Lady Sun, Lady Ice

Chapter 1

My name is Frena Jyshore of the island empire Dinnire. I am the daughter of His Empyreal Highness Gryern Jyshore of Dinnire and Her Royal Highness Fraya Gritana of Grema. I live in the Royal Palace in the capital city, Deami, with my twin sister, Jereyna and my parents, though we don't see them very often.
In town the commoners refer to me a Lady Sun. I think it's because of my sun-gold hair, but Jereyna says it's because of my sunny disposition. I argue that if that's the case then why is she known as Lady Ice? Jereyna just snorts at me on these occasions and turns away.
As you know I have sun-gold hair. My hair flows to my waist, no lower, and is usually decorated with gold flowers and leaves, crafted by the best goldsmith in Dinnire, Lady Kire Darmongold. My eyes are deep, ocean blue with a forest green speck on the left side of each eye. I have very fair skin, a small nose and full lips.
Jereyna, however, has hair black as pitch and cut off raggedly just below her ribcage. Her eyes are also blue, but ice blue, a cold blue. Her skin is paler than even mine and her nose is by no means dainty! Her lips are thin and nearly invisible.
We are both around 5 feet 8 inches tall and we both have over straight backs. Our eyes and our height are the only things we have in common, an outsider would have know idea we were related, let alone twins.
To the general populace we are known as Lady Sun and Lady Ice.