So I was on this big national youth conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one night I just had to write something. These are not my words, I'm just the one who for some reason got to write them down.


All That Matters

You sit in your corner
Your mask on your face
Too used to running
To run back to grace
You think I'm not watching
But I see your pain
So take your disguise off
And let me come in

Why won't you surrender
The life you haven't lived
Let down your defenses
And see what I have to give
I know that you're uncertain
You've forgotten who you are
But I am all that matters
All that's taken you this far

I'm right here wiating
For you to come home
To be reawakened
Feel life in your bones
To take what I'm offering
What I alone can give
The one thing you're seeking
To remember how to live


You rise from your corner
The mask slips away
Too sick of running
To keep away from grace
I smile as I watch you
Let go of your pain
Forget your disguises
As Love at last comes in

Swept up in sweet surrender
Of the life you never lived
As you tear down your defenses
Reach for what I have to give
You're still a bit uncertain
But you remember who you are
You're My child, that's all that matters
All that's taken you so far