Chapter 1

The day felt dreary as I peered through my bedroom window. The morning rays were hidden behind the clouded grey sky. I sighed and looked behind me towards my clock, which read 8.00. Time to get ready for school, I thought as I got out of bed. I crossed my bedroom and entered a half hidden door, which led, towards my bathroom. After having a wash I walked back to my room.

I decided to wear black fitted pants and a white turtleneck top. Deciding to keep my long black hair away from my face I put it up into a ponytail.

I gazed at my reflection and thought I looked okay considering I usually thought that I looked like a slob.

I thundered down the stairs and entered the kitchen to find my mum buttering the toast. 'Morning mum' I said with a half yawn. Smiling at me my mum responded 'morning sweetie'. I snatched a toast and started munching on it when my dad walked through trying to fix his tie.

You see my dad was a lawyer whilst my mum was an interior designer. So as you can imagine my parent's life was pretty hectic.

Dad gave me a quick kiss on the head, which meant 'good morning' then kissed mum. Before grabbing a toast and running out the door yelling 'see you later, squirt'. Squirt, that's what my parents called me, in a loving yet sometimes embarrassing manner.

Looking at my watch again I cursed under my breath, grabbing my school bag and my jacket, I ran out of the house yelling to mum that I would be late today because of practice. What practise you may ask. Well you see I play the flute in the school choir. It's quite a lot of fun when you get the hang of it.

I ran towards the bus stop. Praying that I hadn't missed the bus I waited patiently for about 30 seconds when the bus came to view. Showing my bus pass to the driver I started searching for a place to sit. I cringed when I realised the only spare seat was next to Conner O'Neil.

I sat down dejectedly next to him after he picked up his school bag. Conner O'Neil you see just happens to be the most popular as well as cutest boy the whole of the eleventh year if not the school. I could smell his cologne sitting this close to him. It was a musky yet woody scent, just right for him.

His group of friends who happen to be the entire popular crowd never talked to lil' ole' me.

For I Tanya Cole was what the popular crowd called a 'freak'.

Not because I technically was a freak but because my grandmother believed she could talk to the dead. Yes you are thinking along the right lines, she called her self a medium. She used to have these séances, and believe me they used to freak me out. But all that has stopped now because she died last year, but unfortunately all the other kids haven't forgotten because they still are cruel to me now as they were when my grandmother was alive.

I felt someone shake my out of my thoughts. I shook my head to see that Conner was trying to talk to me; he was waving his hand in front of my face. I jerked to face him to see that he was grinning.

''Scuse us, I have to get past'. For a second I didn't understand what he was saying. I felt the bus begin to slow when I quickly stood up. God I must seem like a freak to him, just sitting there staring into space. Shouldering his bag he walked past me. I sat back on to the seat just in time to see him take a glance at me then smirked before hopping off the bus.

That was weird. Why did he get off we haven't even reached school yet. I looked out of the window and jumped. Shit I'd missed my stop I ran to the front of the bus and had to wait until the next stop. That's why he smirked at me, the jerk knew I had to get of as well but didn't tell me. Aggghhhh. Now I'm gonna be late.

As soon as the bus stopped I hopped off and ran back to school. Damn my bag was heavy. As soon as I entered the school building, the bell went off. Cursing I ran to my form class to get signed in. Saying a quick hello to my best friend Beth, I made my way to my locker to get out my books for my next lesson, which was maths.

I put the books that I had in my bag into my locker when I heard someone giggling in a typical blonde bimbo type of way.

I turned my head around to find Lucy Anderson, the most popular girl in school laughing her head off with Conner O'Neil. I stared at Conner not realising what I was actually doing. I blushed when he turned his head slightly and saw me looking at him. He gave me a small smirk then winked at me before walking away with Lucy Anderson, who was clinging on to him. I felt myself blush. I couldn't believe it that. that.agghhh I can't think of a word bad enough to describe him.

Beth jumping on me shook me out of my reverie. I twisted around to face her. She looked freaky. She was smiling at me in a goofy yet knowing way. 'I saw you looking at O'Neil, what's up with that?' I stared at her not knowing what to say. How on earth did she know that I was looking at him? Was I that obvious? Did anyone else notice? Reading the look on my face she answered my silent questions.

'You were looking straight at him Tanya, even when he was leaving you were staring at his back, you were obvious to me for I am of course the worlds greatest best friend and no one else noticed for they were not paying attention to your moony gaze, at our resident heartthrob Conner O'Neil.' I started sniggering at her when the bell went for first period.

I entered the class with Beth following me. I noticed that Conner O'Neil was sitting at the back of the class surrounded by his friends. I took my usual seat, which was on the edge closet to the door, with Beth next to me.

'Right class, today we will be continuing algebra.' I started of into space as Mrs. Smith droned on. Without realising I turned my head round to face the back of the class when I saw Conner looking at me. At first I saw a kind of dazed look in his eyes then shaking himself violently he smirked at me when he noticed I was looking at him.

I quickly faced the front. I wonder what that was about.

'Tanya are you listening to me' I looked up to find Mrs. Smith hovering over me. What did she just say?

'Sorry what did you say miss' I asked in my best polite schoolgirl voice. Muttering under her breath she walked to the front of the class and exclaimed 'Tanya I'm afraid I'll have to give you detention for not paying attention in class, I want you to meet me in this class after school, now I asked you what is 5x + -9y2?'

Looking at her blankly she turned away muttering 'what is the world coming to if the bright students don't even pay attention?' I heard the class snigger as I buried my head under my arms.

I do not need to be more of an outcast than I already am by the teacher calling me bright girl.

By the time the lesson had finished three other students also had detention, one of them namely Conner O'Neil, for putting his feet on the desk and not caring for school property.

I was one of the first to get out of the class as I saw Mrs. Smith coming up to me I totally forgot about Beth as she headed towards her next class yelling "see ya in a bit". I got to my locker and just managed to open it when I got shoved from behind. I wasn't quick enough to grab on to something before I fell to the ground. Curing loudly I began to pick up my books when I realised a shadow had fallen upon me. I looked up to find Conner O'Neil standing above me looking at me strangely. He bent down to me and picked up my pen. After handing it to me he got up and started to walk away. He stopped and looked back at me, then turned and walked of.

I couldn't figure out what happened. It wasn't until I realised that everything was silent that I noticed that everyone was staring at me. I especially noticed that in the centre of the popular girls Lucy Anderson was sneering at me. I guess the reasons simple, it not everyday that a popular guy (especially someone like Conner O'Neil) gives the freak girl a second glance let alone helps her.

But what I couldn't get was the way Conner looked at me; it was as if he was angry with me for something.

After putting my maths books into my locker and retrieving my history books I headed towards the history department, my mind still wondering at the scene that occurred.

I tried to walk as slowly as I could to get to the class. The last thing I wanted to do was be anywhere near Lucy Anderson.

Opening the door to the class I entered and settled into my usual seat, which was also nearest to the door. History lessons weren't so bad except for sometimes Mr. Kien partnered us up in pairs and as usual everyone was very and I mean very reluctant to be my partner.

The door slammed open I looked up to find Lucy Anderson looking extremely red and glaring at me. As she was walking past me she knocked all my books and my pen to the ground.

I bent down to get them slamming them on to the table, I turned around to start yelling at her when the headmasters assistant walked into the room "now class Mr. Kien, I'm afraid is not here today and unfortunately we could not find a substitute so can everyone please continue the work you were doing last lesson or finish off any homework."

The class cheered at that since Mr. Kien was a very strict teacher and not many people liked him.

I think I'll go home instead, I thought, its not as if I've got any important lessons next anyway. All I've got is two gruelling hours of P.E, then art (which isn't so bad). So making sure that no one was in the corridor I made a run for it. I got out of the schools gates without any problem. Going home early for me was not a situation because mum and dad weren't home to grill me.

I think I'll walk home, I thought, since the bus isn't gonna be here for another half an hour. I was half way home when I started walking past the park. I decided to chill there for a bit.

Sitting upon the swing I swung back and forth my mind unconsciously going to Conner O'Neil. I don't get the guy I mean just yesterday he totally blanked me but now he's winking at me, looking at me, smirking at me (not in a patronizing way) and helping me, I just don't get it. What's changed since yesterday?

I was still on the swings when I realised a guy was walking towards me. I'm gonna ignore him, most guys are really horrible to me and totally mean so I can't do anything but ignore them since I'm not very good at sticking up for my self. Coming a bit closer I recognised the guy to be Conner.