A Heart in the Darkness (Author's Cut) Chpt 1: The Pledge

(L Series)

By Knightmare Elite

Belladonna yawned lazily wiping the sleep from her eyes. She threw an arm over the side of the bed searching for her slippers. From her bed she peered through her half opened door. Only the dimly hallway light flickered. It only served as a comfort measure for her little sister. She was deathly afraid of the dark; still it amused Belladonna. Sweeping her hands along the ground, her slippers escaped her grasp. With minimal effort, she found them proceeding to the bathroom. The house was quiet since she was the only person up. The few moments she had in the bathroom were the most important. It was there she gathered herself and prepared for yet another day.

As per morning practice she stepped on the scale for a quick look. Like most morning the readouts was not a satisfactory one.

"Oh great 145lbs I gained a pound since yesterday. The coach is gonna bitch at me for sure if he finds out. I really gotta cut down on the S'mores. They're so good," Belladonna groaned.

She stepped off the scale and proceeded to brush her teeth. Even though she loved playing varsity basketball; she had ulterior motives for joining the team. She was constantly reminded why she began playing. It was right after she had turned sixteen. Belladonna was unhappy with her then 5'6 152lbs. It wasn't as much a self esteem issue as it was social image. She didn't want to be a stereotypical socially repressed, slightly overweight lesbian.

Now at age 18, Belladonna still frowned at her 5'7 145lb body. There were many insecurities she held so dear. Even with all her intense work outs; there were areas that just wouldn't shrink. Of course there were many that more than appreciated her body. Still she wished she were one of the 'skinny' girls. Not to say Belladonna was actually fat. She worked hard to avoid her family's fate. Still Belladonna smiled at her reflection. She had to admit she was on many levels attractive. Her long black hair usually kept in a pony tail ran past her shoulders. Behind hear glassy gray eyes held a pert demoness all the boys wanted.

Of course what really drew them in was her quaint accent. She never cared much for it however it was a part of her. Moving to America at age nine was a difficult portion of her life. With it brought the realization that she was a plump little girl. In fact stepping off the plane her weight suddenly became an issue. Never did any one once even care about her looks in Italy. Yet her first day of school she was called a 'meatball'.

With many years of depression and questioning; Belladonna managed to survive. It wasn't until she met her special someone things took a change. She truly found someone who loved her for herself. It didn't matter what Belladonna looked like. She had the most loving and supporting girlfriend anyone could want. Even so there was no denying the blatantly obvious.

Obesity ran in her family and there was no denying the inevitable. There were a few perks though. Her ample breasts alone made many girls jealous. She loved the attention they generated. It was so empowering walking down the halls having all the boys stare. Belladonna felt a smile spread across her full lips. With another yawn she put her tooth brush away and did a few simple stretches to prepare for her morning workout.

Back in her room, Belladonna laid on the floor and proceeded to do her morning routing costing of 100 crunches, 20 pushups and 50 jumping jacks. Belladonna laid on the floor panting once her work out was complete. Like basketball, this was more a personal choice than a leisurely one. Any effort to keep her weight balanced was a worthy task. It wasn't as necessary for social purposes as she led to believe. Belladonna was one of if not the most popular girl in her senior class.

Boys and girls adored her. She was invited to every party half the times guest of honor. During the weekends, she was a heavy raver. Belladonna flaunted her body on the dance floor with little restraint. Her charismatic personality drew people to her. Even if she comes off a bit standoffish at times; people still respected her and that's all she wanted. Everything that she could possibility want was at her fingertips. Belladonna sat up wiping the sweat off her face. Inches from her sat a picture on her night table. It was her sweet Russian femme fatale Marinka.

"I'll see you soon baby," Belladonna said with a smile.

Her quiet time was over as indicated by the simultaneous alarm clocks and opening doors. She quickly dashed to the bathroom to have her morning shower. Much to the dismay of all, she was notorious for her lengthy showers. With little time to spare, Belladonna grabbed a breakfast pastry and dashed to her car.

"Shit its 6:40 already. I knew I shouldn't have wasted so much time in the bathroom," Belladonna yelled with frustration.

She sped off to Marinka's in record time. They had approximately eight minutes to get to school. Belladonna pulled up to the mailbox and hopped out the car. She practically ran to the door and knocked softly awaiting Marinka.

"Hey baby sorry I'm late I had another showdown with the scale again. You look really pretty this morning. Are you ready to go," Belladonna asked.

"Now Belle is that any way to greet me," Marinka asked while wrapping her arms around Belladonna.

It made Belladonna feel bubbly whenever Marinka called her Belle. Marinka was that only person allowed to call her Belle; well besides her family. It was one of the special bonds they shared. As always, Belladonna had to stop to take in Marinka's full beauty. She was absolutely stunning at times. She had such a slender yet curvy body. Her short blonde hair flowed easily with the morning wind. With the coming gusts her cheeks burned a deep red. Those deep puppy brown eyes always drew her in. Marika's lips though thin, felt so delicious against Belladonna's. She shook her head thankful she was Marinka's girl.

Belladonna smiled intensely as they slowly drew closer. Mikka's eyes closed puckering her lips. With little friction their lips met with gentle passion. Marinka fell into her grasp completely lost in the moment. Pushing her tongue away, Belladonna remembered the time. As sad as she was to end their morning kiss, the consequence of being late was petrifying.

"Come on we're gonna be late," Belladonna urged.

"Alright but there's something we have to talk about Belle," Marinka shyly warned.

"Whatever it is I'm sure it can wait. Baby we're gonna be late come one. I can't afford detention today I have practice after school," Belladonna explained while dragging Marinka to her car.

Marinka rested her head on Belladonna's shoulder during the drive. Every now and then Belladonna would glance over to see her little angel at her side.

"You know Baby I have everything I want in my life. I have friends, my health, popularity, and the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. What more could I ask for. Well maybe to loose ten pounds but other than that I'm happy. What about you," Belladonna asked.

"I feel the same way. The only reason I'm popular is because I'm your girlfriend. If guys weren't such pervs they wouldn't give a shit about us. You know it's true. That doesn't matter though. As long as we can enjoy our time together, then everything we endure is worth it," Marinka answered lovingly.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me," Belladonna asked again.

"You know what I don't wanna spoil the moment I'll tell you after practice. Well a brand new day awaits us are you ready Belle," Marinka asked with a cocky grin.

As Marinka stepped out the car Belladonna couldn't keep her eyes off her. Wrapped in extra tight capris and a small belly shirt she was hot. Her firm breasts jiggled invitingly as she stood up. Every curve of her body was accented in her clothing. It was nothing out of the norm in high school. Yet it just seemed out of place on a girl like Marinka. Outside of cheerleading she was pretty much a normal person. She was more the conservative type. Sometimes she would let loose and show off her tight little body. They walked hand in hand chests pushed forward.

With each step through the corridor heads turned. Some looked in disgust, some looked in awe and some looked in quiet desire. No matter how the outcome everyone looked. It was hard to ignore the only openly gay couple at their school. There were a few that downright hated them for that fact. All destructive attempts were futile. Belladonna and Marinka were oblivious to all negative comments.

One of the football players smiled at Belladonna. She acknowledged his smile with a quick wave. She was quickly reminded she was unavailable. The firm squeezing of Belladonna's ass caused her to jump. .

"Don't tell me you're jealous over him. He has nothing on you, besides what would I want a guy for anyway," Belladonna confided to Marinka.

"He's nothing to be jealous over. I just wanted an excuse to grab your ass. I'll see you at lunch and try to be on time today. Love you Belle," Marinka said with a wink.

"Don't even bring up lunch. I really gotta work on a new diet," Belladonna pouted.

"Belle you're beautiful stop making such a fuss about your appearance. I love every inch of you. You're my Italian super babe. I love your figure. You're nice and curvy, and for the last time you're not fat alright. You have that special soft feel to you. It makes me want to touch you more. Of course I can't forget to mention your lips and breasts. My favorite areas," Marinka teased.

"Quit taunting me like that. It's not fair you keep holding out on me like this. We've been together for two years now. Why don't you want to make love?. Am I the problem did I do something wrong? You always say all these nice things. Sometimes I feel like deep down you're not attracted to me. Tell me Marinka is it me? I don't understand it's not like we can get each other pregnant. What are you so afraid of," Belladonna pleaded fighting to hold in her tears.

"Belle I love you with all my heart and I find you downright sexy," Marinka admitted while drawing closer.

"So then what's the problem? I love you; you love me why can't we take it to the next level. You're the person I want Marinka. I want you to be my first. I want to give myself to you completely," Belladonna wept.

"Don't cry Belle I'm just scared alright. I really want our first time to be special. I don't wanna jump the gun and mess it up. I care too much to just jump in a back seat for a quick pop. I swear to you Belle on prom night I'll rent us a hotel room. Then I'll be totally yours, I'm sorry for making you wait this long. I just want it to be perfect," Marinka pledged.

"That's four months away but I can wait. Well actually it'll be rather painful waiting. We can still do other things so it's not that bad now I have to mark my calendar," Belladonna sighed suddenly realizing the time.

They both gasped at the sound of the late bell. With a quick kiss they dashed off in opposite directions. Belladonna peeled around the corner nearly falling. She slipped into her 1st period class as quietly as possible. Unfortunately the teacher was giving a lecture. His position gave him a clear view of the door.

"Glad you finally decided to join us Ms. Lamberteschi. As you may not have heard, we are enforcing a strict attendance policy starting yesterday. Congratulations, you will be the first example of what happens to those who disobey the rule. Detention, now please take your seat," Mr. Banneker scolded.

As Belladonna took her seat, she could feel the eyes on her. Some were looking for a reaction to what took place. Others were simply admiring her as they always do. Not even setting her bag down a note was passed to her.

Hey Belladonna my parents are away for the weekend so I'm throwing a bash. Hope you and Marinka can make it – A.J.

She simply turned to him and nodded in approval. Thus begins another day in the life of Belladonna Lamberteschi. The first half of the day was pretty much a bore. The only saving grace was after fourth period. Marinka dragged her into the bathroom for a steamy make out.

"Thanks baby I needed that. Can you believe that bastard actually gave me detention? Now I can't go to basketball practice. The coach is gonna drill me for sure. I'm glad this day is almost over," Belladonna pouted.

"He's such a jerk he must not be getting any at home or something. You know those old guys. Once their wives cut them off, they lash out on anyone they can. It's an ego booster if you ask me. Don't let him get to you. Well I don't wanna be late," Marinka comforted while reapplying her lip gloss..

"Well I'll see you at lunch," Belladonna almost yelled when they split once again.

"See you soon Belle," Marinka yelled as she disappeared into the crowd.

Detention on a Friday night was the ultimate buzz killer. Belladonna sighed thinking about the time with Mr. Banneker. He was such a prick sometimes. It was almost like he enjoyed making his students suffer. It sucked she had to keep an A average to stay on the team. The fact that he knew this was bad. The fact he constantly took advantage was what pissed her off.

Unfortunately there was nothing she could do about her detention. As much as she'd rather be at basketball, some quiet time wasn't that bad.

"I guess it's not that bad. I'll stop over Marinka's when I get out. She always knows how to make me feel better," Belladonna thought giddily to herself.

Fifth period went by without a hitch. Then came the hardest part of the day lunch. Belladonna hated lunch. It was a huge toll on her willpower. She'd usually stare at the entrees figuring which was least fattening. Today was no different. They were having double layer lasagna and Philly cheese steaks. The lasagna was practically taunting her, daring her to eat it.

"That's so fucked up even the Italians are taunting me," Belladonna mumbled.

With every ounce of strength Belladonna had she moved down the line. A veggie burger and a low fat large strawberry shake were her unwelcome choices.

"How you eat those things they're so nasty," Sandy Mason asked.

"Nasty but they're healthy. I just need to loose 12 pounds and I'll be ready for the prom. Don't tell Marinka I don't want to worry her," Belladonna confided.

"Don't worry you know you're my girl. You don't need to push the whole diet this far you know. Is it really important for you to fit into that dress? There's nothing wrong with being a size seven. See now if you were like a size nine or ten then you'd have a problem. Trust me guys don't check you out for nothing; well they're mostly staring at your rack.

Between you and me, Cindy's jealous of all the attention you get. She caught Alan checking you out in that mini skirt yesterday," Sandy whispered.

Belladonna could feel her face turning red at that comment. She laughed it off and quickly walked to her table. Marinka smiled finally having their special time.

"What are you blushing about Belle," Marinka asked noticing the red in her cheeks.

"Nothing Sandy just said some guy was checking me out again," Belladonna admitted.

"That's cool. He can look all he wants, as long as he knows whose baby you are," Marinka said with a wink.

Belladonna leaned across the table whispering, "I'm your baby" before giving her a small peck on the cheek. Their moment was cut short by intervening cheers and cat calls. The responses immediately reminded them where they were.

Marinka immediately grabbed the shake. Belladonna's breasts nearly toppled the glass. Marinka giggled as a cold glob splashed on her wrist.

"You gotta be careful with those things," Marinka joked.

"I happen to be fond of my boobs," Belladonna defended.

"Me too sweetie," Marinka admitted.

"So what do you wanna do tonight babe," Belladonna asked biting into her burger.

"I've got a ton of homework for chemistry and trigonometry. Don't worry though I'll knock that stuff out in an hour. Well it is Friday we can go to Alive. I heard they finally got a new DJ. Maybe then they'll finally stop playing Laesgo so much," Marinka suggested while putting a straw in Belle's milkshake.

"Teen clubs are such a drag. I can't wait till we turn 21 then we can go to some real clubs," Belladonna whined.

"Hey it's better than nothing. This shake's not bad today maybe they snuck in some sugar. You sure you don't want some of my lasagna. It's really good," Marinka teased while pushing a peace near Belle's mouth.

"Hey quit it you're gonna make me break my diet. Why do you have to be so childish sometimes," Belladonna snapped.

"Well excuse me; I was just trying to get a smile out of you. You've been so down lately," Marinka said apologetically.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to go off on you like that. This whole weight thing is really stressing me out. I try so hard to just relax and not worry. Then I look at my family. My little sister's really heavy for her age. My mom and dad are pretty big. I've struggled with this my whole life. I've finally managed to get it under control. If I weren't this tall I'd be screwed.

There are just so many issues I have right now. I'm grateful to have you here to help me with them. Just thinking back two and a half years ago, when we first met and all we went through. It was a major turning point in my life. I never imagined I'd fall in love with a cheerleader; hell a girl no less. I guess it's true what they. Everything happens for a reason. You know what I mean," Belladonna explained while taking the last sip of the shake.

"Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot the new uniforms came in today. I have to pick mine up before I go home. Tell you what when you come over tonight; I'll give you a private showing of the new outfit. Make sure you wear that candy flavored lip gloss. It tastes so nice," Marinka reminded while licking her lips.

Before they could say another word the bell rang. It was time for the last period of the day. Marinka gave Belladonna renewed confidence. Now more than ever Belladonna was determined to fit into that dress. If only she could wear that dress to the prom with Marinka. It would truly be the greatest night of her life. Of course she wouldn't dare tell Marinka about her plans. Marinka would most certainly object

The final period of the day gym was painless. Well except for the locker room. It was a mixed feeling every time she went in there. Belladonna was both excited and embarrassed. It was exciting to see all the girls in their underwear and some in even less. She was never comfortable undressing around the other girls. It was just too unnerving at times.

There was no way around it; she had to change in order to participate in gym. A failure would most certainly hurt her chances a basketball. If that happened, she wouldn't be able to see her baby cheer up close and personal. Unfortunately Belladonna broke the news that she was unable to attend practice. Being that she was a star player, the coach was very understanding. Finally the day was over. The weekend brought with it two days of freedom.

"Dammit I have detention," Belladonna screamed as she suddenly remembered her prior commitment.

She met up with Marinka in the halls. They said their goodbyes after a short kiss. Belladonna moped all the way to Mr. Banneker's room. If only he got kidnapped or something, then detention couldn't take place. Unfortunately he was sitting at his desk correcting this morning's pop quiz.

"Well at least you managed to get here on time Ms. Lamberteschi. It's such a shame what lack of respect teenagers have for authority these days. None the less, there are still certain characteristics of teenagers, which will always offend the civilized," Mr. Banneker brashly preached.

Belladonna immediately looked down at her hip hugging jeans and tee shirt. She did see his point somewhat but it was how she liked dressing.

"So um is there anything specific you wanted me to do," Belladonna asked nonchalantly.

"Just have a seat and get comfortable. I have to grade these tests. I would like it if you would make the best of your time. Make it in a non disruptive manner," Mr. Banneker instructed not taking an eye off the papers.

"Can I put my head down? I had a slight headache," Belladonna admitted.

"Very well if it's a feminine issue the nurse is still in her office. I suspect your ailment is due to your blatant disregard for your health. It's no secret you're on some sort of crash diet. It is beyond me though, how can girls like you claim they are unhappy with their physical appearance. At the same time you flaunt in the most exposing clothes available. Beyond the blatant hypocrisy Ms. Lamberteschi; how do you justify your actions," Mr. Banneker questioned.

Belladonna was caught off guard by such a verbal blasting. As much as she didn't want to admit it he was right. As much as Belladonna fussed and worried over her weight; she did wear some of the tightest and most exposing clothes. Her near painted on jeans were no different. She literally poured herself into those jeans this morning.

Her answer however was more open ended than the actual question.

"I don't know Mr. Banneker. I just feel comfortable in these clothes," Belladonna admitted with hesitation.

"And you fail to see the irony in your statement? How can you wear such provocative outfits? They clearly flaunt the body which you are so embarrassed of," Mr. Banneker asked finally looking at Belladonna.

Belladonna shrugged out of frustration.

"You want to know why you do it Ms. Lamberteschi. I'll tell you why I've been a teacher for 12 years now. I've seen hundreds of girls like you come and go. It's an ego boost plain and simple you do it for the attention. You love the feeling you get from people looking at you. Everything you do is so skillfully devised for even the smallest reaction.

You're nothing more than another teenage drama queen. Your immense popularity amongst students; is due to the fact that you so imprudently flaunt your body. One can't forget the other little tidbit of your sexuality. That alone has generated a split decision of the student body. So what do you have to say for yourself Ms. Lamberteschi. Am I right or can you prove me wrong," Mr. Banneker concluded with a smile.

"Well it's not like that I just well. It makes me feel good about myself when people stare at me. It's hard for me to be happy. Without Marinka I'd be a total shit case. I like the attention alright I…don't know maybe….I," Belladonna stopped short feeling herself burning with shame.

"Let's call it a night. It's already been an hour. I think you've worked off your tardy. Here's your test good work Ms. Lamberteschi. Enjoy your weekend. I know you think I'm an asshole, but it's my job as a teacher. Someone has to look out for your welfare.

"Belladonna grabbed her paper and left the room in silence. She turned it over to reveal an 'A' with a smiley face on it. The little face brought a much needed smile. With a yawn she trudged to her car and headed over to Marinka's. An unlikely benefit of the detention was the lack of rush hour traffic. She reached Belladonna's house in less than three minutes. As she was about to knock the door; Belladonna remembered to apply her candy lip gloss then knocked.

"What's the matter Belle you seem down? I'm sorry about the detention. I'll make it up to you somehow," Marinka promised while leading her inside.

"It's not really that it's what Mr.Banneker said. He was verbally dissecting me during detention. It's weird when I really think about what he said. It hurt me but at the same time it relieved me. He said the reason I wear tight clothes is because I love the attention. Deep down he's sort of right. It really makes me feel like a conceited bitch. On top of that he called me a drama queen. Tell me the truth, am I really like that," Belladonna pleaded.

"Belle you know I'd never lie to you. I'll admit though, you do tend to over dramatize certain aspects of your life. Your weight of course is your biggest issue. You have so many insecurities. No one really understands what you go through. I try my hardest to relate but my family's always been thin. I really wish you'd just let the weight issue go. I like you like this.

As for your personally you can be pretty conceited at times. It's even worse when you wear your mini skirts. Sometimes, I worry you care what people think a little too much. It's like you alter your lifestyle to appease them. I know I shouldn't worry but it's difficult sometimes. I love you so much Belle. I don't want you hurting yourself," Marinka cried.

Belladonna felt a wave of depression setting in. It was one of her constant battles. The sight of her girlfriend crying was more than enough to weaken her.

"Don't cry Marinka I'm trying as hard as I can to control my weight issue. Everyone is worrying about it, but it's something I have to work out for myself. So what was it you wanted to talk to me about this morning," Belladonna asked trying to change the subject.

"Actually what I wanted to talk about was us; you know our future together. I was thinking about the whole sex thing for a few weeks now. Even before you brought it up today, it's been on my mind for a while now. I try to repress the urges. Whenever I'm around you it's so hard. All I want to do is touch you. Nothing would make me feel more alive than feeling your body against mine. Sometimes...when I'm alone I start to think about you. It makes it harder for me to go to sleep. Two nights ago, I came three times just imagining playing with your breasts," Marinka admitted while blushing.

"It's not fair Marinka. You know what happens every time I spend the night," Belladonna pouted.

"I'm sorry Belle. It's a habit I've had ever since I was a baby. I'm not trying to tease you," Marinka shamefully admitted.

"I know but it gets me so hot when you do it. Sometimes I have to get myself off just to calm down. We sleep together with no problem. Why is that all we can do," Belladonna asked earnestly.

"I really think it's best to wait until the prom. I know that's not what you want to hear. I don't think we're ready right now. There are so many things we have to take into consideration. There's also farther into our future concerning children. I'd like to have a baby after college what do you think," Marinka asked.

"Don't you think it's a little early to be worrying about kids? I guess after college is good; but that's not a major concern right now. We can talk about the rest of this later. We have all night but I've got a better idea. I've got my spare clothes in your closet. A.J. invited me to his party let's go. ," Belladonna asked while massaging Marinka's hand.

"After all that homework and your detention; I think we can both use some hyper interaction," Marinka admitted.

"Great I'm gonna take a shower. I'll be back soon baby," Belladonna seductively whispered as she left.

Marinka went to her closet looking for an appropriate outfit to wear. Being it was a teen party; one had to dress to impress. Still she didn't want to dress too much. All Marinka cared about was seeing her girl on the dance floor. It was hypnotic the way Belladonna moved her hips. The motions made her weak in the knees. Just seeing that ass viciously sway to the beat made her tingly.

Marinka finally settled on a pair of faded blue denim jeans. They were the ultra low cut just hanging on her hips. Belladonna loved those jeans because they hung so low. To top if off, she a pink tee shirt and sneakers. It was reasonable outfit to party in It didn't matter much as all attention would be on Belladonna.

"You know I love those jeans baby. It looks so hot when you wear them

without panties," Belladonna admitted walking into the room.

Marinka was speechless at the sight before her. There was Belladonna wrapped only in a towel. Beads of water slowly ran down her luscious body. She eyed the exposed areas of soft flesh hungrily. Her breasts, barely restrained by the towel fought to break free. Marinka's mouth ran dry looking at Belladonna's appetizing thighs.

She walked forward fighting the movements with every ounce of restraint. Like an aphrodisiac, Marinka inhaled the sweet bath oils radiating from Belladonna. Marinka frowned feeling her heart pound uncontrollably. With each step she was lost in her girlfriend. Belladonna wrapped her arms around Marinka warmly. Marinka kissed Belladonna's pillow like lips feeling the explosion.

Her hands roamed Belladonna's back grasping the robe. The passion within their kiss was uncanny. Belladonna moaned feeling Marinka's fingers claw her back. In a moment of weakness, Marinka unfastened the towel. With a soft plotp it fell to the floor exposing her Italian seductress. Marinka immediately caught herself feeling shame. She pulled away completely dumbfounded at Belladonna's body. It was beyond her feeble words could comprehend. How could someone so ungodly beautiful have such a low self image.

"I'm sorry Belle I don't know what came over me…I have to get dressed," Marinka cried running out of the room.

"Now wait don't….," Belladonna yelled in vain hearing the bathroom door close.

Belladonna retrieved her bag from the closet. It contained her sleep over clothes and a few outfits. It pained her for Marinka being so guilty of her actions. She did nothing wrong in Belladonna's eyes. She just wanted to feel the sensual touch of her girlfriend. What was the crime in that? The stress being together, but not being together was draining. Putting those matters aside, Belladonna was going to have fun with her baby tonight. She had the perfect outfit. A skirt Marinka referred to as 'the kerchief'. It was a mini skirt so short it barely covered her thighs. It was only used for 'playtime' but this was a worthy occasion. Besides it was less constricting to dance with. Topping it off was one of her thousand midriff bearing shirts.

She didn't feel like wearing sneakers but again they were best for dancing. There was a soft knock on the door. Slowly Marinka peered in looking cute as usual. She continued brushing her wavy blonde hair as she entered.

"Baby I want you to know what you did was ok. Don't feel ashamed it's natural to feel that way. I want it as bad as you do and I liked it," Belladonna admitted.

"I know Belle but still I feel like I'm taking advantage. It's hard, you're so beautiful. I want to caress your body and make you scream out in passion. You just don't understand. When I look at you, I just want to feast on your sweet body. I almost feel unworthy of being with you. Belle I love you so much. It hurts that I can't give you what you want. I truly want this to be special.

I just don't know if I can live up to the hype. Belle if you only knew just how beautiful you really are. I wish you were never so wrapped up in your weight. I love your thighs, breasts, ass, stomach everything about you. It makes me so wet just thinking about touching your soft body," Marinka admitted letting her accent overpower her words.

"It makes me so hot when your accent comes out like that. Look baby I told you stop worrying. I understand and I'll respect your decision to wait. Now that it's confirmed I don't have to worry anymore. I see you approve of my outfit. Well come on we've got a party to go to. If we get there early we can reserve a couch," Belladonna winked.

"Yeah but Belle don't you think it's a little cold to be wearing that. It is February after all. I don't you freezing your legs off," Marinka blushed.

"No matter how cold it may be outside; you always keep me nice and warm between the legs. It doesn't matter anyway since the party's indoors. Now come one let's go. A.J. always plays the best music and I wanna shake my ass," Belladonna said while pulling Marinka.

Okay, okay let's go but we can't stay out too late. My parents will be home by midnight. They tend to check my room," Marinka informed as they walked to the car.

Once they arrived at the party, all eyes were on the two fledging beauties. Marinka blushed deeply following Belladonna's classic entrance., loud and proud. They walked in hand in hand eyeing the closest couch. The couple reluctantly moved upon seeing her overconfident grin. After claiming their space, Belladonna led Marinka to the floor.

"Oh yes they're playing 'She wants to move' that's my song," Belladonna screamed.

Belladonna walked in front of Marinka gyrating madly to the beat. Marinka held her hips as she bucked warmly against her stomach. All attention turned to them. Both girls were completely lost in the mood. They danced with little regard causing a few couples to, walk upstairs. It was truly an inciting site of Belladonna's body matted with perspiration. Her paper thin shirt barely contained her bouncing breasts.

It all came to a head when Marinka grabbed them from behind. Mouths dropped to the floor. A deep smile formed on her face a she held her girl proudly. Into the next song they danced as others finally joined. After an hour, both girls retired to the couch completely exhausted. A.J. brought them bottles of spring water.

"Damn thanks for bringing some life to the party. But um there's one thing you two didn't do all night," A.J. suggestively hinted.

Marinka looked at Belladonna and shrugged. Soon all attention returned to the lovebirds nestled on the couch. Belladonna lunged forward with an almighty passionate kiss. Marinka accepted descending onto the couch in earnest. She wrapped and arm and leg around Belladonna's luscious body. The exhaustion from dancing, hot perspiring bodies, and sweet perfume sent both girls wild. The lights soon dimmed as other couples followed suit.

"See I told you we'd have fun tonight," Belladonna quietly stated.

Marinka nuzzled herself on Belladonna's lap. She let herself relax against the soft body. She whispered sweet nothing to her sweetheart as they relaxed.

"Baby I love you," Belladonna whispered.

Marinka brushed her fingers over Belladonna's plump lips. She could feel the heated moisture through her fingers. Slowly the saliva of Belladonna's tongue tickled her roaming palm.

"God I love your lips they're so soft and puffy," Marinka blushed licking Belladonna's lips.

Marinka nearly absorbed Belladonna's lips into her mouth. Her carnal immersion to Belladonna's lips turned a few heads. Many watched Marinka straddle her girl making love to her mouth. Belladonna slinked into the couch feeling her arousal take her.

She closed her eyes trying to block out the surroundings. All her mind focused on was her sweet baby. It was no use; Belladonna felt it deep between her legs. It was the tender longing for Marinka. With each gratifying touch to her lips, her willpower weakened. The party continued on as more couples retired to leisurely activities. Soon there were only three couples left. Belladonna signhed knowing they would not be one of those couples.

With a remorseful gasp; Belladonna created her cold shower. She gave Marinka a final kiss and pulled away. Belladonna caught her breath looking into Marinka's eyes. Finally regaining her composure, Belladonna decided the party was pretty much over.

"Well it looks like we're the only ones left. Hell I think we're probably the only virgins here. We should get going there's nothing left for us here," Belladonna said quietly.

"You don't have to tell me twice. It's getting late," Marinka sadly informed.

"It's cool we did our thing and I got to chill with my baby. I am feeling tired anyway. You mind if I spend the night? I don't feel like making two stops," Belladonna asked giving Marinka a peck on the lips.

"Like you really have to ask; I was actually gonna suggest it to you. Everyone was staring at your ass when we were kissing," Marinka admitted as they got up.

"Let them look that's all they can do. Damn if we could do this every day I wouldn't even care about sex," Belladonna said.

"You're so full of shit," Marinka laughed.

"I'm only trying to think positive. I still had fun though. I really liked the kissing it got me so hot. Well that and when they played my song. It drives me crazy I love that song. We gotta play it at outr wedding," Belladonna suggested.

"Belle don't even go there. We're gonna have classical music ANYWAY let's get to bed I'm tired," Marinka sharply answered entering the car.

Belladonna stroked Marinka's knee with a slight smile. They drove to classic 80's tunes on the radio. Being a Friday night there were many party goers abound. Still both girls had their fill for in the young night. Entering the house, Marinka's bed seemed inviting in many ways. Each took relatively quiet showers. Washing away the aroma of alcohol and lust, they stood at the bed.

Belladonna smiled looking across at Marinka. She too could feel it. Looking down at the bed between them was a testament to how far they came. Even so it was as far as they would go; well for now at least. Marinka hungrily eyed Belladonna's clothing. Her sleeping attire composed of a simple nightie and panties. Marinka dressed in a tiny tee and underwear. However being winter prompted her to turn on the heat. Wearing such little clothing could damn near cause phenomena.

Belladonna laid down pulling up the covers. Marinka crawled seductively slipping under. She nuzzled next to Belladonna. Her warm body relieved the slight tension within Belladonna. She rested her head on Belladonna's breasts feeling sleep take her. It was how they always slept, till tossing and turning ensued. Yet this time it felt different. It felt erotic for the first time. Even with such a thought in her mind; Belladonna kissed her baby on the forehead and turned out the lights.