"Incoherent Notes Rooted In And Of Dazed Days"
I wonder what it feels like to be a hero,
To be somebody who really made a difference,
Whether it be recently or a century ago,
Time is merely circumstance.

We often strive to be great,
To be somebody we look up to,
A person free of hate,
And a person of magnitude.

And I hear that's what _____ are for,
Wouldn't you agree?

You know,
One of these days...

After the failed suicide attempts,
Crimes of passion,
Letters of self-loathing,
Apathetic poems,
And lethargic relationships...

Your life will be going so well for you,
You will not know what to do,
With yourself,
Or with Him/Her.

And I hear that's what _____ are for,
Don't you agree?

(2 Sides To Every Story)(Book)

Never let me go.