I'm just a boyfriend girl
No, I'm not as loopy as my curls
And my goal in life
Is not just to be a wife
But I love having some one there
Who always cares
Some one to hold me tight
All through the night
I love the warmth they supply
When I can do nothing, but cry
Some one who loves me as me
And can make me feel carefree
I don't care what he looks like
Or if he has a fancy bike
As long as he holds out his hand
And takes command
Puts me back on my feet
And acts really sweet
That's all I want to find
And I'll make him mine
Once I'm in love, I can't live without it
Whether or not he treats me like shit
It always ends in heart-break
And me eating 10 pounds of chocolate cake
But it's worth it in the end
'Cause I always need a boyfriend
To soothe my fears
And kiss away my tears