Note: For the most part, I will not write, "I like blueberries," the princess thought .. .. .. I purposely do not explicitly identify who is thinking. Why? Because I like to confuse you? No. It is because I like to write in stream-of-consciousness style. Imagine that all people's thoughts echo in another dimension, on another plane, where they're all kind of indiscernible from each other. It makes reading kind of neat. I think so anyway.

Chapter One: "On Australia"

White. Blue. Gold. Flashing white. Streaking gold. In front of her eyes?
She had eyes.
She was awake. That thing- that bright thing - that was the sun. With water splashing over her eyes and making the light smear and shine in different ways.
Grimy. Crunchy. Sand. That was sand beneath her.
As she stuck her hand in the sand below, her senses returned. She was on a shore, the shallow water still washing over her. Mouth open, she gaped at the sun stupidly and salt water flooded into her mouth.
She sat up and tried to cough the sand and water out of her lungs. She hugged her stomach, gasped for breath, and continued coughing. For just a moment, she thought of her home. Her small apartment, her skinny dog.
She punched her hand into the sand and forced out one last cough. Cautiously, she drew in a deep breath and looked back at the water.
Water. Just blue water all the way to the horizon. The sound of surf. Of splashing water. Of cawing gulls. Sticky sand below her.
An inch from her right ear, she heard the click of a gun.