I can't do this all again
I can't deal with all this pain
My emotions are out of whack
I know that my heart won't come back
It's dead and broken
Because of words never spoken
All the lies tore me apart
In this place all is lost
Never to be found again
We're all living our lives in sin
Taking things into our own hands
Not letting destiny have a chance

Leave me here alone and broken
Don't try to mend my heart
None of what once was will come back
I've lost sight of everything I've ever wanted
Nothing I have is left undaunted
My mind is blank
The air around me is so dank
I'm sitting here,
Staring into the cold, black air
Nothing around me seems right anymore
I'm living day by day
Never knowing who's leading
Never knowing the score
I want to be part of something
I want to feel alive
But I feel the only way to do that is to die