Staring into the sky
I find myself thinking of you
Where is my heart?
I think of you so deeply
But then another tugs at my chain

I toss and turn on my bed
The one that wishes to sleep next to me disgusts me
And I wish he were you
My heart cries out
For us to come together but curse our ages

You are my angel
The one who holds my heart dear
Whishes to caress and care for my heart
Instead of wanting to pin me down
Like the other that yanks me away

I'm in his dirty cage and I want out
Please come save me
You're that angel I used to push away
The sky is our home
Share your wings with me

Painted on the canvas
The shades of blue resemble the sky
And there we are
In my painting
As happy as can be before I'm pulled back down

Torn between the devil
And my angel
So confused as to who
I will be with
And your hand grasps mine

Pull me up off my feet
There is no coincidence in life
People come to certain people for reasons
Only God knows
And you are the one to be an angel

Father figure

My guardian
My thoughts are of you
I just wish you weren't almost 18
And I know you wish the same
Come back and take my hand

I know they seem strong
But you told me the same words before
Two days after we met
"I love you"
And I pray it's true

--- Whenever he gets back and can finally read this, I'm serious. And you
know who you are because, well, you always said you were an angel. You're
my angel. ---