, and location are all located in that little gizzmo you have in your hands,"

I nodded to him and turned around to unlock my car door. I dropped in my car, shut the door and started it up. I then looked over to Oli Limp and he was making his way down the street.

"Hey Oli, want a lift?" I yelled out of the window. He turned around and looked at me and my car.

"That piece of crap, hell no," he said jokingly. Even if he was just joking it kind of made me angry at him for talking about my car, I paid a lot of money for this Mitsubishi and I thought it was a nice car. Then suddenly Oli Limp stopped by the corner that was right next to the parking lot I was in. Then I saw to bright lights approaching him. I couldn't tell what make the car was, but it had to be a big one. Then when it finally came into my view, I noticed that it was a very expensive looking SUV limo. As the end of the limo came into view Oli turned to me.

"Now this is what I ride in," he said chuckling and dropped into the limo and rode off down the street.