Cathy And Mike Cassidy Forever

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Sixth day of August that I was able to find true love in someone who was a totally unique character--and the name of that someone was Catherine Silverdeer,who has been living on an Indian reservation ever since she was born.

However,before I've arrived at the reservation to take some photographs for a book that I was doing on Native Americans and their cutures,Catherine was suddenly getting pretty sick and tired of living with her family and not realizing what the outside world has to offer.

But then,after I've arrived at the reservation,a smile had suddenly appeared on Catherine's lips,for she had finally spotted a way for her to leave the reservation and finally see the pleasures of the outside world.

And so,after she had packed some of her stuff inside a large back pack and sneaked out of her family's trailer,the Soleil Moon Frye type beauty has sneaked her way into my car and laid low until we're way out of the reservation.

Just then,as soon as we've reached a truck stop that was fifty miles away from the reservation,Catherine had finally popped herself out of her hiding place,looked at me and explained to me why she had left that place.

And even though my first thought would've been to drive her back to the reservation,I've took one look at Catherine and fell in love with her.

It's Cathy and Mike Cassidy forever.