You walked into my mind


against the control

of the angry demons that haunt you.

I am divided between night

and these windows.


was memory

long before


I have no guard against you

but I am not afraid.

Theirs to much to see

within the walls that divide

and come between us.

They are shattered

and shamed

when you touch me

when I touch you.

I walk form room to room


your haunted mind


I've seen this before

your hands

your lust


was crookedly placed

between these walls

that divide

me from

you and you

from me.

This cycle is never ending

never changing

day is night

and night is day

it comes

it goes

like us

sometimes you come

sometimes you go.

My heart is still hours away from twilight

and my words are years away from these notebooks.

I came

I went

standing still divided.