Around Lunch Time
By:Andrew Troy Keller

I would say that it was on the Eighth day
Of the month of August that I've met May
Cribson,a new copy-writer who's been hired
By my family's company--and yet,the fire
Of true desire was within me on that day.

Just then,around lunch time,I've walked over
To May,introduced myself and invited her
To join me for lunch at a local eatery--
And after she said yes to my invitation,we
Had gone over to the restaurant,where her
Face has a look on it-and it was a smile
That really does go from the end of one mile
To another,because she had suddenly became
So happy to be in love with a guy whose name
Is Alan McCroy,who's got the right style.

Then,after we've finshed our noon-time meal,
Both May and I were able to make a deal
That she is to spend the rest of her life
With me by being my faithful,beloved wife.