Chapter Seven

"Are you serious?" I couldn't help but think maybe my luck wasn't as good as I thought. How could Kelly have come back to me, and now upped my idea several levels, and I never had to work for anything?

"Yup, completely serious. He told mom they have a really nice house on the lake, but they kinda want to vacation, and three screaming, unhealthy children makes that difficult. So she said there were two seventeen year old girls who would be just perfect for the job!"

I hugged her and talked for a bit, then ran back to my car and to my house. I had a job. I was going to Saugatuck Michigan for two and a half months to nanny the triplets of Elisa's ex-boyfriend. There was no possible way a negative word could come out of Becca's mouth about this.

"Hey ma, is Becca here?"

My mother put down a plate and looked out the window. "I don't know. If she is, she'll be in back with Dennis."

I nodded and walked out there. She'd been right. There was Becca, pushed up against the fence, Dennis as close to her as he could possibly be, their foreheads together, his hand playing along her cheek and hair, a sweet smile threatening to overwhelm her face. "Keep it PG-13 please." Dennis turned around, rolling his eyes, clearly angry.

"What do you want?" He asked, turning back around to face Becca. But she was slipping past him, and within seconds was sitting next to me, her eyebrows raised.

"What have you done now?"

"Calm down, I've actually done something good for a change."

She put a mock frown on. "How sad. Whatever will I do?"

"I've got a job, Becca! I'm going to nanny for three seven months old triplets in Saugatuck this summer! With Kelly, of course."

She nodded very slowly. "Pardon me for not congratulating you yet, but no doubt they will be in order should you and the three children come back in good health." She stood up again and I scowled, yelling after her,

"You'll see! Come the end of this summer, you won't have a single nasty thing to say to me!"

I heard her laugh, then I went back inside, realizing I might need my mother's permission for this venture. And when I got it, I started to pack. We weren't leaving for a week or so, but I was ready to be gone, and to prove Becca wrong.

I wondered for a while if maybe when I came back she'd no longer be a prissy virgin, but I didn't entertain those thoughts for long. If Becca was anything she was stubborn and driven. And if she wanted to be a virgin the rest of her life, I didn't doubt she would. I wondered though, on a more realistic level, if maybe she would no longer by my brother's girlfriend come my return. If she wasn't, I hoped he was still willing to be her best friend, because there was no way I was goanna go seek her out. Nope. She had to come to me.