A fiction story I thought up with so many ideas with the help of Mandi, since because of her and the pain she had once caused me inspired me. Yes I know it's very strange really. I own these characters so you have to ask permission first if you want to use them. And blaaaahhhhhh if you steal them!!!

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I think I'll give ya a better summary then the one ya know now.

Summary: Mana, a goth/punk girl from the city moves to a suburban town. She has an abusive mother; she's never had friends and never wants any either until she meets Tallia, a punk girl. Slowly feelings overcome her as she falls for her friend. But then Tallia meets a boy; she becomes popular and slowly forgets all about being friends with Mana when she starts promising but never coming with her somewhere. Mana can't take it, she becomes depressed and starts cutting herself, adding injuries her mother already gives her with no one to help heal it.....what will happen next between the two?

~*~*~*~*~* Chapter 1 A New Place And........Sorrow? ~*~*~*~*~*

Mana sat in the back seat of her mother's car, looking out the window as the car passed several trees. Why did she have to move? She liked the city and no one ever bothered her there. But now.. they were going to live in a suburban area, with little annoying, laughing children playing around outside. And, of course, she had to go to a new school. Now she had to make sure no one does make friends with her, let the whole school know she's the loner, that she didn't want any friends at all.

The girl had enough experience to know she could not trust anybody. Everyone was the same: always betraying one another for they're own sick amusement. Heck. She couldn't even trust her own mother or family, although she had never met her family. Her mother never took her to family gatherings or even family events. Mana had never been to a family reunion before either.

The car drove on for a few more minutes before passing a sign that said "Welcome to Shadow Lake Forest!" Mana glared at the sign, hating it for she had to like in this godforsaken place, though she did like the name. Soon she saw houses, all the same sickenly colors which she despised most: Yellow, pink, and light blue.

"My life sucks." she murmured lowly to herself so her mother would not hear.

The vehicle stopped in a driveway full of fallen leaves, supposedly inferring this house has been vacant for quite a while and no one in the neighborhood had bothered to at least sweep it. The young girl stepped out of the car and shut the door, or more like slammed which her mother took opportunity to yell at her for. Blocking out her mother's yelling she glanced around the neighborhood she would now have to be familiar with. Everything looked the way she pictured it: just plain boring.

Mana turned her head to a door slam next to her new home. A girl that looked about her age, thirteen, ran down the front step, obviously angry over something. She had brown hair down to her shoulders, wearing baggy black pants, seemingly a bit big for her, and a dark red shirt that said on the back "You Suck!". Mana couldn't quite see her face as the girl's hands covered it. 'Must have been crying, poor pathetic soul,' she thought.

Curiosity took the better of the goth girl and she set out following the other girl, obviously a punk, after telling her mother she was going to check out the neighborhood quickly. She ran through the forest, seeing a trail the punk girl left until she heard a distant crying. Mana could hear the crying gradually grow louder as she slowly walked closer and hid behind a tree, peeking out to see the crying girl sitting upon a huge rock in a little clearing. She could hear murmurs of "stupid boyfriend" and "what the hell is wrong with him?".

This all had to do with a fucking guy? Mana should have known, girls always cry over guys. She despised guys so fucking much. How they played girls, were untruthful, and full of trouble. Nothing good could come from them. A lesson she once learned when she was younger. How she wished she could erase that memory. Why'd she come out here anyway? 'I wasted my time coming to see this and hear she was only crying about a fucking boy?' she thought as she started walking away from this pitiful scene accidentally snapping a twig. Mana froze where she was, thanking the goddess she was behind the huge tree.

The weeping girl lifted her head from her hands and looked over toward the place where she heard the sound. She sniffed, curiously glancing all around that spot, as if looking for a certain someone to be there. In a soft voice, partly cracking from her crying she asked to the nothing that was there, other than Mana, "W-who's there? Devin is that you? If its you Devin, please come out."

Mana closed her eyes and held in her breath, praying the punk girl would not come over to check. Receiving no answer the girl slowly went back to her crying, wiping away tears that streamed down her face rapidly. She hugged her knees to her chest as if giving herself comfort. Mana looked back at the lone figure, feeling something in the pit of her stomach.. most likely sorrow for the girl, but that was ridiculous since Mana felt sorrow for no one. It was probably just that she was hungry.

The goth girl walked out of the forest after retracing her steps that were taken and went inside her house, thinking about the girl. 'Heh. Stupid girl won't get out of my head. Oh well, she will soon.' Mana walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat, quickly ate, avoiding her mother who was in the living room, sprawled out on the couch, that wasn't really placed anywhere, drunk. 'As usual, at least she didn't notice me.now to just get to my room without a sound.' She tiptoed quietly to her room down the hall and opened the door; she looked around. There was only her bed and packed boxes full of her stuff.

"I'll unpack tomorrow after school. Hell with school, I'd rather be dead then go there.not like anyone would miss me anyways," she quietly said the last part, for a second wishing there was someone who cared about her for once.

Mana practically jumped onto her bed and snuggled against her pillow. She kicked off her black converse shoes and pulled her black covers over her cold body. 'Tomorrow. Another day, another living hell to survive..' Her thoughts trailed off as she drifted off as she went into a light sleep.


The weeping girl sat on the large rock in the little open clearing of the forest for a few more minutes before she wiped away the last of her tears that strolled freely down her face. Right then the heavens decided to make her day worse as dark clouds started to build up around the sky, shadowing the land it was over. Thunder roared, being heard from near and far because of its tremendous sound. Lightning struck across the sky and ground; the bolts of light lighting up the darkened sky.

She looked up at the sky, wondering if it was just bad luck or the goddess just hated her. Choosing the latter she jumped off the rock and headed home at a quite slow pace. Rain poured down, soaking her clothes. She tried not to shiver as the wind blew. The girl instead ran home.

"I just wish there was someone......anyone to love me, hold me, be there for me and not throw me away like nothing for once..." the girl quietly whispered to no one in particular.


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