The Love Bug
By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,everything in life isn't just work
And play,which brings us to the City of New York,
Where a young and handsome comic-book writer
Who goes by the name of Peter
Lomax arrived at where the biggest comic book convention in New York's
Entire history was being held in order to get some rest.

But that was before he had bumped into someone from out west
Named Sara Grayson,whose comic-book company named
Amazing Comics wanted her to offer their main
Man in comic-book writing a new contract for the rest
Of the year.

However,before that was about to happen,it suddenly became clear
That when both Peter and Sara had looked at each other's eyes,
They've realized that true love is something that they really must try.

And so,after they've walked over to a restaurant which was near
The hotel,they've sat down and enjoyed their evening meal
In a place with a lot of romantic appeal.

Then,after they've left the restaurant,they both raced
On over to her place,
Where they were able to share a nightcap.

Just then,after they've each sipped a glass of wine,
They've looked at each other and realized that a certain line
Has been connected to their hearts--
And instead of moving themselves apart
From each other,they've strengthened that line
By kissing each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Then,after the Charlize Theron type beauty placed his hands on her bare hips,
Both she and Peter had laid their nude bodies on the bed
And started enjoying their moment of pure sensual pleasure,instead
Of having him allow her
Do her job and offer
To him the new contract within her very own homestead.

And then,after their moment of pure erotica was over,
A sudden thought had came over
Sara,for she had suddenly realized that they're no longer friends--
And since a new life has begun after her old one ends,
She had also realized that they're really a new pair of lovers.

And since her career with Amazing Comics is over
Due to the love bug,Sara has decided to stay with her
Newfound love of her life
Forever--and then,one year later,she had became his wife,
as well as his writing partner.

So,if you guys in the comic-book business are in need
Of a pair of writers who would do the job,then heed
These words:You should hire
The newest comic-book writing team ever to set the world on fire.
Believe me,both Peter and Sarah Lomax are really what you need.