They must thrive on this
Taking our freedom away
Making our lives shit
I don't get it at all
Can't they remember when they were young?
Or did they forget how to have fun?
Everyone in this world is a hypocrite
I can't live with their bullshit
Taking away the one person who matters
Might as well hand me my heart on a platter
That's what it feels like you did
Giving me false hope
Feels like you're closing off my throat
I want him to be beside me
So just let him out
Let him be free
I need to see him
Need him here by my side
But you need our misery to go on
You need our misery to help you survive
How can you not understand?
Didn't you do the same things?
This is driving me insane
I'm tired of playing this game
Let us be together
We're meant for each other.
You say you want our happiness
But I don't know if that's true
So far all you've done is make blue
As a teenage daughter I'm just trying to get through to you
Let me live the way you wish you could.
Happy and in love
Instead of mopey and without trust