A Heart in the Darkness Chpt 9: (Author's Cut) To Touch Her

(L Series)

By Knightmare Elite

Author's Note: Look I really gotta be honest here. This chapter is EXTREMELY explicit. So I'm saying this from now, If very detailed sex between two girls offends you then don't read and I don't wanna hear any flames! Seeing as you ARE reading this warning right now you are well aware of what this chapter is about. I don't reccomend this to anyone under the age of...18. Well enjoy if you want.

Marinka rested her head on Belladonna's shoulder feeling her stomach churn. It was a deeply nauseating feeling bringing her near thoughts of sadness. She looked down at her fingers intertwined with Belladonna's; it wasn't enough to calm her. A tear splashed on Belladonna's wrist following another.

"What's the matter baby, why are you crying," Belladonna asked.

"I don't know. I can't help it. I know I should feel so happy right now. This is what I've wanted for so long, but I feel so sad. It hurts to even think about it," Marinka wept.

"What do you mean? You're not having doubts are you? We've waited so long and I want to make love to you. More than anything baby I want to feel you," Belladonna pouted.

"That's just it Belle. I'm afraid that after we have sex, it won't be the same anymore. We wouldn't have that special closeness we have. Anything we do even kissing wouldn't have that intimate flair anymore. Look at Jackie and Amy, they slept together. You saw how awkward they were tonight. …I don't want us to be like that. You're my best friend I want everything to be perfect."

"Marinka you know I love you with all my heart, but I can't guarantee everything will be perfect. These past two years have been the pinnacle of my existence. After this night we enter the second phase. We will no longer be mere girlfriends, we'll be lovers. You are right though sex is a major step. It can drive a wedge between even the tightest couples.

We will have fights in the future and screaming matches. We will get severely pissed; we'll have downfalls and periods of depression. We're going to struggle baby but I don't care. All that matters is that we will be together. I promise baby we will always have each other. I will never abandon you no matter what. Speaking of which, I have something for you. Your mother wanted to keep this a surprise for you. She gave it to me yesterday when we came back from the beach," Belladonna explained retrieving a long envelope from her purse.

Marinka nervously took the envelope into her hands. She looked at Belladonna who nodded in support. Marinka peeled away the flap unfolding the sheet. She read through it only to stare in complete disbelief.

"Oh my god…I did it," Marinka forced.

"Yes you did baby, I never doubted you for a second.

"I got accepted with a full academic scholarship. I can't believe it this is truly the greatest night of my life. We're going to spend the next four years together. We have get our own dorm room," Marinka drooled.

"Totally unsupervised," Belladonna whispered.

"I want you so bad," Marinka purred narrowing her eyes.

Belladonna wrapped her arms around Marinka in a well deserved lip lock. Marinka pulled down Belladonna'a zipper. The dress collapsed on her shoulders. As Marinka pulled away, the dress slipped lower exposing Belladonna's large breasts. So plump and squeezable, they softly called Marinka. She placed both hands under the left breast feeling its weight. Marinka blushed as she continually fondled Belladonna's breast. Belladonna laid back completely enjoying the moment. A slow moan escaped at the sensation of Marinka squeezing her nipples.

"How does this feel," Marinka whispered.

"Don't…" Belladonna moaned leaning farther back.

The door shook with a heavy knock. Both girls immediate sat up in a panic. Belladonna quickly pulled up her dress while Marinka zipped it up.

"Excuse me ladies are you descent," The driver called.

"Um give us a second," Marinka yelled.

They gathered their belongings acknowledging the driver. He opened the door pushing up small staircase. The beautifully elegant 'Maynard Hotel' stood before them.

"Have a wonderful night madams," The driver announced.

Marinka stopped and handed him a wrinkled twenty for his services. Belladonna raised an eyebrow at such an action. On many occasions Marinka was a cheapskate. Her generosity put a smile on Belladonna's face. It more than indicated Marinka was in a 'giving' mood. Belladonna intended to receive as she waited on ends for it.

They passed through the double doors holding their small bags. Marinka pointed to the front desk to clear their reservations. A middle aged woman in thick glasses was busy on the computer.

"Excuse me," Belladonna called.

The woman continued mechanically typing. She grumbled moving a stack of papers forward. A bellhop brought a pitcher of coffee pouring her a steaming mug. Belladonna turned to Marinka in a frown. Marinka set down her bag and stepped up to the desk.

"Excuse me we'd like some service here," Marinka sternly demanded.

The woman looked up with severe agitation. Her eyes were locked on the sound of the voice. She looked at the two teenagers hand in hand and scoffed.

"….Every June you people come and wreck the place," the woman bitterly mumbled.

"Novikov party please," Marinka asked sliding her license on the counter.

The woman typed up the name and paused for a moment. She looked at the pair, and tilted her head letting out a groan of disgust.

"That's so nasty," the woman mumbled under her breath.

"What, do you have a problem with us," Marinka screamed.

"Its okay baby, calm down. Just ignore her. Let's get the key and go to our room," Belladonna whispered.

Belladonna brought her lips to Marinka's kissing her upper lip. Her tongue pried Marinka's lips apart as her eyes closed. Belladonna pulled her closer completely lost in the moment. All around they could her gasps and whispers. Hurried footsteps slowed to a half at the sudden sight. Marinka felt the heat building within her. Belladonna felt it too slowly gasping. The anticipation was growing unbearable. Marinka opened her eyes turning sharply towards the desk.

The woman looked at them with utter resentment. Belladonna knew what she was thinking. It was nothing new being faced with such prejudices each day. However tonight it didn't matter for she smiled brighter. In her arms was her girlfriend, whom she would soon make sweet love to. None of their poisonous comments, viral stares, or outright attacks would derail her.

"Reservation of Marinka and Belladonna, Honeymoon Suite top floor room 702," the woman announced sliding the key and license towards them.

"Well aren't you going to wish us well," Belladonna mockingly asked.

The woman's face grew red as she forced out "have a good night."

Marinka couldn't contain her laughter as they turned to leave. Belladonna put her arm around Marinka's waist. They proudly made their way toward the elevator. Countless prom teens polluted the lobbies. Most of them were from different schools. Marinka recognized a few cheerleaders. Belladonna jumped feeling Marinka squeeze her ass.

Marinka pressed the top floor watching the door close. Her heart felt as if it would explode. She clenched Belladonna's hand tightly. Belladonna looked over at Marinka completely understanding.

"I'm gonna sleep with an 18yr old virgin," Belladonna giggled.

Marinka's eyes went wide in pain, soon realizing what Belladonna meant. She too giggled knowing she was doing the same.

"I bought a special outfit just for tonight. I hope you like it," Marinka said blushing.

"Actually so did I and I know you'll like this one. It shows off my…your favorite parts of me," Belladonna admitted.

"Your lips, tits and ass are my favorites. Of course I finally get to play with your sweetest part,' Marinka dryly whispered.

"…and I get to touch your puffy Russian pussy lips. I'm going to touch them with my fingers, lips and tongue. I won't stop until you have an orgasm. After than I'm going to do it again," Belladonna moaned slipping her hand inside of Marinka's dress.

"I'm completely yours tonight Belle now and forever. I want to lick each inch of your soft body. From your sweet lips to your soft stomach to your beautiful scrumptious thighs, I want it all. You are so beautiful Belle; you have such a perfect body. I love your delicate plumpness. Here feel …it," Marinka moaned pulling Belladonna's hand against her panties.

Belladonna touched the soft silk material. It slid around atop a laminated coat of fluid. Marinka's eyes radiated with pure lust. She brought Belladonna's fingers to her nose inhaling her scent. Belladonna too was weakening feeling her legs wobble. The elevator beeped and the door slowly opened. Marinka smoothed down her skirt escorting Belladonna out. They very calmly yet urgently walked towards their room. At the door Marinka swiped the card but Belladonna stopped her.

"Allow me baby….I've always dreamt about doing this," Belladonna admitted.

She picked Marinka up in her arms and carried her into the room. Marinka's eyes welled with tears as Belladonna set her down. The room was absolutely beautiful. In the center sat a heart shaped Jacuzzi. In the corner was a love seat and big screen TV. In the other corner was a double bathroom. They held hands walking towards the bedroom. It was a giant heart shaped bed adorned in red covers. From the ceiling hung a giant heart shaped mirror.

Belladonna took off the door tag and placed it on the outside knob. She winked at Marinka who blushed. The red hues of the room went in synch with Marinka's nervousness. Her face flushed as she pointed towards the bathroom.

"I'm going to change," Marinka whispered clumsily walking away.

"I'll change in here…hurry back baby," Belladonna softly called.

Marinka giddily ran to the bathroom only to be hit by nausea once again. She leaned into the limestone toilet expelling a heavy stream. Slowly Marinka knelt feeling her stomach ease. She waited a moment to make sure it was alright. Marinka knew she wasn't sick after all. Her mother had told her of such anxiety related issues. Marinka flushed while unwrapping her mouthwash. It was disappointing to use it so prematurely. Then again no one wants to kiss a girl with vomit breath.

"No regrets, I love her," Marinka whispered to her reflection in the mirror.

She tilted her head back rinsing the horrid taste away. After spiting up in the sink, Marinka felt a world better. Still the hard albeit fun part was yet to come. With more confidence, Marinka took out the teddy from her bag. She stripped naked freshening up with the complimentary flavored oils and such.

Marinka slid up the skintight teddy with minimal effort. Her mother would surely have a heart attack if she ever saw such a thing. It left barely anything to the imagination. It grabbed her body showing the tight form of her ass to her round breasts. Speaking of which, they dropped to their normal size without the bra. It was a small trade off but didn't matter. Belladonna was never the breast fiend Marinka was. What Belladonna drooled over lay between her legs.

She looked down at her slightly protruding lips in a mixed expression. Early during puberty Marinka came to her mother about their puffiness. She calmly explained to Marinka it was genetic trait in their family. It was the first of many embarrassing sexual talks with her mother. It was also the first time she ever said pussy. Her mother insisted it wasn't a dirty word, but she still never liked it. Once Marinka began dating Belladonna, the word became all too common. Her mother's explanation of the situation did sooth her. Knowing she wasn't really a freak put her at ease. Speaking of pussy, Belladonna's reaction was more than a shock. Marinka thought Belladonna would be disgusted. Instead she worshipped Marinka's once shameful pussy.

Marinka applied a think coat of chocolate lip gloss spreading it evenly. Her reflection was certainly pretty but that wasn't what she wanted. Tonight all restraints were gone. Looking at herself in that tiny teddy assured her of one thing. Tonight Marinka intended to be Belladonna's special whore. She placed the tiny bottle of lube between her breasts and opened the door. The hallway was eerily dark. As she walked closer to the bedroom a strong cherry scent emitted. Small shadows danced on the walls, within small scented candles surrounded the bed. Her eyes trailed the circle to a heart stopping sight.

"Oh shit," Marinka mouthed.

Belladonna laid cross the bed batting her eyelashes in a haunting smile. Her special outfit nearly brought Marinka to her knees. Belladonna wrapped herself in an off white teddy overexposing her luscious breasts. They sat freely outside the cupless front. Like two swollen eyes, Belladonna's areolas stared a deep red surrounding the protruding nipples. She slid her leg up revealing the crotchless center. Marinka's eyes fell towards the gap between Belladonna's legs. It was something which she thought only existed in her deepest fantasies.

Yet there Belladonna laid in the same alluring teddy. Every inch of her titillating body oozed with sexuality. Belladonna ran a hand over her succulent thigh parting her lips. She blew a slow kiss toward Marinka who stood in admiration. The room began to blur following a surge in body temperature. Marinka fought to maintain her composure this time. Belladonna palmed her breast. With her free hand, she motioned Marinka over while licking her pillow like lips.

"God you're so perfect, and you're all mine," Marinka wept.

She sat on the bed blushing three shades bright. Belladonna stoked her tender arms. Marinka's body stiffened at the touch nearly convulsing. She soon loosened feeling Belladonna's soft lips against hers. Belladonna licked her lips enjoying the sweet lip gloss. Marinka felt a little calmer when Belladonna dried her tears.

"It's alright Baby. You're so cute when you cry do you know that. So I take it you like my lingerie. I had it specially made at the boutique. It was embarrassing to take the measurements; but the look on your face made it so worth it. You don't have to do a thing, let me take care of you. I've waited so long for this," Belladonna coached laying Marinka down.

She crawled up Marinka body slowly kissing her eyes lids. Marinka let out nervous breaths feeling Belladonna's lips on her skin. Belladonna ran her tongue down Marinka's face. She danced around her lips never actually kissing them. It was Marinka's infatuation with her lips; Belladonna for once wanted to return the favor. Marinka's mouth opened releasing desperate breaths. She wanted Belladonna to please her with no restraint. It was the full intent as she began nibbling on Marinka's ear. She closed her eyes feeling the heat wash over her body. Belladonna pulled her ear sticking her tongue deep inside. She removed her tongue sucking Marinka's ear lobes. Marinka giggled as it felt like a little baby pulling her ear. Belladonna trailed sensual kisses down Marinka's neck.

Her body felt utterly relaxed feeling the warm tongue slide across her flesh. Belladonna bit the bottle of lube pulling it out with her mouth. Marinka's eyes opened when Belladonna slid down her teddy. She again blushed seeing herself half exposed. Belladonna sucked her fully erect nipples hungrily.

"Ohhh," Marinka moaned feeling the suction on her nipples.

"Your tits are so perky they taste like watermelon," Belladonna complemented before licking them all over.

"They're scented oils, they were in the bathroom," Marinka moaned.

Lower Belladonna went kissing her stomach; her tongue found its way into Marinka's bellybutton. She jumped feeling it poke in such a strange spot. The sensation was causing quite a stir in her teddy. Her thighs grew warmer as Belladonna went lower. Marinka's entire body grew warm with her excited breaths. Belladonna held the side of the teddy and slid it off completely. Marinka's heart pounded furiously at her nakedness. She was truly Belladonna's at this point; there was nothing more she could hide. Belladonna sat up looking deep into her eyes.

"I've waited so long for this moment Marinka," Belladonna seductively announced.

She knelt between Marinka's legs parting them. Marinka eased her legs back watching her knees inch closer. It was too embarrassing to watch as much as she wanted it. Again Marinka closed her eyes wishing it was all over. She wanted it more than anything, but the shame came back even stronger. Marinka's body trembled feeling Belladonna's tongue against her dripping pussy.

"Ohhh yes," Marinka moaned.

Belladonna opened the small bottle squeezing a dot on Marinka's plump lips. She massaged it in slowly fingering Marinka. Her thigh muscles tightened accepting the rigid fingers. Very slowly Belladonna brought her fingers out then reinserted them. Marinka felt herself weakening as her confidence rose. Once her body adjusted to the rhythm, Belladonna removed her fingers. She hungrily lapped Marinka's flowing pussy.

Weak streams of intimate arousal leaked from within Marinka. Belladonna stuck her tongue deep within the open cavity absorbing the sweet nectar. Marinka fidgeted opening her eyes. She was in awe at the mirror above her. Marinka saw herself lying on the bed legs spread wide open. In the center knelt her girlfriend eating her pussy. Belladonna's large ass hypnotically swayed accompanying her licking. Marinka simply couldn't look away; it was such a beautifully erotic sight. She watched her thighs quiver and stomach tightly contract. Her eyes dilated feeling the hard contractions.

Marinka watched her hands move to Belladonna's head guiding her. They rested on her hair locking her in place. Deeper Belladonna's tongue went touching her most sensitive spot. She pulled on Marinka's pussy lips occasionally touching her peeking clit. It was nearly hidden beneath her monster lips. Belladonna finally gave it much needed attention. Marinka continually watched Belladonna's head move between her legs. Gently her hands pushed Belladonna against her quaking pussy.

Marinka's breaths increased feeling her muscles tightening harder. The contractions came harder and faster meaning only one thing.

"Belle I'm…don't stop," Marinka screamed.

She watched her face twist in utter passion feeling the tingly sensation build. Her knees trembled as her thighs furiously shook. Belladonna lapped the flowing juices faster than before. Marinka pushed her deeper inside as she released high pitched murmurs.

"Yes Belladonna give it to me. Make me fucking cum," Marinka gasped.

Her body ignited feeling the ultimate pleasure erupting. Marinka screamed watching her body float towards her reflection. It slammed down as she was rocked with her hardest orgasm ever. Every inch of her body strained in Marinka's descent. Her impotent hands loosened their grip on Belladonna's head. Marinka lay panting looking at her exhausted reflection. She watched Belladonna crawl up her body stopping at her face. The mirror was covered by Belladonna's glistening face.

Those beautiful gray eyes beamed down into hers so warm. She smiled blissfully kissing Marinka with all her passion. Marinka tasted her sweet orgasm slowly catching her breath. She tackled Belladonna licking every drop off her face and fingers. Marinka was finally free from of her inhibitions. Belladonna's eyes burned with relentless desire at Marinka's passion.

"Now it's my turn," Marinka growled.

She bit into Belladonna's teddy pulling the material. Her eyes winced as she pulled harder feeling it tear. Belladonna's eyes went wide in surprise. She completely regressed letting Marinka have her way. Marinka's head snapped back as the fabric gave way. Belladonna too fell back at the sudden force. Marinka pulled what was left of the teddy tossing it aside. Belladonna was enamored at her baby's aggressive nature. She playfully pushed Marinka away with her foot. Marinka took the foot in her mouth sucking each toe. She slowly released heated breaths upon Belladonna's tingling toes. Her tongue washed over soft heel. Belladonna jerked from the tickling sensation. Marinka was deadly serious licking every inch of her feet. She sucked and licked till Belladonna's feet reflected the dancing candle light. She released them admiring the strings of saliva.

Belladonna whimpered feel Marinka's tongue slide between her toes. Slowly she guided the big toe into her pussy with a giggle. It rubbed against her slippery clit. Belladonna propped herself on her elbows enjoying the sight. Marinka threw her head back moaning in pleasure. Belladonna inched her toes in wiggling them so slowly. Marinka whispered sweet nothings in Russian. Her mind began to drift miles away. Steadily Marinka rubbed her puffy lips amidst Belladonna's probing toes.

"Say that again, it was so sexy," Belladonna begged.

"What did I say," Marinka moaned slowly coming back.

Marinka licked her lips bring much needed moisture to her mouth. She thought for a moment not grasping her previous rambling. Her mind swirled in euphoric thoughts of Belladonna.

"You said something in Russian. Your accent is so sexy. It just wraps around your words when you're aroused. The words rolled off your tongue like a droplet."

"I don't have the slightest idea, all I can remember is what I feel. What I feel…is…what you're….doing to me," Marinka breathily moaned.

Her words forcefully slurred with the emanating pressure against her clit. Marinka rubbed harder watching Belladonna inch forward. She wiggled her toes within the small confines. Marinka squirmed slowly moaning acceptingly. Faster she rubbed feeling her muscles clamp down on Belladonna's foot. Marinka groaned clawing the bed spread as she squirted over Belladonna's toes.

"Holy shit, how'd you do that," Belladonna asked in disbelief.

She withdrew her foot in awe. The stream reached all the way up to her stomach. Marinka fell backwards watching her panting reflection. Belladonna too looked up for the first time seeing the sight.

"That….was…good," Marinka gasped catching her breath.

"I've heard about girls being able to do that, but I've never seen it before. That's so cool you went off like a fire hose. I only wish I could have caught some of it. Oh well there's going to be plenty more chances. I've never done anything close to that. All I ever get is a tiny puddle if even," Belladonna praised.

"I'm as shocked as you, this is the first time that's ever happened. See Belle you bring out the animal in me," Marinka laughed.

"You have a ferocious little kitty down there," Belladonna joked.

"Turn over, I want to see your sweet ass," Marinka demanded.

Belladonna rolled on her stomach as Marinka eyed her plump ass. She held the fleshy mound in her hands continually squeezing. Belladonna laughed feeling Marinka's little fingers probing the skin. Marinka parted Belladonna's legs seeing her pink pussy in the center.

Belladonna was caught off guard at a strange sensation. Marinka's tongue slowly hovered her ass. Before she could even respond, Marinka's tongue found its way inside. Now it was Belladonna's turn to blush at such an embarrassment. It felt so dirty having some tongue with her ass. Marinka however was lost in passion playing with Belladonna's ass. She stuck her tongue as deep as she could feeling the heat on her mouth. Belladonna's ass trembled not accustomed to foreign intrusion. Marinka spat on the edge of Belladonna's ass watching it slide down. She licked the opening laying a shiny coat of saliva.

With Belladonna's ass primed and ready, Marinka inserted a finger gently pumping her. Her sphincter gloved Marinka's passing finger. Belladonna moaned at the surprising pleasure. She had heard many horror stories of anal play. It was girls talking about the extreme pain that came with the pleasure. Marinka was completely gentle even in her aggressively aroused state.

"How does this feel sweetie," Marinka called.

"I never though it would feel this good to have someone play with my ass."

"That's good; I've always wanted to finger your ass. It's so nice and round I've thought about doing this so much," Marinka admitted.

"Keep going you can do it a little harder its okay."

Marinka added a few drops of lube on Belladonna's ass, and then increased her speed. Belladonna groaned feeling a familiar sensation. Marinka pushed in another finger feeling around. The tightness dwarfed a vagina in every possible way. Belladonna cried out only to beg Marinka to continue. With her free hand Marinka began fingering her starving pussy. She fingered Belladonna's ass harder hearing her groans. The bed rocked as she worked both holes furiously.

The tightness of Belladonna's ass was unbelievable. It was so large yet mercilessly gripped her fingers with each thrust. Belladonna tightened around Marinka's fingers as she cried out. Tears ran down her face with each thrust. She bucked against Marinka's hand rocking the bed back and forth. Marinka looked into the mirror watching Belladonna's ass slamming into her hand.

"I'm cumming baby harder do it harder," Belladonna screamed.

Marinka pumped her harder watching her beautiful ass. Belladonna groaned in delight as her toes clenched. She let out a slow breath in her long deserved orgasm. Marinka lifted her fingers off her pussy reeling in her own orgasm. She brought her finger to Belladonna letting her smell the sweet remnants. Marinka blushed sucking her other hand clean, which was only for her.

"Lay down baby now comes the mutual fun," Belladonna instructed.

Marinka laid on her back as instructed. Belladonna crawled over her facing the opposite direction. She waved her pussy over Marinka's face slowly descending. Marinka brought her tongue to the dripping pussy. She nibbled on the small lips unlike her own. Belladonna laid small kisses around Marinka's bulging lips. No words could describe their beauty. She simply adored them in their freakishly large nature.

Marinka pulled Belladonna lower nearly smothering herself. She took Belladonna's clit into her mouth vacuuming it. The lack of oxygen heightened her pleasure. Marinka's muffled moans were barely hard by Belladonna. She was too busy pulling on Marinka's inflated lips.

"Seriously baby you have to get these pierced. I'd fuck you every day just for that," Belladonna pleaded with a descending line of drool.

Marinka turned her head to the side moaning, "I'll think about it if you'd pierce your nipples."

She resumed her clit treatment before Belladonna could answer. It was a somewhat fair compromise. The only catch was Belladonna's nipple rings would be the only visible ones. No one but Belladonna would see Marinka's piercing. She got even wetter imaging two small rings adorning Marinka's pussy. Her eyes closed in a relaxed breath taking in the complete sensation. Marinka sucked Belladonna's small clit with all her might. Her face grew red using all air in suction. It paid off as Belladonna exploded collapsing atop her face.

Her clit ached but she didn't care, the throbbing felt too good. Belladonna was exhausted but had to return the favor. She stuck her finger inside Marinka feeling for that certain area. Marinka moaned loudly signaling Belladonna struck gold. She stroked the soft flesh hearing Marinka's breaths grow short.

"Yes right there….so good," Marinka moaned.

"Anything for my baby," Belladonna said.

She licked the surrounding skin feeling it grow softer each passing moment. Marinka emitted high pitched yelps spreading her legs wider. She played with Belladonna's ass feeling herself slipping.

"…Almost…there…up more….yes that's it….make me…," Marinka cried feeling the intense spasm wash over her body.

She screamed Belladonna's name in a wave of erogenous relief. Belladonna rolled off staring hazily at the mirror. Both girl were spent of all energy yet peaking with desire. Marinka slowly crawled atop Belladonna collapsing across her chest.

"I can't go anymore but I want to….need to rest…sucks," Marinka airily complained.

"I love you so much baby. You were wonderful I'm so glad we got this over with. No we can have sex whenever we want," Belladonna wept.

"Aww don't cry Belle, I'm glad it's over too. No more anxiety issues, we can screw like rabbits like everyone thinks we do. Can you believe we did it for an entire hour," Marinka asked staring at the clock.

Belladonna wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead looking at the clock. It didn't feel that long as they barely scratched the surface. A deep smile came on her face as she realized. They had the room till the end of the next day.

"You know baby we have the room till tomorrow night. We don't have to leave in the morning if you don't want to," Belladonna hinted.

"Belle do you think after having the best sex of my life; I'd give up our unsupervised privacy just like that. Oh you better believe we're not leaving this room until tomorrow night," Marinka admitted.

"You read my mind baby. I'm gonna take a bath…want to join me," Belladonna giggled.

"Belle don't ask stupid questions," Marinka laughed.

"I fucked Marinka Novikov, sweetest pussy in the word. She's the sexy Russian girl that rocked this little Italian's world," Belladonna sang while getting off the bed.

She grabbed Marinka's arm pulling her up. Marinka motioned for her to wait as she ran to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, Marinka couldn't hide her elated glow. Her body was on fire yet so utterly relaxed. Everything felt so perfect but now she realized. This wasn't the time to give her special gift to Belladonna. Marinka realized after this blissful encounter; she didn't have to worry. She didn't have to rush their relationship out of immature fears.

Marinka reached into her bag pulling out the small box. She raised the top looking at the sparkling diamond engagement ring. A tear descended watching it absorb the fluorescent lights. It was truly beautiful in every way worthy of Belladonna. With their infantile sexual relationship; this level of commitment had yet to reach its course. She dried her eyes replacing it back in the bag. Once they finished college, Marinka would once again retrieve this ring. Only then would they truly be ready for the final step. Only they could they transcend beyond lovers to one soul.

"Hey is everything alright in there? You're not doing a number two are you," Belladonna asked from outside.

"No I'm not silly," Marinka laughed while opening the door.

"You had me worried. I thought something might have happened. Don't scare me like that," Belladonna pouted.

"Come here Belle I know just what you need," Marinka whispered as Belladonna kicked the door shut.

The End

Wow you survived! I'd really like to thank everyone who stuck by this story from start to end. Hope you enjoyed it and will be around for the next story in the 'L Series' Trust me this story will definately focus on one of the less tackled topics in writing. Something some may even find disturbing. Anyways that story isn't gonna appear for a while. So in the mean time I'll be working on Bloody Kisses. My little dirty project….um thanks again for all the reviews and stuff.