Dedicated to my best friend Rick

Sometimes someone comes along
Usually only once, maybe twice in a lifetime
Someone that touches your heart
Touches your soul
Someone that cares, and listens
And gives good advice, and shows you what matters
They show you that friendship is the most important thing
That support can get you through anything
They show you that no matter what you're going through
There is always a way to get by
They cry with you
They laugh with you
They get angry and sad and happy whenever you are
Even if they don't know the whole story
They believe you over anyone else
They trust you
They encourage you when you're down
They tell you everything will be all right
You know, no matter what
They'll be there whenever you need them
They're always there to talk or just to listen
They love you for who you are
They love everything about you
If you feel bad about yourself
They point out every single thing they like
Everything you hate about yourself, they love
And somehow they convince you
To think the way they do, and love yourself
They send smiles and hugs
And laughter and tears
Anything that matters to you
Matters to them
You go to them about every little thing
Because no matter what it is
They somehow make it better
Just by a few sincere words, they cheer you up
They make you forget everything that you thought mattered so much
If you're sad
They make you happy
If you're afraid
They make you calm
If you're doubting
They make you trust
If you're lonely
They make you feel loved
Not everyone will meet someone like this
But for those who do
This kind of friendship is a treasure
More valuable than anything else
The best friend you could get
Nothing else could ever replace them
Or even come near it
They'll be there always
You can trust in that
Friends forever you are, no matter what
Never a worry, never a doubt
I'm glad to say; I have someone like this
I have a friend who is
The best friend anyone could have
A friend that will always be there
And I just want to say to him
Thank you for being there
Thank you for being you
For loving em
Thank you for everything you do
Thank you for the smiles
And the hugs and the laughter and tears
And thank you for the many more to come
I love you more than I can say
My friend, Rick