It's a Miracle

By: Miracle*Writer

Summary: Miracles happen all the time, some in disguises, some in plain sight. This is a chain of stories about miracles, both big and small.

Two Wishes, Two Lives

Arnold and Ellie Woodsworth were two kids, twins. All though they were fraternal, it was only because they were different genders. Otherwise they were exactly alike. They both had brown hair, they both had tanned faces, they both had freckles, they both had blue eyes, and when they smiled both of the right corners of their mouths lifted up slightly higher than the left. They both were eleven years old, both were in sixth grade in Mrs. Grimm's room, both of their favorite colors were blue, both got good grades, both loved to write, read, and play baseball (they were the founders of their neighborhood baseball team), both were the fastest runners in their gender groups, both had the same two best friends, and both got sick at the same time.

Unfortunately, when Arnold got cancer that meant so did Ellie. For the first year, everything was okay. They graduated from sixth grade and therefore elementary school, they played baseball and soccer and basketball with the kids in their neighborhood during the summer, they were on the swim team at the YMCA, they were paperboys/girls, and they went into seventh grade in the Junior High, and they helped make the first snow fort at their school, where they wore caps because their hair had started to thin.

But then that winter, they both got terribly sick. For the first couple days, their parents, Arabella and Joshua, thought that it was just a regular cold, as it had been going around for the past few weeks. But then on the third day, it got so terrible that Arabella and Joshua rushed them to the hospital, where the doctor claimed that it was no ordinary cold, but a result of cancer. They would have to stay in the hospital for the next couple weeks.

Everyone in the small town prayed for the Woodsworth twins. They were some of the most popular kids in their school, and even High Schoolers knew them for their talent on the baseball field and track. They knew the old people at the retirement home because of the many times they brought scarves and hats knitted by their mother to their grandparents. They knew the elementary kids from their previous years helping other teachers in lower grades while they still went there.

The twins went through several heavy operations, and many times, it seemed they wouldn't make it. Whenever one would get sick, the others would urge until their twin would come back into consciousness. But finally, the inevitable came, and they both died.

It was at the funeral when Charlie and Nicole approached the coffins that were still open, and were side by side, Charlie to Arnold's, Nicole to Ellie's.

"Please wake up, Elle, please," Nicole had said, tears escaping from her clenched tight eyes. "Please, don't leave me, please. You have got to wake up, you have to! Come on, Elle, if you and Arnold can make our team go from 0-6 to 7-6 in the last inning in baseball, you can do this! Please, just wake up. You have to, please! You're my best friend, you can't leave me, not this early! Who's going to get over my first boyfriend when he dumps me? Who's going to help me throw my thirteenth birthday party? Who's going to give me a perfect manicure? Please, wake up. You're like the sister I never had, you can't leave now, not when you've affected so many people. I'm proud to say that I'm your best friend! And if right now, I was told I had one wish, I wouldn't wish for a new bike, or new skates, or a new bathing suit. I'd wish for you to come back.

"Come on, Arnie, man, wake up," Charlie whispered to Arnold, tears coming to his eyes. "Come on, man, wake up. You have to, you can do it, just open your eyes, prove to them that you're not dead! You always were a great detective - you even got my sneakers back from my older brother Jake when we were ten, remember? If you can prove that, you can prove that you're alive. You're like the twin brother that I've always wanted. I've always been jealous of the connection between you and Ellie and I thought that if I were to have a twin, I would want him to be just like you. Please, come back and be the twin brother I'll never have. Please, play the part. You can do it, just open you're eyes and agree to it, please. If I had one wish in the world, it'd be for you to do that."

Both of Nicole and Charlie's teardrops touched each of their friends' faces at the exact same time and, at the exact same time, Arnold and Ellie's eyes opened.

"You're my best friend too," whispered Ellie to Nicole as Arnold said, "I'll be my honor" to Charlie.

There was never so much happiness in those few glorious minutes when four friends, almost separated by death, celebrated their relief that they were all alive. Somehow, miraculously, amazingly, Ellie and Arnold had heard their friend's wishes through the void that separates life and death, and responded, thus making them alive again. Quite a miracle, isn't it?