Chapter 2

Oh boy I don't want to be anywhere near him after the look he gave me in the hallway, even though my heart is thumping like mad. He came and sat on the seat next to me, and started rocking back and forth.

After a couple of minutes of silence I couldn't stand it so I got of the swing and started walking away. I walked a couple of steps then stopped when I heard someone behind me. I looked back to see him smirking at me.

'What' I snapped annoyed at the way he was looking at me.

'Nothing' he said his smirk changing into a smile. I started walking away when he grabbed my wrist. 'Let me go' I said pulling at my wrist.

'Can I ask you something' he said whilst looking deep into my eyes.

'What' I said not able to look at him. A tingly feeling was creeping down my spine as he slowly rubbed his thumb in circles against the pulse in my wrist. A delicious feeling, but one that I wasn't expecting.

I can't believe that Conner O'Neil is here with me and talking to me, has hell frozen over, are pigs flying!

'Why don't you ever stick up for your self?' he asked quietly whilst pulling me towards a bench. I didn't know what to say so I kept my mouth shut whilst I sat down. 'I mean I know your different, or rather unique then the rest of us but why not help your self by sticking up for your self.'

I looked at him gaping. Did he just call me unique, yes, he called me unique not freaky but unique, okay this is weird.

'Er.' what the hell should I tell him? 'Well, if I stand up for my self its not gonna make much difference because the taunting and hatreds not gonna stop' I said all the while looking at his hand that was still smoothing the skin with his finger in a way I tried futilely to ignore. We both stayed silent for a while not knowing what to say when I decided to ask him a question 'why are you suddenly talking to me, you never even bothered with me before with me, why now'?

'I'm not sure exactly but I've had this strange feeling about you for a while now, god knows what it is but its just, oh I don't know'. He broke of, letting go of my wrist. 'Why did I get the feeling that you were angry with me after I got shoved today?' oh my god, I cannot believe this I'm talking to Conner O'Neil and I'm not even stuttering, oh lord this is probably a dream, but no it can't be, its to real.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by him sitting next me. 'I was flaming angry because you got shoved and you didn't say anything to the guys.'

'Well they were your friends' I pointed out. Oh my god I'm talking to Conner O'Neil, the hottest guy in school. 'Doesn't mean you don't stick up for your self.' He said looking away whilst raking his hand through his hair.

'Why did you help me'? I asked dryly.

'Because I just got sick and tired of everyone walking on you, and you not doing anything about it.'

'Oh' I'm not exactly sure what to say to that.

'Do you know why Lucy Anderson was glaring at me today after you helped me?' I asked meekly.

'Ah, that right, well, she saw me helping you and got the idea that there was something going on between us, she started having ago at me about you and I told her to shut up and get her facts straight before she comes barking to me. Er I guess that's why she was angry with you. Sorry.'

'I gotta go' I told him getting of the bench.

'Wait' he yelled, jogging to stand in front of me. 'Why are you walking of, I'm not gonna hurt you' he said sincerely.

'I know, its just that I'm confused, I still don't get why you're talking to me, you know the "freak girl", so I'm gonna go away to forget about this incident'. I said side stepping him and walking past.

This time he didn't say anything and let me go.

By the time I got home I was trying not to think about the incident even though Conner's green eyes and jet-black hair were floating into my mind.

I ran up to my room and dropped on to the bed just as I heard the front door open. I went downstairs to see mum putting her coat on the coat rack.

'Hey mum, you're early'.

'Oh sweetie, you gave me a fright, aren't you supposed to be coming home late. I thought you had your practice today'.

Oh shoot, I forgot about practice.

'Er yeah mum, Mrs Khan wasn't in to day, so we had no practice.' I said lying bluntly.

'Right, so did you have a good day in school, sweetie?'

'It was alright mum'. Saying that I walked up to my room. Taking the flute out of the case I started practising what I knew by heart. I completed the sequence and felt content. Staring out the window the image of Conner floated to my mind. Aggghhhh why can't I escape him, I see him in school, now after school and now in my mind. Just then the phone rang to my private line.

'Hey Beth' I said knowing who it was, not many people had the number to my private line (obviously since I don't know many people) just a select few.

'Hey, where'd you go after maths, I couldn't find you'.

'I went to the park, Mr Kien wasn't there'.


'You'd never guess who I met in the park'.

'Er.I dunno, Cleopatra'

'Nope you dope, but the one and only Mr Conner O'Neil',

'You joking'

'No for some reason he kept on talking to me'

'What did he say?'

For the next twenty minutes I relived the incident by telling Beth exactly what happened, from the things he said to him holding my wrist.

'Wow' was all Beth said. 'Are you sure that happened, coz that doesn't sound like Mr Hot Shot, usually he's an arrogant, self-centred, egotistical, chauvinistic pig'. 'Well this time he wasn't, he was sweet.'

'You know its probably a bet to see how far he can get with you, Tanya you know guys like him are after one thing and its defiantly not a girls mental capacity.'

'That's harsh you know; besides it's really weird but he said that he had some kind of feeling for me. It sounded sincere at the time, but to tell you the truth, now that I think about it, it probably was a load of bull.'

In the background I heard someone yelling for Beth. 'Damn, listen Tanya, I've gotta go, otherwise my mum gonna have kittens.'

After hanging up, I threw the phone on my bed; I grabbed my bag and yelled at mum that I was going out.

I began walking down the road my mind on what Beth said. What was the reason Conner talking to me, was it because of a bet. Could he be so cruel, so devious, even though he looked and sounded sincere?

Feeling a few rain drops falling on to my head I looked up to find that the sky had darkened and it was just the beginning of a down pour. I ran towards the nearest café and settled in the furthest corner. I was lucky I didn't get soaked.

A waitress came over and I ordered a hot chocolate with a blueberry muffin. After a couple of minutes the waitress came back with my order. Before tucking into the muffin I closed my eyes and rested. My stomach grumbling made me start on the muffin. Taking a sip of the hot chocolate I looked up to find two people hurrying into the café.

I couldn't see their faces as their backs were towards me so I took no notice of them. They settled on a table a few down from where I sat. I

Couldn't see who it was but I could see that the guy had its back towards me and the girl sat opposite him.

It wasn't until the girl turned her face slightly I realised it was Lucy Anderson. I wonder which poor devils she's out with tonight.

I carried on eating my muffin as my continued to wonder in the unruly direction of a certain green eyed guy. What if what Beth said was true and he was just being nice to me because of a bet. I better stay clear of him especially if he talks to me. But he won't risk talking to me in school coz of his reputation.

I felt someone staring at me so I looked around and found my self looking at Lucy Anderson. For some reason she had a really smug look on her face. I wonder what her problem is.

After I finished the muffin I headed towards the restroom to wash my hands. Walking past Lucy she again had a smug look on her, for some reason she kept on nodding her head to the guy opposite her. I wasn't about to give her the satisfaction that I was curious to who she was with, so I carried on walking towards the bathroom.

Washing the crumbs of my hand I looked at my self in the mirror. My black hair fell past my shoulders and curled at the ends. Raking my fingers through them to control them, as they were unmanageable I looked into my eyes, which were liquid grey. An unusual colour for me, since my dad had brown eyes and my mum had greeny blue. Walking out of the bathroom I stopped as I saw Lucy and her date. The guy was no other then Conner O'Neil. Since Lucy had her back towards me she didn't see me. Nor did Conner until I saw him look past Lucy's shoulder and started at me. I felt his eyes boring in to my soul.

I quickly turned away and returned to my seat. I can't believe it, that's way Lucy looked all smug.

Leaning my arms on the table I put my head on to my hands.

What was Conner talking about then in the park, was it all lies, of course it was lies. It's a good thing I wasn't sucked in. But what about what he said about having feeling for me. That was lies too I guess. Blasted idiot, I'm a bloody fool, how could I have thought he was being genuine? Oh I'm gonna shut up know. He's got every right to go out with who ever he wants, it's not like were bosom buddies or anything. Giving my self a mental slap I looked up to find Conner staring at me, I looked past him to find Lucy Anderson walking into the bathroom.

He had a somewhat confused look on his face. I looked down at my hands and tried to ignore him. I finished of the hot chocolate and got up. I went to the front of the café. I felt Conner's eye on me all the way. I paid for my order and quickly left. The rain had stopped to a light drizzle. I walked quickly back home. It was when I was half way home that I looked back.

I wonder what he's playing at. Oh well I'm not gonna waste any time thinking about him. By the time I got home I was thoroughly wet. I ran to my room shucked off my clothes, threw them in the hamper, changed in to my nightclothes then flung my self on to my bed.

When I woke up it was 9:00 pm. I went downstairs hoping to find any left over food in the fridge. Walking past the living room I saw mum and dad cuddling in front of the TV.

I went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. Inside there was pasta bake. I heated that and eat it with garlic bread, washing it down with a can of coke. I went back upstairs only to flop on to my bed again and fall asleep.

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