New York City Airport 8:00 A.M.

James De Cowboy tipped his hat to me and drove off. I looked down at my ticket. I had to be at gate ten by nine o'clock. I had plenty of time. After I went through the usual airport procedures I made my way to gate ten. There were virtually no one around, just an old man with his hat over his face sleeping. To get calm I retired next to a window. I glanced at the huge bright red numbers of the digital clock that hang overhead. It read eight fifty.

"Attention, gate ten for the flight to Moscow will depart in ten minutes," said a female voice over the intercom. I looked out of the large window, watching men in bright orange vests driving luggage to the plane.

"Ahem," I jumped out of my seat and put my hand on my holster which I realized didn't have my gun. The old man stood in front of me...with his face fully uncovered.

"Oli...," I said dumbfounded. Oli smiled and walked over to me with his usual half limp and half walk. He laid his hands on my shoulders and shook me slightly.

"Vindilov Kpehc," said Oli still smiling, "safe hundred and five, password one oh five, Jeremiah Strife...good son," said Oli quickly but carefully. He continued to smile at me. Before I could say anything a loud gunfire sounded and Oli dropped to the ground. I looked down at the limp body on the ground. I just couldn't believe it, Oli, the one person no one was to be able to kill. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching me. I once again reached for my gun, but was once again disappointed to find that it wasn't there. I looked up and found a female in front of me. She wore a short black leather jacket, skin tight blue jeans and had a very killer sniper rifle.

"Jeremiah I presume?" she said continually walked toward me. I stepped back every time she stepped foward.

"Victoria..." I said breathlessly. She smiled and looked over to Oli.

"That was a bit too easy to tell you the truth,"

"Who assigned you to the killing of Oli!!" I said loudly. She eyed me and then once again laid her eyes on the dead body of Oli Limp.

"Myself, all bounty's are off when he dies," she said walking over to Oli and kneeling next to him. Her long dark brown hair hang down in front of her face as she dug into his pocket and pulled out a pistol and a shiny silver cigarette case. I eyed the pistol and wondered how he had got through security. She sat the pistol on the floor and rotated the cigarette case in her hand. I needed that gun, even if the bounty was off I needed to kill her. She stood up and I inhaled quick and harshly. Victoria began to pick up the pistol when she noticed something sticking out of Oli's pocket. I soon noticed it also. It was a piece of paper; looked a bit beat up. I looked around and there was no one in sight and it was eerily quiet which is weird for an airport. The gate was open, but there was no one to check the tickets. There was something not right about this. I squeezed the handle of my bag deep in thought. Then I got an idea. I looked down at my bag. I had my laptop and some hardcover books in there, that might be enough to knock her out or at least shaken her up. Playing all of the things that could happen over in my head, trying to think of a way to attack her. I squeezed the handle of my bag even tighter. As I stepped forward, a gun shot sounded and the piece of paper Victoria once held was shred into a thousand pieces. Victoria pulled out her pistol and aimed it at the person responsible.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Victoria asked the person. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't see who was there.

"I think I am the one who should be asking you the same question, your suppose to be in Moscow," said Nite as he stepped from behind a pillar.

"Nite...what are you doing here?" I asked him, dropping my bag to the floor. Nite grabbed a pistol from his waist and tossed it to me.

"Thanks, I needed this," I said pointing the pistol at Victoria. Victoria backed up against a wall pointing the gun at us, occasionally moving the aim from me to Nite. Suddenly a large explosion sounded behind me. I quickly backed up, keeping my aim on Victoria. I looked out of the large window and saw the airplane which I was to ride to Moscow on in flames. I walked closer to the window and noticed Silvia. Nurse 1 and 2 about a hundred feet away from the plane. Silvia said something on her cell phone and walked away from the airplane and the Nurses followed. One Nurse then stopped and turned around. She began to walk back to the airplane slowly. The other Nurse did the same.

"What is it?" said Nite walking over to the window.

"Nurse 1 and 2," I said at almost a whisper. I suddenly heard running footsteps and a loud clank. I looked up to find Victoria gone.

"Look!" said Nite. I then averted my attention back to the Nurses. They we're pointing at us.

"Shit, they see us," I said panicking for a moment.

"No shit sherlock, this window is big as hell, we are like drops of oil in milk," said Nite who had already moved from the window. Silvia then walked over to the Nurses and looked up at the window. I have her a smile and waved. Not unexpectedly, she gave me the finger and pulled out her cell phone. She talked for a a couple seconds and ran off.

"I heard what she said on the phone, she said target elimination incomplete, in pursuit," said Nite walking toward Oli.

"Ok, so, what now?" I said, joining Nite next to Oli, "What do we do about Victoria?"

"Nothing, we will have to deal with her when the time comes, right now our concern is getting away," replied Nite as he searched Oli's pockets. I scanned the floor. When Victoria escaped she dropped something. What she dropped was Oli's silver cigarette case. I jogged over to it and picked it up.

"Ok we have to go, now!" said Nite as he put something in one of his special suit's pockets. I put the cigarette case in my pocket and made my way out of the airport which was mysteriously empty.

"What...why is this place empty?" I asked Nite as we sprinted down the hallway.

"I don't know...we have to get out of here, this doesn't seem to good," We ran down a couple of hallways until we got to the entrance doors to find Nurse 1 and 2 guarding them.

"Oh man, Nite what..." I said. I then noticed that Nite was no longer with me. I quickly dashed behind a pillar and sat down. Panting heavily and held my pistol in ready position.

"Dammit!" I said lowly. Where could he had gone? I looked in all directions for an alternate exit. I peeked around the pillar. The Nurses still stood there, guarding the doors. What to do, what to do? I ran swiftly over to another pillar and sat. I looked down the hallway which was open before me. The door at the end of the hallway read 'Emergency Exit'. Well this defiantly was an emergency. I ran down the hallway as fast as I could. The familiar rolling sound told me that the Nurses were not chasing me. I continued down the hallway. The rolling became louder and closer. My time was running out. The door stood there, ready to be opened by me, my escape. I finally made it to the door and kicked the door open. The blinding sunlight caught me by surprise. A black van was parked right in front of me. The driver rolled down his window and peeked his head out.

" 'Eed a lift?" asked James De Cowboy as the van's sliding back door was opened by Nite. I hurried and hopped into the van. As Nite closed the door a loud clank sound was heard and the sliding door fell completely off. Two Nurses rolled up into ball-like positions rolled into the van. Nite immediately jumped out of the van and sprinted down the street. James De Cowboy then drove off.

"Hey, just kick em out of ter van, it's too small back there to fight em!" said James as he swerved around a corner almost causing me to fall out of the opening. The Nurse with a one on her shirt unraveled in front of me. It was the first time I had been face to face with any of the Nurses. Her eyes were a silvery light blue and she had bright blonde hair which was rolled into a bun. She also had red lipstick on. I blue a kiss at her and aimed my gun at her head. She slapped the gun out of my hand and the gun flew out of the opening where there once was a sliding door. I gun clinked and clanked down the street. I then noticed that we were on the freeway.

"My man, be careful, we are on ter freeway," said James De Cowboy. The other Nurse unraveled and started to make her way toward James. I grabbed her white high shoe wearing leg and pulled her over to the opening. I then kicked her out of the van and she fell out onto the street. One down, one to go.

"Good-job, ter otha Nurse will follow her, dey are programmed ta never be a certain amount of feet from her counterpart," yelled James De Cowboy as he dodged civilian cars, "We 'ave a long left turn comin'!" I shifted my weight to the right so I wouldn't fall out of the opening. I waited for the Nurse to jump out of the van, but to my surprise she just stared at me.

"Programming, changed," said a very sexy female robotic voice. Nurse number one then bent her arm back, ready to punch me. I quickly rolled out of reach and her fist went right through the bottom of the van. A loud scraping sound was heard and the Nurse pulled her hand free. All of the skin on her hand was scraped away to reveal a silver hand.

"DIE!!" she yelled and she punched me in my stomach. I flew back out of the opening and I hit the freeway painfully. I rolled and rolled. My skin scrapping the cement. I finally stopped in the middle of a viaduct. The world around me felt like it was spinning violently. I opened my eyes slowly. I could hear several cars stopping and several blowing their horns and turning around me. I could hear several hurrying footsteps coming toward me.

"Sir, oh my god, are you alright," said a soft sounding female voice. I sat up slowly. My whole body ached. I turned my head to find at least five people in front of me. I tried to stand up, but failed.

"Sir, just sit tight," said a man who looked to be in his early thirties. He had a nice looking black suit.

"Hope I don't make you late for work," I said jokingly. I tried to laugh, but my chest hurt entirely too much.

"The ambulance is on it's way!" said the soft female voice again. I then heard a scream and a loud thunk.

"Move!" said a familiar female robotic voice. I turned my head painfully to find Nurse number 2 standing next to me. A lot of her skin was scraped off. Her Nurse uniform was shredded up and she was barefoot.

"You look like shit," I said laughing painfully. She picked me up and carried me over to the edge of the viaduct. She leaned me against the railings. Underneath the viaduct was the busy freeway. Cars whizzed by quickly.

"DIE!!!" yelled the Nurse and she picked me up and tossed me over the railing. It was like my life was in slow motion. It almost felt as if I was flying. The Nurse watched me fall with her cold silvery blue eyes. I tightly closed my eyes and waited for the landing which I knew was about to happen. I landed on the hood of a vehicle. My head broke through the windshield painfully. My vision was extremely blurry and I wasn't completely coherent.

"Gots ya!" said the familiar voice of none other than Oli Limp. Before I could think any further I went unconscious.

The End of Part 1