A man, waiting on a black bench, well dressed
For he aimed to impress
The one he loved, that special someone
Whom he knew would not come
Twas the first time he had been alone
On that sidewalk he'd formerly considered home.
It was where they had first met
In black and white- love was set.
But after what had happened, he was not too sure
The definite white and black blended into a blur.
Clouds of grey filled his eyes
He did not come to realize
In the distance, a melodious sound
Made him aware someone else was around
Prancing down that black-white street
Elegantly skipping to the beat.
Though one knew it was he who created senseful noise
It begged to differ with his graceful poise
Up and down the streets of black and white
Another figure came into sight.
Waltzing in, similar to the first
Her technique- not better nor worse
The man watching them dancing together
Only aided him to remember
The times he'd spent with her, being so selfless
The way her voice and touch rendered him helpless
As he was now, in awe and falling
The two figures had drawn him in.
The two together in flawless harmony
As the black and white strips of ivory and ebony
The two together- he and her became reminiscent
He could have sworn she was present.
Though he knew she was an illusion
He did not with for any intrusions
Of his fantasy; the pair played their song of choice
He sang out loud, she had no voice
Still he had not gained control
Over the pair of culprits who played with his soul
On and on their dance would only cease
When they had reached the end of the piece.
Perfectly performed, wonderfully sound
The man sitting on the bench, once again found
Formal applauses turning to cheers out loud
Gathering himself, he took a bow.
Walking away, from the sidewalk for the first time alone
The one special place he'd considered home
The performance was no doubt out of sight
However, the satisfaction didn't come that night.
Later, he met up with his five-fingered pair of friends again.
In one, he took up a ballpoint pen
To write in his journal of their performance, what he could fix,
What he learned: His music could not make up, no matter with what finger
The meaning it had with her sung lyrics.