Shattered Promise

What are you dreaming about?

You said you were tired of me

That we were just "pretending"

Too real to be false

So many broken promises

As if nothing could matter now

Our love meant nothing to you

For you, I'll never count

I only want to forget

Only to remember later

Is there any way you'll stay?

Forever I am a secret

You love him by day

Only when we're hidden and alone

Are you ever wholly mine

I miss the day you said I love you

And crave the day you'll mean it

And dream that it will happen

Can he see behind your eyes

Inside the fibers of your soul

Or is "gender" all that defeated me

To think my body isn't right for you

And never will be

I'm the object of your fear

I believe love can conquer that

It's stronger than the nation's laws

Or what "people will think"

Or the hormonal messages we have

But attraction defeated it all

And you promised me it wouldn't

Being straight is your decision

But what can I do now?

When you promised me your love

In exchange for what you wanted

So you could use me

To throw me out later

What can I do now?

But bury myself in hopeless dreams

Wishing you'd return to me

And knowing you never will

Because society said you couldn't

And he gave you more

I'm not destined to be hated?

I take the hand of another

And promise her all that I can keep

You were right to say it was nothing

You're nothing to me anymore

Now that I have her