Chapter One: Blood Dripping From Your Glass

A tall man sat in the corner of a dim bar, fingering a glass full of dark red liquid. He

silently listened to the people chattering around him, practically invisible. Every once

in a while he would gingerly pick up the spoon on the table in front of him and stir his

drink, licking the spoon before placing it again on a white napkin.

He came here often, listening to the mindless nonsense and silly gossip the

townspeople spoke about. Sometimes they talked about the more serious

thingsÑlike the abrupt killings that had recently started--but usually they would speak

of who was rumored to be in the barn with whom.

The man closed his eyes and the corners of his mouth twitched upwards slightly. He

was right to come to this town, at least for now. If he could stay out of trouble, they

wouldn't suspect that he was the murderer for quite some time. Of course, once he

had been established as the strange man with a shady past, he would leave. And

then the killings would stop in their small community, only to start up again in the next

town heÕd choose to reside in. He took a sip of his drink, exhaling slightly. It was

times like these when he loathed being a vampire. He hated how that he, to stay

alive, must kill others. But he knew deep down that he was just surviving. It was no

different than the townspeople slaughtering their cows for meat. He wanted to live,

so he would kill.

He was abruptly roused from his musings when a younger man hesitantly tapped

his shoulder. The man looked up, setting his glass down for a moment. "Yes?" He

questioned in a smooth, musical voice.

"Um, sir, would I... be able to sit here, would you mind? All the other tables are

taken, you see, and, well..." The young man began anxiously.

The man smiled and brought his glass to his lips. "Of course you may." He

answered, before taking another sip.

The boy smiled and sat across from the older gentleman, and, after a waitress took

his order, smiled again.

The older man studied the younger for a moment, taking in his innocent features. He

had silky black hair, bright green eyes, and skin as white as the full moon. He was

quite handsome, and the man was sure that all the women in the town must be after

him. The boy must have noticed his staring, for he turned slightly pink and began to

shift his weight in his seat. "So, um, what's your name? I don't think I've ever seen

you around before..." the boy inquired.

The man smiled, nodding. "I'm only in for a short while, passing through. My name..

is Kyo. And may I ask what your name is?"

The boy grinned, eyes twinkling happily. "My name's Toushi. Um, where are you


"Well, I was hoping to find an inn... Would you mind showing me where one is once

we're done here?" Kyo asked. Truthfully, he knew where the inn was, and had

already booked a room, but he wanted to spend more time with this young man.

He seemed so... naive. It was so hard to find any purity these days... It refreshed

him just being around this lively fellow.

"Oh, of course I'll show you! We only have one inn, but it's quite nice, really!" Toushi

enthusiastically said.

Kyo smiled and said nothing as the waitress returned with a plate of food for Toushi.

"Would you like some?" Toushi asked, gesturing to his rather large sandwich.

"Oh, I'm fine..." Kyo declined politely, taking another sip of his drink.

"What're you drinking?" The inquisitive boy asked.

"Hmm... Would you like a taste?" The older man questioned, smirking slightly.

"Oh, but, I'm only seventeen..." He said hesitantly.

"You needn't worry.. It's not.. alcoholic.." Kyo assured him.

"Well, okay..."

Toushi took a sip of the dark liquid and, once he tasted it, he put the glass down and

tried to place the taste. "I think I've had this befo----" He stopped his sentence

quickly, looking from the glass to Kyo with wide eyes. "It's... blood...?" He

whispered frightfully.

Kyo simply nodded before finishing the rest of his glass.

Toushi looked extremely frightened, glancing fearfully towards the door of the bar

and back to Kyo. "You're... the one who's been killing all those people, aren't you?

You're... a... You're a murderer?" He whispered to Kyo, trying to keep his voice

down, for which Kyo was glad.

"I can explain. I will not kill you. If you can take me somewhere else, I will tell

you." Kyo said firmly.

Toushi's curiosity was pleading with him to say yes, to go with this stranger, to trust

him. But a large part of him was screaming, "No!". This man... he was a murderer,

killed so many people, he knew it! He would kill him, too, right? But he had said he

wouldn't, but.. You can't trust.. a killer.. And this man, he DRANK blood! He drank

it! No human in their right mind would ever drink blood! That was--that was, almost

like.. Vampirism.. But Vampires didnÕt exist! This man, he must be insane..

"I will not kill you." Kyo whispered in his ear.

Toushi looked up and realized Kyo had placed himself in the seat next to him and

was holding him in a loose embrace. "I will not kill you." Kyo repeated softly.

And, for some strange reason, when Toushi looked into those sorrowful yellow

eyes, he allowed himself to be led away.


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