"Its simple Paige, all we have to do is trade plane tickets." Daisy Peterson whispered to her twin sister across the cafe table.

"Daisy, I dont know...I mean we are completely different." Paige replied tucking a strand of long auburn hair behind her ear.

"Dont be such a baby! You always worry about things!" Daisy said and sipped at her mocha latte'.

"Yes and that worrying has made me the successful woman that I am. Even if we did you know nothing about buisness!" Paige sipped her hot chocolate and looked at her twin.

Switching places? What was she thinking! Daisy was one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Paige stayed clear of Hollywood and became a popular New York fashion designer.

"Whats to knowe? You design clothes! Big deal!" Daisy yelped.

"Shhhh!" Paige said with a clap of her hand, "And it is a big deal!"

Daisy rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You are just afraid."

"Afraid? Am not!" Paige poped back, almost choking on her hot chocolate.

"Are too!" Daisy replied leaning forward.

Paige looked around and back at her sister. "Fine, we will trade."

Daisy smiled. "Good. Ive been meaning to come to New York."

Paige slapped her forehead. "I dont think that this is a good idea. Im just warning you."

"Paige, live a little. Look lets head to the house and we will work out all the legistics." Daisy said standing.

Paige stood and left money on the table. They made their way out into the busy Chicago sidewalk. Flashes appeared and Daisy smiled for the camaras. Paige pulled her down the street and into the car.