Remember when she gazed upon you
With eyes of steel and heart of grey?
There she stood with her leather-like flesh
A defence no one could match
But you found a new game to pursue
To force her into slow decay
You would make her have to start a-fresh
With words that could really scratch
Created wounds raw
With your mind so sore
Did you feel like you had victory
When you first saw her cold eyes cry?
When you saw the sturdy walls crumble?
When you knew your words had scarred?
And it seemed so contradictory
That her world had become awry
That her white feet should ever stumble
And her heart become so charred
A heart depleted
A mind defeated
And now her skin is so translucent
And you can almost see the blood
And I think she can still lift her head
And I think that she still cries
When she thinks of the adolescent
Who turned all her water to mud
Who melted all her gold into lead
Who she can still not despise
A morphed soul
Become un-whole
You see her now with watering eyes
So soft, so red, so weak, so poor
And her flesh has become like chiffon
Easily falling apart
I don't mean to sensationalise
But I can't seem to find a cure
And so your little game you have won
You have made steam of her heart
With no regrad
Forever scarred