She sat by the road and just stared at the trees and the sky. Things were running through her head so quickly, she just wanted to cry. She sat and thought about all the things that just happened just over an hour ago. This boy, this man, that she had been with for over 3 years, had left her. She thought, "Why did I even go into the apartment. If I hadn't have found that note, than we wouldn't be broken up yet." Tears were rolling down her eyes. About an hour earlier, she had walked into their shared apartment, and found $300 and a note. The note was from her fiancée, Davey. This is what it read:

Dear Amelia,
I'm not sure what I'm going to say, but here-goes. I feel that in the past few months we have been drifting apart. With my promotion at the firm, and you having to visit your sister everyday, it is like we never see each other anymore. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to get married all that it includes. I love you and maybe someday, but just not now. So, I think we should have a separation for just a while. I hope you are okay.

Yours Truly,

About 30 seconds after Mia finished reading the letter, she grabbed her phone quickly and had called Davey.

"What is this letter all about? You want a separation? Why?"

"I just don't think it's the right time to."

"-To what, to get married? You just asked me to get married a few months ago, we don't even have a date set yet. What are you so worried about. I love you and we can get married when we are ready."

"Well the thing is, I just don't think I can, could you just give me a month or two and then we can sort of start over if we feel it's time?"

"A month or two? Honey, in a month or two I will be gone. Just forget it and goodbye."



She was remembering everything that was said as if it was happening all over again. She didn't know what to do or where to turn.

"I've been looking all over for you, Mia."

"Hey, Pete," she said as she quickly tried to wipe off her tears. She got up and as soon as she turned around to face him, he saw right through her smile.

"What's the matter; what happened?"

"He's gone it's over." Still more tears went down her cheeks, and Pete, her best friend since childhood wiped them with his fingers.

"It's okay; it will all be okay hun." He said as he wrapped his arms around her in a very big hug.

His hug and voice gives her warmth and she was finally able to breathe as she tried to wipe off all her tears. "Thanks Pete, I'm so glad you showed up."

"Of course, when is there a day that I don't want to see my best friend?" He smiled, and thought of how much he wanted to be with her, to make her happy and to make her smile. "Come on, let's go get ourselves some ice cream, what do ya say?"

"I could always go for an ice cream at a time like this. Do you even have to ask?"