It's raining ropes and handguns tonight.
And I proudly let them fall around me,
Creating a halo of second chanes.
As I scope out a rope thick enough to hold you,
With your hands tied and mouth bound,
Up against a tree wet with the rain.

You watch blindly while I writhe with pain,
And throw myself against you.
Sometimes I wonder if you realize,
That i've been trying to hurt you for a while.
But I am never able to reach inside,
To hurt the part of me you did.

But this time, it's raining ropes and handguns.
And its all in my hands now,
Because tonight the sky's on my side.
And it will turn it's head and leave me alone,
With you.
While I tear at your heart and scream in your mouth.

So while I have your utmost attention,
I will whisper how much you meant to me,
Then write it on your chest with broken glass.
Remember how much you meant to me.
Choke on your gag and shut your eyes hard,
While I savor the moment when youre hurting as much as I did

I'll make use of the handgun that falls into my hands.
Hold it up to your head while I pour my heart out.
Maybe this time you'll listen.
A limb body tied up against a tree
My beloved darling dead at my hands
You should have listened,

When I told you it was raining ropes and handguns.