This is dedicated to my best friend Rick. We may only know each other over
our computer screens, but he means more to me than he'll ever know.

Nothing is right
I just want to cry
I can't be happy
I can't even try

My hair is a mess
My clothes don't fit right
I can't find my shoes
I'm a horrible sight

People are mean
I don't know my lines
They won't leave me alone
Any of the time

The computer throws fits
It won't open a page
It won't stay connected
I'm almost enraged!

My stories won't come
I think of nothing new
My site has crashed
And too

I'm done, I'm tired
I'm sick of it all
I don't feel important
I just feel so small

I sit at the screen
Tears come down my face
I feel so alone
In my own little space

I'm not fit to talk to
I'm miserably sad
I feel worse than ever
I just feel so bad

So I don't want to talk
But the window comes on
A face smiles at me
And you know something's wrong

But everything disappears
Cause you cheer me up well
I don't know how you do it
I don't know how you tell

You just know what to do
And do it somehow
A few words and smiles
I feel much better now

All it takes is a smile
A hug on the screen
And nothing else matters
I know what this means

You're the best friend ever
You're always there for me
You make me so happy
I want you to see

The cute little hug
And the few caring words
Are the best I have seen
The best I have heard

You can make my day
You can make me smile
I relax all at once
And we talk for a while

And by the time I sign out
And we're done for the day
I feel like a new person
With things going my way

I just want to thank you
Cause you mean so much to me
For being a great friend
The best you can be

I love that you care
I hope you can tell
You're so good for me
Because you know me so well

And I know whatever happens
All throughout my day
You're always there to give me hugs
And to show me the way

So no matter what I go through
There's one thing that holds true
You're always there across the screen
And I really do love you