Dreary as the night as the oceans waves clash upon one another as the vessel above flies onward. It's body hidden within the dark clouds from which winter rains pour. The flaps slowly turn as the ship's darkened body disappears within the vast cumulus. The rain pours down as it smacks against the pilot's cockpit window.

His gloves grasp the slide stick he breathes heavily into his mask. With his other hand he slowly moves towards the throttle quadrant's communications switch. As he turns on the switch he quickly removes his mask, "This is fighter pilot Alpha operation Anti-God is a go," the pilot remarks as he takes a breath of relief from the freedom of the mask which has been with him since the departure from Vigrid base.

Vigrid base is the location for which the main executive powers of an organization known as the Kronos Fraction rest. Within the base lays the central office for all operations known as Kronos Hall. A young general stands within the shadows of the light of the main operations office. Her blond hair dangles from shoulder as it sways against her green cloak which conceals a nine millimeter pistol strapped to her waste by a leather belt. She wears a gold collar device of the Kronos ensign with three stripes crossed against its body which is fastened to a green uniform with brown leather intertwined outlining her form, abs, and thighs. Equipped with the uniform are black leather boots with a silver toe, brown gloves cut off at its ends, and as well a dagger which is strapped dangly across her chest. She throws her cloak over her letting her hands come free as she issues orders to the personal. "Understood, commence the second phase of operation Anti-god," she calmly states awaiting the final evolution of the operation.

Across the room the control room sits the operator which wears a unisex uniform of green and brown much like the generals but not nearly as extravagant. She places her hands over the mike as she carefully speaks into the mike relaying the message over the communication system to the pilot awaiting further instructions, "Understood, commence the second phase." Releasing the mike she sits back in her black leather chair listening closely into her head phones. Soon after the pilot gives his response as she listens closely trying to make out the voice, "That's a copy, commencing second phase of operation Anti-god."

As the storm escalates the pilot rises out from beneath the clouds and into the moon lit sky. Followed by the fighter jet several other fighters follow from behind within a v-shape formation. Off in the horizon the pilot sees the secret base known as the Mavrick Auxiliary of Genetic Investigation (MAGI). Mavrick Industries created MAGI in order to create a race of artificial gods known as the Nephilim. The reasons behind the creation of such foul beast are unknown even to the elite powers of the Kronos Faction. Only the soul fact that such works of Mavrick Industries could never be trusted was needed to justify such an assault.

The fighters soon reach their destination as they engage their arsenal. As the lead fighter, Alpha pulls out from the formation the pilot launches a catapult launching several missiles into the now thundering sky. As the pilot accomplishes his catapult the missile explodes into the terrain of MAGI base. He quickly presses against his right rudder pedal as he makes his escape leaving an opening for the following fighters to deplete their weaponry.

Sirens screams off in the distance of the now set a blaze MAGI base. Looking down upon the mass wreckage Maverick personal prepare for a counter attack. General Ian rushes into the command room which graces the base below. He stops quickly as his black leather boot snaps to the ground. His arms out reached upon the operation panel he quickly yells out orders, "All units to their detonated stations! Activate all defensive auxiliaries!" With those final words spoken he removes his hands and brushes his right shoulder with his black gloved hand. His uniform, dark as the stormy sky with the blueness of a heavenly day, was shining brightly from the light just over head.

The fires spread through out the base as personal try to extinguish its furry. Within the flames the Mavrick forces fight for escape as they make their way to their designated places. Off abroad stands the general of green as she sits upon her silver throne looking astern over the personal as they scatter about franticly controlling the troops. She glances to the dimly lit corner were she notices a shadow watching over her. She quickly looks back without thinking twice for she knows it could only be one person. "General the second phase of operation Anti-god is complete!" announced the operator as she turns her head letting the head sets wire dangle across her neck.

The general amused with the operations smirks as she issues the order for the final evolution, "Very well, commence the third phase." She leans back in her chair as she crosses her legs right over left as she fidgets with a fountain pen from her left hand pocket. The shadow behind her continues to watch lifelessly as the light not far from him blinkers on reveling his partly lit up face with his neatly tied long white hair dangling down the back of his black suit.

The oceans grow wild into the stormy night skies as a fleet of vessels head towards the shores of MAGI base. Aboard rest the souls of the restless soldiers, they clasp onto their wide range weaponry as they activate their night time vision. Through out the soldiers stands a man staring up into the vest nothingness of his thoughts. His brown hair blacked by water as the winds rush threw causing the soaked cigarette which hangs from his mouth to flap about. A light flashes by quickly followed by an explosion causing the oceans tides to rock the shit causing the man's cigarette to break lose and into the ruff waters bellow. The man soon comes back to life as he looks around. He sees the faces of the soldiers almost as pale as his own. Snapping to attention he quickly grabs his walkie-talkie and presses down tightly as he gives out orders to his mean, "All forces prepare for battle! Remember your orders and do not stray from your companies unless otherwise ordered by a superior!"

The soldiers remain quiet as instructed earlier back at Vigrid base as they stand low as the vessels dodge the borage of missiles fired from MAGI base. Troops activate their MDB (Manna Defense Barriers) as they near the shore not far. The MDBs surround their bodies with a dim neon green aura. Quickly upon landing the troops rush out. The brown haired solider follows behind as he barks out orders, "Alpha, penetrate the outer defense! Bravo and Papa take out the surrounding defense! Zulu fall in behind and prepare for the main assault!"

As the Kronos forces disembark they are countered by Maverick forces. Quickly shots are fired as they fight to the death. As bullets fly they are deflected by the MDBs equipped by both forces. Forces quickly fall in using up close combat in order to slay the others. Kronos flame throwers fall from behind as they set a blaze the opposing forces. Their bodies are set a blaze as they fall to the ground. The Kronos forces slowly push back Mavrick as they walk throw the blood soaked soils of MAGI base.