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Chapter 6: Scars and Plan Found Out

Devin charged at me and with the right footing, I swiftly evaded the attack. I wasn't expecting what he had next. Suddenly I had felt a sudden impact on my stomach and I fell to the ground clutching it. That hurt a lot.

"Haha! I knew with that fake shot I'd be able to get you with a real one." He grinned victoriously.

"You really think you got me? Think again because that was just to test your skills." Heh, I'm such a liar.

I would not lose to him; not easily, that is. I got up rubbing the place I got hit. He was worse than all those other bullies I had come across during my younger days at my other school, and ones from now. How many scars he ever has, I bet they wouldn't even match up to mine.

A thirteen-year-old girl was shoved off of the bench in a nearby park. She glanced up to notice the familiar faces of three boys that went to her school. No adultswere there at the moment so she had no help, or distraction for an escape route.

"You're a disgusting sight to see," one said, pointing and laughing at her.

"Yeah, and you know what else? I bet nobody would ever love you because of that," said another.

"Stupid girl. No one would miss you if you were gone," the third boy said.

Temari growled, bowing her head as if in shame when tears started to form at her eyes. She could not help but to believe them. Because it was true...it was so true to her and they just had to go and shove it in her face.

"Go away," she cried out.

"Don't tell us what to do!" The first boy was angered. "You are in no place to!"

Then he kicked her in the face making her fall backwards. It hurt her to no end. That would just add to her bruises. The two other joined in on beating her and she screamed out in pain. But no one could hear her.

They stopped after a minute or two from getting bored of picking on what they called "trash" from their school. As the girl layed in the pool of her own blood, she began to wonder. To fight back...or not?

Her body ached and she didn't know whether or not she'd be able to take on all three. Was she going to be able to take any more of this pain for on-going years? Was she going to be able to prove everyone wrong once and for all?

A little voice in the back of her head encouraged her to do so, and she obeyed. With some trouble, she struggled to get up and on her feet, into a fighting stance. This was nothing compared to what she got everyday from her mother.

"What? Now she wants to fight back?" The second boy mused.

The third chuckled. "That's alright, gives us all the more reason to continue pulverizing her."

As they stood guffawing at her, she took the chance to take them down. One by one, she managed to beat and come out as the victor. She smiled to herself that she could actually do something right.

From then on, she kept fighting for her safety and training secretly. Each time when out of a battle, she'd have a scar to prove her victory just like a soldier.

I clenched my hands into balls of fists and swung them at him. He dodged and I threw a kick at him. He caught my leg and grinned as if he was going to break it. I then lifted my other leg and hit him square in the face.

A trickle of blood dripped down from his mouth. I stood there in front of him, smirking proudly at how easily I could counterattack.

"What is going on here?" Questioned a teacher who then walked between us.

"..." This was a rhetorical question, so I decided not to answer.

Devin quickly wiped off the blood. "Nothing, sir."

Hah. Idiot. He just lied to the assistant principle.

"Then explain why I caught you two fighting in the hallway! Come with me." He began walking towards the front office, and we trailed behind.

Devin casted a death glare at me. I stared at the back of the teacher and ignored it. Noticing I was unfazed, he glared even harder. Did he not understand that no matter how much he glares at me I won't acknowledge or cower in fear like others? I suppose not.

I sat two seats away from him when we arrived at the office. He was called in first and I think he would get the worst punishment, because he hit me and I'm a girl. Gentlemen are not entitled to do such things, but he's not one anyways.

I began to think on how Tallia would react when she found out I was fighting her boyfriend.

"You are crazy aren't you? How come you didn't listen to me? You could've gotten seriously injured!" I got my answer when she began yelling at me about how concerned she is for me.

I wasn't really expecting this at all. From what I thought, she was supposed to be concerned for Devin's well-being other than mine. Ugh, she's so bothersome. I rolled my eyes at her and continued eating my lunch.

"Well, I wasn't injured," I said through chewing bits of my sandwich.

"You say that now, but you would've regretted it later on if the assistant principle hadn't have come." She sat beside.

I glanced at her. "I assure that it wouldn't have been me hurting, it would have been him."

She gave me a disbelieving look. "You can prove this how?"

I lifted the two sleeves of my shirt and pant leg to reveal the numorous scars I have had from fighting. And they were all cut wounds from knives too. Then I showed her my back (she didn't see it the other day, thank god) which had long slashes on it.

I raised an eyebrow. "Does this prove it to you? Every battle I've gotten in has given me a scar, but each time I had one. These just prove how right I am."

Tallia's eyes casted downward and she stayed silent. I guessed that had been a lot more than she had to see, but she wanted me to prove. She seemed as if she wanted to know where they all came from, not every one of them were battle scars. I shrugged it off though.

"So, why aren't you confronting your boyfriend about this too? Surely you must care if he got too," I wondered aloud.

She spoke again. "I know he can take care of himself."

For some reason, I thought she was lying. Then again, that's just me thinking this. However, her eyes seemed to give away the fact that she was not being too sincere about it. I didn't question her anymore.

I looked over at Devin's table for a moment. He was getting scolded for almost getting beat up by a girl, particulary me. I just snicked silently to myself as I watched as Mike, one of his friends, comment on how weak he was.

I glanced at Tallia who was gazing at the sky with a dreamy smile on her face. I was curious to know what she was thinking about. And then she turned her head towards me, still the same kind of smile plastered on her face. I could feel myself melting.

Wait, no! That would be absolutely absurd to say such a thing. Though, I did slightly smile back at her.

As I was exiting the school, I heard a familiar voice. It was Tallia's. I hide behind the open door that let to the front of the school.

"Please Naota! Will you dance with her? I think she really needs someone at the moment." She pleaded.

I peeked ut from behind the door and saw Tenten talking to this boy I remember from one of my classes. He was lazy but said to have an IQ of over 200. The way his hair was made reminded my of a pinnapple. Haha, pinnapple-head.

"It's too troublesome. Why me?" He asked.

"I don't know. Maybe because you're the only boy without a girlfriend."

He thought about it. "If I say yes, will you stop bugging me?"

"Yay! Thanks! Mana will probably be happy about this!" Tallia cheered happily.

I groaned inwardly. This was about me? So this is what she had planned for the dance. I don't wanna go, but she's going to drag me out of my bed even if I am sick. I walked out and said hi which she returned, and we walked home. A comfortable silence settling between us.

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